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Thanks for stopping by at Aden. This channel is all about STREET FOOD, GOURMET FOOD and MUSIC/DANCE.

The videos are experimental, so the outcome ranges from "still ok" to "not so bad".

Not interested in Networks, Video Licensing etc.

Aden Films videos can embedded in any website (including Facebook) using the Youtube player with the URL of the video of the Aden Films channel. No re-uploads. "Fair Use" is fine, example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwQV1Sz7hyk&t=204s

Sponsorship offers will be considered.

Comments: Thanks for your comments below the videos. Disrespectful or inappropriate comments towards cooks or towards people in the video will be deleted. Rude commenters (spammers, haters) will be banned. If a restaurant or food place doesn't like the comments below their video, they can send an email to me using their official email account and tell if they want the comment section below their video closed.


02:54 German Street Food - 19th century - recreated
12K+ views | hôm kia lúc 07:00
10:21 Spanish Morucha Steak vs. French Le Creuset Pan
155K+ views | 22/05/2019 lúc 16:22
08:02 Cloud Forest Walk -  Peru Manú
13K+ views | 11/03/2019
11:01 $600 - Tokyo's biggest hotel room
51K+ views | 14/12/2018
05:05 Fried Rice - Japanese Style
7M+ views | 19/11/2018
03:18 How to make the perfect Steak
501K+ views | 10/09/2018
06:41 Japanese Street Food: Takosen
5M+ views | 09/10/2016