Xem 5 More Reliable Luxury Cars Under 5K

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5 More Reliable Luxury Cars Under 5K
5 More Reliable Luxury Cars Under 5K thumb 5 More Reliable Luxury Cars Under 5K thumb 5 More Reliable Luxury Cars Under 5K thumb


  • So I'll start by saying that this list was probably the hardest one to make.
  • Sure you can buy an affordable reliable luxury car but for under $5K?
  • Now that's just pushing it.
  • But I did try my hardest so please try to cut me some slack.
  • Oh and I included 2 European cars in this video, so make sure to watch the entire video
  • to see what they are and then feel free to blow me up in the comment section.
  • Sup guys I'm Cristian and this is Vehicle Virals, as always if you enjoy the video make
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  • Now let's get started.
  • First car is the Infiniti G35.
  • This is the car that was originally presented as an affordable alternative to BMW 3 series
  • at the time.
  • In fact this model here was responsible for turning the Infiniti’s brand around after
  • not really having the hottest start in 1989 when it first introduced models like the Q45
  • and M30.
  • While yes Infiniti is Nissan’s luxury brand I wouldn't say the G35 is a true luxury car.
  • Surely it has enough features to make a luxury car but it has it's fair share of sportiness.
  • Which can be a good thing for those looking for a fun car.
  • It's essentially an upscale 350z with back seats.
  • Its rwd, has a sports tuned suspension, and imo surprisingly good exhaust note, not too
  • loud not to quiet.
  • You be the judge…
  • Also this is the quickest luxury car on the list thanks to it's 3.5L V6 engine that produces
  • 298 HP and 260lb-ft of torque for the manual transmission version.
  • Performance numbers take a small dip if you opt in for the automatic version.
  • Fun fact, the Infiniti G35 had class leading horsepower at the time.
  • Overall Interior quality is acceptable and wasn't too impressive at the time for the
  • earlier models but in 2005 Infiniti updated the G35s panels and materials adding aluminum
  • and wood.
  • So if you want a nicer interior go for the 2005-2007.
  • Oh and let me throw this in.
  • You get 2 glove boxes and a trunk passthrough in all models.
  • Never really knew the need of a small passthrough but oh well it's there.
  • Next car is the Lincoln Town car.
  • This is a big american limousine like road car, with a long hood, a soft ride, a huge
  • trunk and superb reliability.
  • Definitely doesn't carry the styling everyone will go crazy for but honestly after taking
  • a ride in one you'll realize that this is what a luxury car should be.
  • It's also the only car on this list that carries a V8 engine.
  • It's a 4.6L that produces 239HP and 287lb-ft of torque.
  • Not the most powerful V8 in the world but you do get decent gas mileage, 17mpg city
  • and 25mpg hwy.
  • And get this, it's a RWD car which means you can have a bit of fun with it.
  • Practicality on this car is a major win.
  • Lots of room, it can hold up to 6 passengers, and has a deep trunk that can carry several
  • golfclubs or several bodies.
  • The driving experience is what you expect from a vehicle such as the Town car.
  • The cabin is extremely quite with minimal wind and road noise unless of course you floor
  • it.
  • Not only does the town car look classy, it's comfortable, it's practical, and it is very
  • safe as well thanks to it's body on frame design.
  • In fact the town car was the first passenger car to receive 5 star government safety ratings
  • in all 5 categories.
  • That said, for those that prefer a car that rides marshmallow soft, with great practicality,
  • and high safety ratings, then look no further.
  • 3rd car on the list is the Lexus GS300.
  • Also known as the Toyota Aristo in Japan.
  • It was known for having a good blend of luxury and sport leaning more towards the luxury
  • side.
  • It favors a smooth ride over a sporty ride making it great for passengers.
  • For some the exterior might not be too exciting but you gotta admit its definitely not lacking
  • character.
  • Apparently the 4 eye headlights was inspired by the Lexus SC300, but let's be honest it
  • resembles more of it's competitors headlights at the time cough cough Mercedes.
  • The GS carries a 3L V6 engine that produces 220HP and 220lb-ft of torque.
  • Fun fact it's actually the same engine used in the MK4 Toyota Supra a engine that is very
  • popular for it's tuning potential.
  • You get decent gas mileage, 18mpg city and 25hwy.
  • Unlike the Supra you don't get an option for a manual gearbox but what you do get are shifter
  • buttons located on the steering wheel, for somewhat of a sporty experience.
  • When it comes to the interior you get a cockpit that's good for all sizes, soft comfortable
  • leather seats, some unique features like a clean designed gauge clusters that become
  • visible when the car turns on and a card holder compartment.
  • It's actually the first time I've seen a dedicated card holder in a car.
  • 4th car on the list is the Mercedes E320.
  • Yes a Mercedes has made my list for reliable luxury cars.
  • Time to let the hate comments flow.
  • Believe it or not the E320 is one of the most reliable Mercedes cars ever built.
  • Sure if the car breaks down it won't necessarily be cheap to repair due to the obvious, it's
  • a German vehicle but as far as dependability goes this car here is pretty bullet proof.
  • At the time the Eclass was known as the staple of Mercedes Benz lineup.
  • Actually it was the company's best selling line worldwide as well.
  • When it comes to the exterior in my opinion this is a timeless design, still looks classy
  • and it carries the iconic four-eyes face that first came to life in the 1996 E-class.
  • The interior offers a bunch of features that came standard like 12 way power and heated
  • seats, a sunroof, dual side climate control, and an over engineered cup holder.
  • Moving on to performance you get a 3.2L V6 engine that produces 221 HP and 231 lb-ft
  • of torque, just enough power to get you out of sticky situations.
  • If you're looking for a mid-size luxury sedan that offers a combination of safety, luxury,
  • practicality, sportiness and of course status for less than $5K then this is a solid pick.
  • Just make sure to maintain it on a regular basis to avoid a potential money pit situation.
  • Simply put, Don't buy a Mercedes if you can't afford to treat it like one.
  • 5th and final car on the list is the Volvo S40.
  • This was the model that decided to move away from the angular squarish look Volvo's were
  • all known for.
  • The S40 was built with a collaboration with both Ford and Mazda on the cl platform.
  • Sharing engineering from both the Mazda 3 and the Ford focus.
  • This is a car that has outstanding safety, I mean it is Volvo after all.
  • Also the S40 really doesn't have a reputation for powerful performance, honestly imo Its
  • quite mediocre.
  • But on the flip side you get better gas mileage than the other cars on this list.
  • 19mpg city and 27mpg hwy.
  • It carries an inline 5 that only produces 168HP making it the slowest car on this list.
  • Hold up an Inline 5?
  • Seriously?
  • Anyways The S40 appears to be a small size car pretty much the same size as the Honda
  • Civic but surprisingly it carries plenty of room inside for passengers and cargo.
  • The interior is simple yet classy, the dashboard has a waterfall style that kind of looks like
  • it was poured into place.
  • Just like the Mercedes parts for this car won't come cheap but if you manage find one
  • in good condition with a good maintenance history this is a car that will be reliable
  • for years to come.
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  • As hard as this hard as this list was to make maybe you all know some options I left out?
  • Make sure and comment them down below.
  • Thanks for watching guys, see ya next time!

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5 More Reliable Luxury Cars Under 5K. Surprisingly there are affordable luxury cars that have great reliability even for under $5000 and it might come as a surprise but two the cheap used cars on this list are European. Prepare to be amazed as I showcase some of the best cars you can buy for the price.

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