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After a long slumber, PMB arises to bring you the best of yesterday and today's house, lounge, electro-bossa and more. Tired of the bumping and grinding of today's EDM? Slow it down a beat with luscious instruments and rich sensual vocals that suggest you take a load off, instead of bumping and grinding. Elegant sounds for listeners who know who they are and what real deep house is.

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01:45:30 Vintage Summer Vol 1
206K+ views | 01/04/2019
02:17:05 Sexiest Ladies of Jazz - Vol 3
567K+ views | 03/12/2018
02:40 See Emily Play - Jazz & Floyd
208 views | 14/04/2017
00:00 Something - Sarah Menescal
6K+ views | 29/04/2016
00:00 Don't Speak - Sarah Menescal
82K+ views | 29/04/2016
03:29 Sarah Menescal - Time After Time
47K+ views | 29/04/2016