Xem Family Member Visits During Lockdown (Episode 1)

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Family Member Visits During Lockdown (Episode 1)
Family Member Visits During Lockdown (Episode 1) thumb Family Member Visits During Lockdown (Episode 1) thumb Family Member Visits During Lockdown (Episode 1) thumb


New Series of a family stuck together in Quarantine. Starring Nelisiwe Mwase and Bridget Mahlangu | South African Lockdown

Stay Home. Wash your hands with Soap. Keep a Good social distance. Don't touch your face. Stay Safe, from OMFilms

Comedy Collaboration

Director: Ofentse Mwase
Producer: Nelisiwe Mwase
Camera 2: Bannz Version
Make-Up: From the Bath in the Morning
Editor: Ofentse Mwase
VFX: OMFilms
BTS: UncleScrooch

Big Thanks to our Cast and Comedians.

Nelisiwe Mwase
Bridget Mahlangu
Chwayita Kaule
Bannz Version
Mama Nells
Aunty Nelly

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South African Comedy

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