How We Do It

How We Do It

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How We Do It is our channel to show how we care for, make, repair, customize and style the things and animals in our lives. Sherry is a professional animal groomer, and animal care enthusiast with 30 years experience. Bill has been a manufacturing engineer, photographer, machinist, chemical formulator, mechanic, welder, fabricator of plastic metal wood etc..., and many other trades. Together we have put together many things that others have told us were amazing, now we are documenting some of it for your entertainment.

All of our comments and videos are for entertainment only, if you decide to copy or try variations on what we show, you are responsible to ensure the safety of yourself and anyone else around you. We have the scars that prove that some of what we do is hazardous and should be done only after being fully prepared for the hazards. We take no responsibility for your actions or inaction related to safety or property.