Xem Misthy mê mẩn Cơm Tấm MẮC NHẤT Sài Gòn. 200k/phần || WHAT THE FOOD - TẬP 11

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Misthy mê mẩn Cơm Tấm MẮC NHẤT Sài Gòn. 200k/phần || WHAT THE FOOD - TẬP 11
Misthy mê mẩn Cơm Tấm MẮC NHẤT Sài Gòn. 200k/phần || WHAT THE FOOD - TẬP 11 thumb Misthy mê mẩn Cơm Tấm MẮC NHẤT Sài Gòn. 200k/phần || WHAT THE FOOD - TẬP 11 thumb Misthy mê mẩn Cơm Tấm MẮC NHẤT Sài Gòn. 200k/phần || WHAT THE FOOD - TẬP 11 thumb


  • What? Are you okay?
  • I'm so hungry.
  • I'm gonna die.
  • You haven't eaten anything yet, have you?
  • Yes.
  • - So what do you want to eat? - Because of late meal.
  • There are no stores around the company.
  • How about...
  • the most expensive Com Tam in Saigon? (broken rice served with grilled pork and shredded pork skin)
  • What?
  • The most expensive Com Tam in Saigon.
  • [ What the food ]
  • Guys!
  • Here...
  • A box of soup.
  • A small bowl of soup costs 20k.
  • Pretty expensive.
  • This is the first time I've eaten...
  • Com Tam which is not in restaurant
  • and costs 130k.
  • It's original serving. I chose lap cheong (Chinese sausages) and soup.
  • So in total....
  • It's 200k.
  • And here is another box of Com Tam.
  • This is the normal box which costs only 35k.
  • This is a box of Com Tam which is familiar to you.
  • It looks appetizing too, doesn't it?
  • Look at the meat! So attractive!
  • Okay! Box of Com Tam with 35k
  • And here....
  • I haven't seen it.
  • neither un-boxed it!
  • I can say that their price is so expensive
  • but we, the customer, had to wait for a very long time.
  • 30 minutes of waiting for my serving.
  • Wow!
  • Two boxes look.... this box doesn't have cucumber.
  • Where is my lap cheong?
  • My lap cheong costs 50k.
  • Here...
  • Only this sausage...
  • is 50k, right?
  • 50k is only for the sausage. It's even more expensive than this box.
  • But I can't stand the grease in this box.
  • I don't like these so I put it aside.
  • The fish sauce.
  • The important factor in this dish is how good the fish sauce is.
  • If you don't have fish sauce for this dish,
  • you will stick in a traffic jam.
  • Oh!
  • If you use much more power like I did, you will stick in a traffic jam like I am.
  • Where's tissue?
  • How poor I am!
  • Okay!
  • I'm ready for this grease.
  • This is 35k box. I bought it near company.
  • The grease is yummy!
  • Because I love grease.
  • The rice is normal.
  • Actually....
  • I don't like the rice, I mean the broken rice.
  • The meat's pretty big.
  • The meat of 35k box is quite big.
  • Aww!
  • Spicy from the fish sauce.
  • Rice's quite dry.
  • But...
  • It's still delicious, though.
  • To me, this box is delicious.
  • Okay! Leave it here!
  • People said that the best is the last.
  • Ah! You can see that the fish sauce here is different from the previous one.
  • It was previous weaker it's stronger with this here.
  • I don't pour much in because it's stronger.
  • Let's try the soup.
  • Hmm! Good! Soup's good. This soup...
  • This soup is made from bitter melon indeed, I can taste it.
  • Not the veggies soup with some bitter melon.
  • OMG! There's a bone here.
  • Wow!
  • Quite bitter.
  • Bitter and sweet. That's tasty!
  • I try the rice first.
  • I was wrong. The rice is so delicious.
  • The rice is quite crispy, soft and...
  • not so pasty like this.
  • It's quite crispy. It reminds me of the elderberry inside the rice.
  • Let's try the meat now.
  • The meat is too thick. Is it a beef steak?
  • It's very thick. One chunk of meat here is as big as one in the previous box.
  • It's difficult to me because it's too thick.
  • It's very thick.
  • Soft and sweet flavor.
  • But the flavor isn't better than this box. I prefer this box.
  • If you like a meaty chunk, you will love this.
  • I am a big fan of greasy meat.
