Xem OVERWATCH: Soldier 76 Sucks

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OVERWATCH: Soldier 76 Sucks
OVERWATCH: Soldier 76 Sucks thumb OVERWATCH: Soldier 76 Sucks thumb OVERWATCH: Soldier 76 Sucks thumb


  • Focus. You can do this.
  • Breathe.
  • Didn't start this war, but I'm damn well gonna finish it.
  • Hello! HQ, wakey wakey!
  • Soldier 76. I've got you in my sights.
  • Oh, hi, Jack. Wasn't D.Va suppose be on the comps?
  • She's upstairs playing those games of hers, so I'm all suited up and ready to roll instead.
  • AH, MY LEG!
  • We've got a big job to escort the big payload.
  • So I need one of those sweet override codes real sharpish!
  • Jack?
  • Coming right up. All right, let's see, it's here somewhere...
  • Jack, we really need-
  • Stand by, Lena. I'm turning your volume up.
  • Thanks, I-
  • (Mute)
  • Uh, we've lost audio... Stand by!
  • Is my butt... still a killer?
  • Look at it and tell me the TRUTH!
  • Yeah, sure. It's still a killer butt.
  • Not that I would know. I mean how could I?
  • I'm not like I'm an expert on guy's butts or anything like that...
  • (The laugh of shame...)
  • Bollocks, we've lost HQ. Comps must be scuppered...
  • Check...
  • ...Omni-book.
  • (Smooth jazz OW theme plays)
  • Soldier 76: How to turn friends on?
  • Soldier 76: How to get friends turned on now?
  • Reinheardt: (German) Sexy time with Soldier 69!
  • Mercy: Are you well Jack?
  • Soldier 76: Why friends silent?!
  • Reaper: The fool thinks he's on Google!
  • Reaper: LMAO!
  • Reaper: (Hysterical laughter)
  • Mercy: That's uncalled for.
  • Reaper: Classic!
  • Sombra: (Spanish) Dumbass! (Laughs) LOL!
  • Sombra: This will fix everything Jack. Trust me...
  • Soldier 76: (Relieved sigh) Thanks Sombra. You're so good with this Gigabot stuff.
  • (The "Grandpa f***ed up bois" alarm)
  • (Triple explosion)
  • ENOUGH! Soldier 76, step away from the console!
  • Brother banana's beard! What have you done?
  • I was tagging those Lucio Ball picnic photos while I waited for that download to install...
  • Download?
  • (barrier activated)
  • You know, that was such a lovely afternoon. Even Hana got some sunshine.
  • A-and all it takes is two fellas grunting in a tent and suddenly no one takes cowboys seriously anymore.
  • Jessie, did you hear that?
  • (Boom)
  • Wahoo!!!

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Tracer and her Overwatch team are under fire and in serious danger. Their only hope? Technology idiot Soldier 76...

Animated By Liam Mckeown
Produced by Tom Jenkins
Written By Tom Shreeve
Original Concept By Tom Jenkins and Laura Rankin
Voice of Soldier 76, McCree, Genji, Reinheardy, Reaper & Winston by Dan Gavin
Voice of Tracer, DVA, Sombra and Mercy by Eileen “EileMonty” Montgomery
Sound Design by Laura Rankin
Music by Alex Walker Smith

Old people and technology do not mix. And when the Daddy of Overwatch; Soldier 76 uses Athena for some casual social media and a game of junk sweeper, you know he’s gonna leave it with a new computer virus’ – this time, its pretty destructive.

With D.Va away playing Starcraft, Tracer has to rely on this geriatric G.I. Will all go to plan? Knowing the Overwatch Team, probably not…

With collaborators Tom Shreeve from our long running Fallout series (such as Modding Problems, Ghouls hate Hancock and Toxic TV Takeover) and our resident Overwatch animator Liam McKeown (Omnileaks, No Mercy and The Trial of Mei), we throw the Overwatch team into technology turmoil – Soldier 69 style ;)

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Fallout 4: Toxic TV Takeover

Wolfenstein 2: BJ and the Freedom Fighters

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