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Born in an Indian family of artists, my art journey started way back in 1988 when I was 4 years old. Later during my school days, I used to be a regular winner in art & craft competetions. My father who is a sculptor by profession was the one who identified my talents and inner drives from beginning itself. He was a constant inspiration for me and helped me to thrive for the very best rather than getting satisfied with what I did. Art was always in my blood but I would rather describe me as a self taught artist greately inspired by the works of some mixed media artists around the world. From them I got a passion for using various mediums to express my ideas. I personally love to work with glass bottles, altering them with different mediums like clay, fabric, paper, dried flowers etc.; to transform them to something worth appreciable. Not only limited to that but for majority of my works I choose glass bottles as my canvas; fabric or clay as my paint for expressing my ideas.


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