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Mot Buoc Yeu, Van Dam Dau | Mr. Siro | Official MV
Mot Buoc Yeu, Van Dam Dau | Mr. Siro | Official MV thumb Mot Buoc Yeu, Van Dam Dau | Mr. Siro | Official MV thumb Mot Buoc Yeu, Van Dam Dau | Mr. Siro | Official MV thumb


  • It has been 2 years.
  • We're already married now.
  • But...
  • We still don't know how each other looks like.
  • [One in Hanoi, one in Saigon. How can we meet?]
  • [Where there's a will, there's a way.]
  • Let's deploy it.
  • Be online at 9.
  • This person is offline, unable to see profile.
  • [You didn't sleep last night, did you?]
  • [Haha! It's so surprised that my husband in real life is so handsome.]
  • [If I am in Hanoi now, are you happy?]
  • [Let's meet up!]
  • I have to go to work now.
  • It's okay.
  • See you tomorrow.
  • I asked for being off today.
  • Is that okay?
  • Sit here, dad.
  • Your medicine!
  • Doctor, I want medicine for asthma!
  • Here you are.
  • You can stay here.
  • I will sleep with dad.
  • This is...
  • It's the new context of the game (Thiện Nữ).
  • So beautiful!
  • If...
  • we had been happy like we were in the game, would it been great?
  • Honestly...
  • To be allowed to go to Hanoi..
  • There's only one way for me to get here,
  • I have to follow my parents' wish, dating with a guy.
  • I'm listening, mom.
  • Why could you do like that?
  • Your dad's seriously finding you now.
  • Where are you now?
  • I'm at 105, Nguyen Hien street.
  • You are...
  • Here's my friend.
  • I'm Nghia.
  • From now, the boundary between two of us
  • Is love but can't never be gotten through
  • Just roadside grass
  • Is never able to touch the cloud.
  • After saying the 'tunable' words for goodbye
  • No storm is bigger than the storm in our hearts.
  • Despite meeting you in my dream, I'm not brave to tell you...
  • I love you.
  • It was our destiny, yet eventually end up parting
  • That year we kept looking for the ten miles of peach blossoms

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This special song - is the narrative lines of the boy who has a difficult situation like the owner of the story, as a substitute for the girl's mind, so that she realizes there are still many people like her in the world. the subliminal feelings of love - not from fine words or perfect bodies, but to crystallize by two-sided compensation.

Real love - there is always injustice, profound imperfection on each side, for two people to make up for each other, so together grow up. Love does not have the concept of deviant chopsticks - it is only the twisting of the two souls that always agree. The truth is that no single heart beats at all, but can only work together for life.

This is also the song that he wrote for an candidate who have the most touching story at Thien Nu game competition

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(Intro: Today ...
Make all mistakes to break up
Our love has been broken since then
A stream of tears rolled through my lips ...)

Lyrics 1:
A fantasy unreal world, but warm
Your apperance blows away all darkness in my life, suddenly faded away
My life was named "Sadness and Sorrow"
So how can I dream of being lucky to be with you in the rest of my life
I have to leave you despite my tears falling
Because of the lifelong reasons do not dare to face

Only a few inches away but far away
My love is like a pair of chopsticks that have been let go
May I forget it all soon
Found someone worthy of being ...

From now on, the grace of life is left behind
The day and the darkness are no longer different
There is no peaceful place like you with me
(Love once missed the step
is a mile of painful school ...)

Raindrops suddenly turn into color of pain
The Sky is seemly crying for the day we lost each other
How many pairs of love words, why leave me?

(Jiang plays: Why God give us this predestined but seperate I and her)

Word 2:
Why is it so stupid to leave the puzzle
but for each other is everything and I'm broken ...
The noisy real world still feels lonely
The two of us are different, just look at the heart

Last Chorus:
From now on the boundary of the two of us is
love but can't step over
The way of the grass along the road is no match for the clouds ...

Since the sentence retired from the quiet
No big storm with storms ..
Meet in dreams and dare not scream:
" I love you . . . "
# One Step Love LoveMore

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