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  • It's empty now.
  • One more bowl.
  • The soup's really sweet.
  • Hi guys! It's Oops Banana here.
  • Do you know what today is?
  • It's May 12th that is an important day for a woman in our family.
  • If you figure out that, leave your comment below for me to know.
  • I decided to bring my mom to eat her favorite food.
  • It's goat hotpot which is one piece of my childhood
  • or when it comes to eating outside, my mother always suggests this food.
  • So I and my mom will go for a meal.
  • I hope that you like this video and don't forget to like and share this video to support me.
  • It's 7 PM now. Let's come with me to food store and try goat hotpot.
  • My mother is holding Moon behind me.
  • It's time to go now. Let's come with me.
  • Hi guys! Here I'm sitting at Lau De Mo store.
  • Address is 1, street 4, Chanh Hung section, Ward 5, District 8.
  • My mom and dad are sitting next to me.
  • I've just ordered goat hotpot big size.
  • Price is quite cheap. It's 200k only.
  • Now I give you a look at menu.
  • It's address over here.
  • And I've just ordered goat hotpot big size and it costs 200k.
  • You may not know this, goat meat is quite different from others.
  • You will be cooler and more nutritional when eating goat meat.
  • That effect will increase when goat meat is cooked with Chinese herb.
  • Also, it's delicious indeed. That's why mother loves it.
  • And the hotpot will come soon.
  • You may know ingredients then.
  • Hotpot has come guys!
  • Hotpot here is quite different.
  • I'll show you now.
  • Here it is. Like other places, the meat is cooked before being served on the table.
  • But in this place, you can see goat meat is served separately here.
  • Whenever you want to eat, you can put them into hotpot.
  • By this way, the soup is sweeter than other places.
  • There are some vegetables that can be used with this hotpot.
  • Tung Ho leaf, vegetable mustard is right under.
  • I don't like vegetable mustard very much but malabar spinach and Tung Ho leaf only.
  • It's time to put meat in.
  • In this hotpot...
  • there taro and tofu skin.
  • You need to cook it longer with taro so that it gets soft.
  • If you used it instantly, it would be tough.
  • And I am a big fan of this taro. It's soft and very delicious if we use it with fermented tofu.
  • The soup is boiling now and I'll put goat meat in.
  • My mother will help me with this.
  • Look intriguing? We cook whenever we eat. That's delicious.
  • I'll interview my mom.
  • Why do you like this goat hotpot?
  • It gets your body cool and nutritional.
  • Cool and nutritional? Cool in what?
  • Cool in your stomach.
  • Cool in stomach?
  • As far as I am concerned, goat meat...
  • It gets your body cool by purifying your liver or kidney.
  • Specially... goat meat kill your body's aches. That's what my father just mentioned.
  • And some kind of backache or aches.
  • And specially....
  • some...
  • I don't know if I could say this. With the adults, the middle-age, kind of my uncle...
  • They like goat "ball" which increases male potency.
  • What is male potency? You should google it by yourself.
  • I don't explain it here.
  • While waiting for this boiling hotpot, don't forget to like this video to support me.
  • Finally, it's boiled and I've just taken it into a bowl for me here.
  • I usually eat goat hotpot with soft flat rice noodle.
  • But no flat rice noodle here so I ordered rice noodle. I let you see now.
  • Here a dish of rice noodle I've just ordered.
  • It's goat meat, tofu skin, Tong Ho leaf here.
  • It's time to eat now.
  • I don't like noodle because the acne can chase afterward.
  • Very attractive!
  • If you are about to eat goat meat, let's dip it with fermented tofu. I'll dip it a bit.
  • Here it is.
  • It's very delicious, soft and fresh.
  • In some places, they cooked the meat first so the meat is easily crumbled in my mouth.
  • But in this place, they bring the meat for us to cook whenever we eat.
  • Therefore, the meat is not too soft.
  • The flavor increases when used with fermented tofu.
  • It's very delicious guys.
  • This food is a very good choice when it's cold or in raining days.
  • It's warm.
  • It's correct. It's raining.
  • That's correct because it's raining now.
  • Quite tough and great to me.
  • It's empty now guys.
  • Let's come another bowl.
  • Soup is very sweet.
  • I don't know where this goat hotpot originated from.
  • But I guess that it's from mountain regions.
  • Some of highlands with cold climate, when it's getting cold, they invented this hotpot.
  • In Saigon, some Chinese stores are open to serve this goat hotpot.
  • Their hotpot is cooked with Chinese herbs. The taste is quite different.
  • But I can say that they're all delicious.
  • I've eaten a lot guys. I'm full now.
  • But meat is still there. My mother keeps eating.
  • I'm on diet now.
  • My mother said that she was on diet so she didn't eat too much.
  • It's okay for one feast. Tomorrow, we'll be back with diet, right?
  • We've finished the goat hotpot.
  • Do you know what today is?
  • It's May 12th which is Mother's day.
  • Through this video, I wish a happy Mother's day with your family.
  • And if you like this video, don't forget to like and share to support me.
  • Bye bye! See you.
  • Don't forget to follow me on two social networks, Facebook and Instagram.
  • I leave the link below. It's real to say good bye now.

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