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Greetings in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ. from Rev. Obed Morris. You are watching Bible Literacy Channel . We are bringing for you Christian songs, Geet, Zaboor, Biblical Videos, Christmas & Easter Programs, Children Programs, Live Biblical Messages on Diverse topics for your spiritual guidance. Watch and SUBSCRIBE for newest videos and support us to spread the "MESSAGE OF BIBLE." I am hoping that this channel will strengthen , rejuvenate you spiritually and help you to grow your faith.
Your well-wisher,
Rev. B. Morris & Rev. Obed Morris.


02:13 Tablo by CA students
267 views | 04/07/2019
24:34 Mitti Dya Bawya Na Karr Aveyn
199 views | 04/04/2017
05:31 Zaboor No:9 By  Gohar e Nayab
608 views | 04/04/2017