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The Most Powerful DC Heroes Ranked
The Most Powerful DC Heroes Ranked thumb The Most Powerful DC Heroes Ranked thumb The Most Powerful DC Heroes Ranked thumb


The DC universe is chock-full of all kinds of aliens and gods, most of whom can beat up whole armies of bad guys without breaking a sweat. But who's the strongest of the strong? From otherworldly deities to extraterrestrial warriors, here are DC's most powerful heroes.

Ethan Avery is an American soldier who volunteers for a program that allows him to transform into the Hulk-like creature Damage for one hour a day. For much of his standalone series, Damage finds himself locking horns with other DC heroes and those confrontations show just how staggeringly powerful the man-monster is.

In 2018's Damage issue 2, Amanda Waller sends the Suicide Squad to stop Damage, and despite a line-up that includes such heavy hitters as Solomon Grundy and Giganta, Damage tears through them. He punches right through the massive hand of Giganta and proves too powerful for the power-sucking Parasite to drain without overloading himself. Eventually, Wonder Woman relieves the Squad, and Damage fights her to a standstill, too.

The Justice League also gets a shot at Avery in Damage issue 11 when, among other things, Damage is able to easily rip through the constructs Green Lantern creates with his power ring. The issue leads into a cover-to-cover battle with Superman in Damage issue 12, which ends with Deadman interrupting the fight by possessing Damage.

So sure, he isn't the most well-known DC hero in fact, he's one of the newest. But Damage is still incredibly tough, with the only real limit to his power being the temporary nature of his abilities.

Shazam, the powerful alter-ego of the young Billy Batson, is said to possess the greatest attributes of a number of powerful and revered historical figures. In fact, the name "Shazam" comes from the list of biblical and mythic characters from whom his powers are culled Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury. Whether he's literally able to get his powers from these beings or if their names are just used symbolically kinda depends on who's writing him, but regardless he more than lives up to the hype. Keep watching the video to see the most powerful DC heroes ranked!

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