Xem Katy Perry - Swish Swish ft. Nicki Minaj (CARTOON PARODY)

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  • How you doing?
  • Well I'm doing just fin----
  • We're moments away from what everyone is predicting to be the unwatchable
  • Eye-gouging event of the season Ellen.
  • What are you gonna take your wig off?
  • (Audience Gasping)
  • No, but I'm about to snatch yours
  • Get that beak out of my face Froot Loops.
  • You look like 2 Can Sam
  • (Audience gasp AGAIN!)
  • ( Sad depressing music )
  • ♫ They ask you how you are you just have to say that you're fine, and you're not really fine
  • But you just can't get into it because they would never understand ♫
  • And your shaped like the letter " P " :D
  • OHHHH!!!! #Roasted
  • On to the game
  • Do you think that the Kitty Cats even have a chance Wendy?
  • Well I don't know Ellen. They haven't had a very good season
  • Kim KardTRASHian's big badonkadonk butt has been slowing her down on the court all year
  • Calvin Harris shouldn't quit his DJ as a DJ I know that much
  • And if Coach Kanye loses another game to Taylor
  • He just might Explode!
  • But what about the Swifter Dusters? Ellen
  • They don't exactly slay me honey.
  • Well Selena Gomez love for a spicy burrito on the court is something fierce, let me tell you
  • Oh my god. I dunno Chipotle
  • Ed Sheeran looks like a human coloring book makes for a good distraction at least
  • And Coach Lorde is just a plain old weirdo
  • And then there's Taylor Swift
  • Her beef with Kitty Kat captain Katy Perry has kind of fueled this pop Civil War one might call it
  • And the winner of tonight's game is to be crowned the Queen of Pop
  • So Katy
  • This is your response
  • To my song "Bad Blood"
  • Some stupid internet Memes
  • Cash Me Ousside How bow dat
  • And the kid from "Stranger Things"?
  • You're so Cheesy
  • You are Mad Petty
  • Yeah you're a Big Snake
  • *Taylor suddenly hisses
  • You play the Victim
  • You're just a big Regina G.
  • Yeah, You're the real Mean Queen
  • Your hair's UGLY
  • You're one to talk
  • *Katy suddenly meows
  • So stay mad Tay-Lame
  • I'ma win this game
  • You may be Taylor Swift
  • But you're stupid
  • Just wait til' we fight
  • I'm gonna snatch that wig
  • *song becomes a game
  • I'll kick your skinny, plain, flat [Bleep] in
  • (Kim)- Miley, get your head in the game!
  • Don't let her near the basket
  • *Coach Lorde is having a Dance seizure
  • Selena!
  • Can't touch this
  • I'm gonna score cause you know its
  • Your pancake booty
  • Has no sex appeal
  • You're bout as cute as
  • *Bones broken
  • A moldy banana peel
  • And I'm a hot 5 star meal
  • Bon Appetit
  • Here come's Nicki's butt
  • Her and Kim K. have BIG butts
  • Those darn sluts
  • Work Kim Kam
  • What the Butt?
  • Remy dissed me but she's irrelevant
  • Nick Royality, she's a peasant
  • My nails are super sharp
  • I should play Catwoman
  • And whip that dumb monkey in POPJUSTICE
  • looking like Fiona, yes the princess
  • My suit, a cup holder and an arm rest
  • I'm Team Katy, yes she is the best
  • Taylor Shady , she's full of [BLEEP]
  • Fry that stinky snake, Katy
  • *Nicki says something weird that I dunno
  • Kill-the-swift
  • Katy, this song sucks
  • You just hate Taylor Swift's guts
  • You stole, her dancers
  • and so then she made "Bad Blood"
  • This vids a bit much
  • Half of this could've been cut
  • But we're stuck
  • Saying
  • What the?
  • (Kitty Cats WON!!!!)
  • *Wendy snatches her own Wig
  • *Katy dabs
  • *MLG horn
  • *Exploded by the scores of the Kitty Kats
  • (Gay Cheerleader)- U, G, L, Y
  • Your Eduscele o girl by, your are hood
  • *Taylor gets up
  • *Taylor gasps
  • Look what you made me do
  • Adios, mios!
  • Are you okay Taylor?
  • Here, have a bite of my spicy burrito
  • Selena, get that disgusting crap outta my face
  • This isn't over, you may have won this time
  • But you're all in my list
  • And then underlined
  • Mark my words, this day will be
  • And I will get my revenge
  • ON ALL OF YOU!!!
  • *Seagull that is laughing
  • And boom! Another one in the basket
  • Swish Swish
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  • Bye

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Ellen, Selena Gomez Voice by: POP GIRL http://bit.ly/2bFvyY9
Other Voices & Animation by: PopToonsTV
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Instrumental by: Sing King Karaoke http://bit.ly/1SLl85z

"Swish Swish" Parody Writer - Damian Webley
"Swish Swish" Parody Song producer - LoBoiMusic
"Swish Swish" Parody Animator - Damian Webley
"Swish Swish" Parody Co - Animator Deion Webley

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