  • But this meat is still very juicy. It's not so dry.
  • You can take a look on this meat.
  • Quite greasy.
  • It is....
  • Hmmm...
  • Not greasy. It's a meat and water within.
  • When you bite it, the water sprays out.
  • But it's quite bland.
  • Personally, I think it's quite bland.
  • Maybe I eat this with...
  • Hmmm.
  • fish sauce.
  • One thing I don't like about this is the lack of stir-fried spring onion.
  • Ah! Yes yes! On this side.
  • Oh god! On this side. Sorry!
  • Now I will try the lap cheong which costs 50k.
  • Let's see how it is with that cost.
  • Superb lap cheong!
  • It's very...
  • very....
  • meaty.
  • It was tough a bit of biting, but it's superb.
  • Okay! We move to the shumai (Chinese dumpling).
  • This is shumai which costs 10k.
  • I think...
  • It's reasonable for family to occasionally drop here for meal
  • With some people, it's quite hard to afford for everyday meal.
  • Pay 200k for a full box is very expensive.
  • In your hangout with your girlfriend, ask her: "What do you want to eat?".
  • Just test her.
  • She says she doesn't know.
  • You suggest eating Com Suon (Another name of Com Tam).
  • She may comes up with the 35k price.
  • Actually you bring her here to eat and she will be irresistibly drawn.
  • OMG! Shumai is very delicious.
  • The taste of this is very familiar.
  • It's like the one that my mother usually does.
  • It's not the normal one in many breads.
  • It's totally different from street stores.
  • I think shumai here...
  • maybe...
  • includes pâté inside.
  • It's very compact.
  • The meat is very compact, not so soft.
  • It's my taste that...
  • the meat chunk, I will choose the meat from 35k box.
  • Here.
  • But additional food like
  • lap cheong, rice, and shumai.
  • I choose this box.
  • Fish sauce too. Fish sauce of this box is very good.
  • But I am a fan of greasy chunk,
  • so I prefer the grease from that box to the meat from this box.
  • This one looks so meaty.
  • I don't like the meaty chunk like this.
  • There's grease here. Let me try it.
  • I still think this is too tough.
  • It's like a beef steak.
  • The thick meat that you find in beef steak dish.
  • It's different because this is pork.
  • It tastes like that.
  • I am so happy to buy this box
  • because I can combine the meat of that box with rice of this box.
  • Rice here meets my taste.
  • I want to take back my words of hating broken rice after eating this.
  • Maybe I haven't found the exact broken rice.
  • The broken rice is really good. It's soft and quite crispy.
  • The broken rice you eat in many street stores
  • is extremely dry.
  • or too pasty.
  • But the rice here, instead of that, is soft and crispy.
  • Very delicious!
  • I need to get back my words.
  • Top of the world.
  • Meat in the bitter melon is normal,
  • but I'm still wondering whether it's delicious.
  • It's quite pink.
  • Is it done?
  • There are teania when it's come to raw pork.
  • The meat is very compact.
  • Maybe they squeezed the meat very carefully.
  • As usually, they don't squeeze it strongly so that the meat can be bigger.
  • And here, very compact. And I think there may be fungi inside.
  • Maybe they call cloud ear fungus.
  • Hmmmm!! Tasty!
  • Good!
  • But it has pepper flavor. I don't like it.
  • I was enjoying and suddenly the pepper came.
  • There's a bone here. Let's try it. I wonder whether there's any meat in this bone.
  • It's bone which is used to make soup.
  • It's super tender.
  • Not so much meat on this. Just a little.
  • But it's funny to eat every small meat.
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  • And leave comments of the places you want me to come.
  • And now...
  • I'd better be quick to finish this. I'm so hungry now.
  • Bye bye!

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