Xem [PHIM NGẮN: 2019] |TÌNH ANH EM | | Khá BảnH | FRATERNITY !

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  • Out of money!
  • Want to stop?
  • Lend me another 500 million.
  • I will pay you back at 6pm.
  • OK.
  • I will lend you, but don't be late.
  • 50 million.
  • 50 million, play all of this.
  • Your phone is dropped!.
  • OK.
  • I will play with you
  • to get your money back.
  • 3 Kings.
  • Wait.
  • 3 Aces.
  • Bad luck!
  • Could you lend me more?
  • No. That's all.
  • It's about 6pm, go home and bring more money here if you want to continue.
  • Hey, exactly 6pm or you know what will happen.
  • My friend.
  • I saw Duong playing gambling all the time.
  • He borrowed much money from my brothers
  • you should keep an eye on him.
  • He would embarrass you.
  • I'm busy with work recently so I didn't notice him.
  • I haven't seen him for a long time.
  • Brother!
  • I just mentioned you.
  • How's it going?
  • I'm still okay. I have something to ask you to help me.
  • What's wrong? Tell me.
  • I need some money. Could you lend me 500 million?
  • What?
  • Money for gambling again?
  • I have no money now, I still haven't finished things for Xeng.
  • It hurts all my head.
  • But 500 million isn't hard for you.
  • I can spend billions on worthwhile things.
  • but for that silly thing, 500 million is too big for me.
  • How is our brotherhood for years?
  • Just a little money, why did you say that to me?
  • Our brotherhood still exists.
  • But money for gambling is not here anymore.
  • OK. You said that. So we don't know each other from now on.
  • Bastard! You dare say that to me?
  • Go anywhere you want.
  • Hey bro!
  • I see Duong is near the supermarket.
  • let your people out, don't let him escape.
  • OK.
  • You guys go to the supermarket near Quyet.
  • Catch Duong
  • Beat him and bring him here.
  • Where is he?
  • Overthere. Let's go!
  • You have a phone call.
  • You say what?
  • Hey, turn down the music.
  • What did you say? Where are you?
  • OK. Stay right there. We are coming.
  • Everybody go with me now.
  • Hey!
  • Oh... Khá... what are you doing here?
  • Call Duong out.
  • Duong! Open the door, Kha is here.
  • Come here.
  • What's wrong with you?
  • Brother, they chased and beat me.
  • How much do you owe them?
  • I lost the game and owed Giang 500 million.
  • Go to the car and bring money here.
  • I didn't know this guy is your brother.
  • Your money, I dare not accept it.
  • I don't care. Debt must be paid.
  • I give you 3 minutes to call Giang to come here.
  • Who beat my brother? Stand here!
  • Bro... go to the Motel 79 immediately!
  • This is the money my brother owe you.
  • And what about your people beating my brother?
  • It's his fault.
  • He did not pay the debt and tried to escape.
  • Let me tell you. There is no 'right' or 'wrong' in this society.
  • Only weak and strong people. That's all.
  • For who beat my brother, I will beat you back
  • Let's go
  • This short film reflects brotherhood in society. Everyone please stay away from gambling so as not to betray those who love you.

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