Xem Super Mario Maker - Live Stream #144 (100 Expert & Viewer Levels. Queue Closed)

02:53:11   |   views   |   13/01/2019

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Level Submission/Queue, Discord, Social Media & Chat Rules

Donation Link:
http://bit.ly/2n7fl4L (Paypal Required)

Help Support the Channel By Downloading Free Games:

Patreon Page:

Submit Levels: Type "!add 0000-0000-0000-0000" (Your Level Code) in the chat. Only one per person is allowed per week.

Level Queue: http://warp.world/q?s=darkjake13

My Rules For Level Submissions
-Level MUST have a completion rate of 1% or higher. (New levels are still accepted)
-No Panga, Rubberross, GameXplain, or other "popular" levels. They will be rejected.
-Troll levels will be subjected to no star and cut short. I do not tolerate bad levels.
-Kaizo up to a certain extent is allowed, but if deemed too hard, will be cut short.
-If I find any "cheese" whether intentional or not, I will exploit it.

I go in order of when levels are received and I have a 10 minute time limit on levels to make it fair for everyone, so please be patient with your level coming up in the queue. Anyone who is NOT patient will have their level removed from the queue. After the timer runs out, I do one last attempt.

The Army of Dark Discord Channel:

Follow me on Twitter to stay up-to-date:

Chat Rules:

-Absolutely no self promoting, sub grubbing, or talking about your channel/content in any way. (INSTANT BAN)
-Do not request/demand for games to be played. Suggestions are fine.
-No roleplaying allowed.
-No backseat gaming, unless asked otherwise.
-No memes allowed. Like, absolutely none at all. They are stupid and overused.
-Do not ask for Nightbot to be turned off. And do not argue with it. It's not real.
-No shout-out requests or asking for your name to be said. Just say hello and I will say hello back.
-Don't ask others for personal information, IE: Skype, Kik, social media, or online gaming ID's.
-Swearing is to match the game being played, as long as you are not directing it at anyone or overusing it.
-Do not spam with random letters or lots of emoji.
-Please try to keep the chat to English speaking only.
-No caps lock chat, AKA shouting.
-Do not disrespect anyone, especially me or the mods.
-No fanboyism or flame wars of any kind.
-No political or religious talk of any kind. This is a gaming channel.
-Do not ask to become a mod.


Super Mario Maker Live Stream DarkJake13

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