About me:
32 year old Californian Omnigamer variety streamer that's been gaming since 5 years old. Rock & metal lover and RWBY fan.

Channel Rules:
-No Soliciting/Self Promoting/Sub-grubbing
-No Game Requests (Suggestions are fine)
-Language is to match the game being played
-No politics or religious talk. This is a GAMING channel
-Respect others opinions, no matter how much you disagree

Streaming Schedule (May be subject to change. All Times Pacific. Every 4th weekend is no streams for personal time off)

-Sunday - Super Mario Maker viewer levels @12pm & Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or Super Smash Bros Ultimate @4pm (Alternates every week)
-Monday-Wednesday - E-T Rated Playthrough Streams @1pm & Mature Rated Streams @7pm
-Thursday - Retro Streams @1pm
-Friday - Indie Game Streams @1pm
-Saturdays - Multiplayer Streams w/Viewers @1pm

Current Consoles/Handhelds:
-Wii U

Recording Hardware:
Elgato HD60

Streaming Software:
Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio