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It's budgiebonkers here and this channel is dedicated to my budgies aka parakeets. I post videos almost daily of my feathered kids. I have an addiction to budgies. There like potato chips can't just have one!! If you haven't already noticed I separate my budgie sexes males in one flight females in another this stops them from breeding. I also find it easier to breed when there separated. I only breed to keep my lines going. Besides my budgies I have 1 Quaker. None Of My Budgies Are Hand Tame So If Your Trying To Hand Tame Your Budgie This Channel Won't Help As I Don't Know How To Tame Budgies,I Only Know Breeding Genectics,Sexing And Mutations :)

I'm totally Inlove with Imogen Heap her music is inspiring. I love horror movies and Disney movies. I have allot of collections Sims being one of them.