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Sikana is an educational movement that democratizes practical knowledge by creating and sharing basic skills videos for free. In order to do so, we gather a community of inspiring experts, volunteers and organizations. We create content for those who want to improve their lives and the lives of others and we cover a variety of subjects such as Sports, Health, Housing, Nature, Arts and others. So if you like what we are doing, please come and join our community at Sikana.tv.


00:00 How to Walk Faster | Power Walking
133K+ views | 02/08/2017
00:00 How to Shoot | Basketball
543K+ views | 19/06/2017
00:00 First Aid: Nosebleed | First Aid
77K+ views | 12/05/2016
01:44 First Aid: Tick Bite | First Aid
2M+ views | 12/05/2016
02:32 First Aid: Drowning | First Aid
75K+ views | 27/04/2016
00:00 First aid: electrocution | First Aid
141K+ views | 25/04/2016
00:00 First Aid: Serious Burn | First Aid
78K+ views | 18/04/2016
01:47 First Aid: Minor Wound | First Aid
85K+ views | 12/04/2016
01:59 First Aid: Stroke | First Aid
37K+ views | 08/04/2016