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shibainu shiro suki

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We are a cute Shibainu family from Malta.
We had 3 litters so far - Potats v1.0 (Koji & Mika) & v2.0 (Mila, Dango & Cooper) & v3.0 (Kenzo, Kai & Hiro)

Daddo aka Shiro: Doin angery many times but still kyuut, likes to inspecc gas leaccs but most of all tra la las. he protecc his famblee, also the king of the Potat Kingdom
Mom aka Suki: Mother of les potats, aka milkshaek bar, alpha doge, the queen of the Potat Kingdom, and give potats le milkshaek
Cooper (red): Da prince, de Romeo of Shibes, the squishy boi, miracle potat, smol samurai and he also talk bacc to parents and hooman ... a lot!
Dango (blue): The smartest boi of the kingdom, the mostest disrespeccful potat, he also greatestest and has a birbful voice
And Mila (pink): The wowwiow pwincess, the Juliet of Shibes, petit modelelle but most of all she tit bit demonicc
Granddaddo, aka Owner of les potats

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