Xem Plunger Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

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Plunger Trick Shots | Dude Perfect
Plunger Trick Shots | Dude Perfect thumb Plunger Trick Shots | Dude Perfect thumb Plunger Trick Shots | Dude Perfect thumb


  • We're Dude Perfect, welcome to plunger trick shots.
  • Dude Perfect.
  • This is The Swinging Sticker.
  • Yes!
  • We love plungers!
  • Let's go!
  • Yeah, baby!
  • Let's go, baby!
  • Whoo!
  • You guys ever seen a Five Plunge Sticker?
  • No, I'm kidding.
  • It's one at a time.
  • It's going to be one at a time, but it's still
  • going to be impressive.
  • [DING]
  • [DING]
  • [DING]
  • [DING]
  • He's done it!
  • The Five Plunge Sticker!
  • Whoa!
  • Oh my god!
  • We're good.
  • We're good!
  • Whoo!
  • Ha!
  • Ha!
  • How you like them apples?
  • Banger.
  • This is a Through the Ring Sticker.
  • Let's do it.
  • Whoo!
  • Yeah!
  • Nice, Gary!
  • What goes up--
  • --will probably be there forever.
  • Gosh darn it.
  • Hi-ya!
  • Yes!
  • First try!
  • Bottom of the ninth, two outs.
  • Really got to stick one here.
  • Check this out.
  • Let's go!
  • He's a plunging wizard!
  • You guys will never guess what's about to come out that door.
  • En guard!
  • Ahh!
  • We got him!
  • You want to make sure you push with your legs, not your back.
  • It's actually not that heavy.
  • Got the plunge.
  • Got the target.
  • You're probably thinking to yourself, OK,
  • that's probably pretty good.
  • You gonna stop?
  • Wow, you're going to keep going?
  • OK, seems ambitious.
  • Surely you're going to stop now.
  • And you'd be correct.
  • Here we go, this is the Trip Flip Pul--
  • [BEEP]
  • The Trip--
  • [BEEP]
  • This is the Trip Flip Plunge.
  • Yeah?
  • Yes, it is.
  • Yeah!
  • Really was hoping you're going to high five me there.
  • OK.
  • Don't throw at the TV, they said, it would be a bad idea.
  • Plunge time!
  • Let's go!
  • Yeah!
  • That's so 2018.
  • Waterbottle flips?
  • 2019 is the year of the plunge.
  • Oh!
  • Double plunge stick!
  • Let's go!
  • Whoo!
  • Ah!
  • This is the Front Flippy Sticky.
  • Here we go.
  • Yeah!
  • Let's go!
  • Yeah!
  • That felt good.
  • [BEEP]
  • [BEEP]
  • [BEEP]
  • [BEEP]
  • [BEEP]
  • [BEEP]
  • [BEEP]
  • Oh my god!
  • Sorry.
  • I started laughing too hard.
  • What's up, guys.
  • Thanks for watching.
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  • Signing off for now.
  • Plunge it!
  • Noggin!
  • See ya!

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There is nothing more satisfying than a plunger trick shot! Trust us.. try it!
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