Xem OVERWATCH: The Trial of Mei

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OVERWATCH: The Trial of Mei
OVERWATCH: The Trial of Mei thumb OVERWATCH: The Trial of Mei thumb OVERWATCH: The Trial of Mei thumb


  • Order!
  • ORDER!!
  • Prosecution will now state their case
  • Ladies
  • Gentlemen
  • ...omnics...
  • I am here to bring the most violent and terrifying beast...
  • *bangs desk* ...to justice!
  • Her!
  • Hi!
  • HI! Hello
  • Don't say "Hi" to her!
  • This...
  • ...girl...
  • *bangs desk* ...is an evil ice queen!
  • Says the guy with a skull face
  • It's true
  • He does have a skull for a face
  • Nnnggghhh look at this! *points*
  • *laughter*
  • See?
  • I do see!
  • Mei!
  • Where did you get those boots?
  • They're adorable!
  • Oh! *giggles* Thank you!
  • Grrrrrrrrrr
  • *bangs desk* Please!
  • She might act all innocen-
  • She's innocent? Well! Case closed!
  • NO!
  • She might ACT innocent...
  • *bangs desk* ...but I assure you...
  • ...under the cutesy exterior...
  • *points* ....lies a ruthless savage that will slay us all!
  • Awwww you think I'm cute?
  • *blushes* Shut up!
  • Awwww Reaper loves Mei!
  • *chanting* Reaper loves Mei!
  • Reaper loves Mei!
  • SILENCE! *prosecutor blackquill style* *shoots*
  • Call Exhibit A
  • Mei's weapon is OP
  • I thought you said it was Exhibit A
  • I mean it's overpowered
  • It creates ice walls that are effectively immune to damage
  • So she's able to recover health
  • Unfairly
  • Observe
  • *points like edgeworth* You there!
  • Shoot-
  • *BANG*
  • AHH!
  • Mercy: Heroes never die!
  • Arrrgghhhhh I meant...
  • ...AFTER *bangs desk* I put up the ice wall
  • Okay...
  • ...now shoo- *BANG*
  • Arrrgghhh
  • Forget it!
  • *panting*
  • *shivering*
  • ...Your Honor...
  • *bangs desk* A weapon this powerful throws everything out of balance...
  • ...and shouldn't exist in our world...
  • *points* ...so I call for Mei to be banned forever
  • Mei...
  • ...I have but one question...
  • ...Is that a snowflake key chain dangling off of it?
  • That's so cute!
  • *blushes* Guilty as charged
  • You're free to go!
  • *cheers*
  • ...you are all imbeciles... *more cheers*
  • ...you won't get away wi-
  • *BANG* AHH!
  • Shh...
  • *hysterical laughter*

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Court is now in session, as the true villain of Overwatch is finally put to Trial. Will Reaper convince the Jury, or will the Ice Queen herself get off scot free?

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UK: http://www.kqzyfj.com/click-8445866-11724378?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.greenmangaming.com%2Fgames%2Foverwatch-origins-edition%2F&cjsku=P42ADC4836C8

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Animated by Liam Mckeown 
Developed & Produced by Tom Jenkins
Written by Eddie Bowley 
Original Concept & Sound Design by Laura Rankin 
Music by Alex Walker Smith 
Voice of Reaper & Winston by Dan Gavin 
Voice of Mei by Eileen "EileMonty" Montgomery 

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