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  • since the dawn of time
  • well 1885 gun and law have been making
  • the finest cricket bats you can lay your
  • handle that's for this young chap and
  • him but not here and throughout all this
  • time what is set them apart well come
  • and see for yourself
  • first up GM are specialists in cricket
  • so every bat is made right here in
  • Nottingham sure by master craftsmen like
  • this fine fellow when he started here
  • modern pop combo the Beatles that just
  • released their first sharp single and
  • their handcrafted brilliance is combined
  • with award-winning dsm technology truly
  • they are showing us the future but
  • perhaps most importantly ganon more have
  • always supported the game grass roots
  • which is healthier half starts like
  • these achieve greatness for club county
  • and country and given they are a
  • sporting Bunch
  • they've also given their best to the
  • oppo lucky devil ganondorf have made bat
  • for him/her in fact the entire array of
  • fine cricketers but cheaply they make
  • them for you so however you play make
  • sure you play with the best because our
  • bats are made by England fair
  • [Applause]

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Gunn & Moore (GM) has launched a minute long film to showcase their 130 years of making cricket bats in the UK. Launching in time for the start of the cricket season, the film is an extension of their current strategy, ‘Made By England’s Best’ which launched at the end of 2016. The film reflects GM’s heritage, design innovation and commitment to the game’s grassroots.

Featuring a number of current and historical cricketers, this film tells the story of GM’s passion for the game and shows why it is one of cricket’s most enduring brands. The ‘Made By England’s Best’ campaign also demonstrates GM’s commitment to making all their DXM English Willow bats in their own factory in Nottingham, England.

Edward Lowy, Managing Director of parent company, Unicorn Products Ltd said: “We wanted to develop a humorous way of explaining GM’s commitment to cricket. We feel that this film is an innovative and different way to communicate our heritage and craftsmanship. We believe that ‘Made By England’s Best’ and our new film successfully conveys our passion and commitment to cricketers of all levels.” GM is different for a reason – watch their film and find out why.

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