Xem Taiwan #7: STREET FOOD IN TAMSUI BEACH CITY Part 1 |Taiwan travel guide

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Taiwan #7: STREET FOOD IN TAMSUI BEACH CITY Part 1 |Taiwan travel guide
Taiwan #7: STREET FOOD IN TAMSUI BEACH CITY Part 1 |Taiwan travel guide thumb Taiwan #7: STREET FOOD IN TAMSUI BEACH CITY Part 1 |Taiwan travel guide thumb Taiwan #7: STREET FOOD IN TAMSUI BEACH CITY Part 1 |Taiwan travel guide thumb


  • Good morning everybody. I’m Khoai
  • Welcome to Khoai Lang Thang channel
  • Today is a sprinkling rain day in Taiwan
  • But less than yesterday
  • Yesterday when we visited Jiufen old street and Shifen old street, it started to rain
  • When we arrived Jiufen, it started sprinkling rain
  • This morning I also thought it would rain, I watched the weather forecast
  • The weather forecast said:
  • “ Don’t worry. Just sprinkling rain and shower someplace”
  • So, I took bus and came there
  • Unsuspecting, I came there about 1 hour later
  • It showered rain, heavy rain
  • We couldn’t eat anything, drink anything
  • I also intended to sit and drink tea and see the sunset
  • But couldn’t do anything, so heavy rain
  • So we must come back Taipei
  • That morning, I also watched the weather forecast
  • I heard that just drizzle
  • But unsuspecting
  • Heavy rain, as wet as a drowned rat, not drizzle
  • Very pity. But I is okay
  • Very pity
  • I will take video about Jiufen and Shifen old street to share for you in another chance
  • This time is impossible because of heavy rain
  • Today rain is less than
  • So I will take you...
  • ...go to eat more
  • Because of rain so the scene will not be very beautiful
  • So mostly I just go to eat
  • And I will have breakfast by the beef noodle first
  • After that I will continue with the traditional steamed meat ball
  • And I will go a long to Tamsui
  • Tamsui is one of the coastal towns and the downstream of the Tamsui River
  • Fairly interesting
  • In the past, I thought Tamsui was very suitable for watching the sunset
  • because there are many beautiful café shop along the coast
  • But rain like that would not be expected
  • Come on, just go
  • After arrive there, we will think more
  • So, wait a minute
  • Oh, the scooters for the police are very cute
  • There are 2 red and green lights on the front
  • In front of there is a beef noodle shop where I will have breakfast
  • Being rated by Michelin as worth as the price
  • And I see there is a long line of people lined up here
  • I will also come here to line up for a while to get inside to eat beef noodles
  • You can see that they have 3-4 pots of soup...
  • ...very big
  • And there's about ...
  • ... 4-5 employees in the kitchen
  • to serve continuously
  • Where I stand here is a glass, we can look through
  • I will go to the 2nd floor
  • Stairs in Taiwan shops are very tight
  • Only enough for one person
  • I will …
  • This is my table
  • At any time on the table, you will see there is a ...
  • ...soybean chili paste
  • Beef noodles here will cost about 200 TWD / bowl
  • I will order a bowl ...
  • ... half beef tendon and half-muscle
  • is 260 TWD
  • You can order additional beef 150 TWD
  • or beef intestines parts
  • The Taiwanese like to eat intestines
  • There are also tofu and pickled dishes
  • The spoon here will be steamed like this and we will take it our self
  • This is my bowl of beef noodles just brought out
  • And this bowl of noodles is a small size 210 TWD (~ 6.9 USD)
  • fairly fine
  • Size is small but for me it is enough for breakfast
  • The big size bowl is very big
  • After waiting for about 15-20 minutes, I went into this beef noodle shop
  • This beef noodle shop is one of the restaurants rated by Michelin as worth the price
  • Not for star, just it is only as worth the price
  • And today is Saturday, weekend so it is quite crowded
  • Sunday it will not open
  • My beef bowl is include
  • noodles, muscle and tendons
  • You see on the surface there is a little green onion
  • The soup is quite clear, with little fat
  • There are about 3 slices of very thick beef
  • Here. One, two, three. All are very thick
  • There are veins mixed in the meat are very attractive
  • These are my tendons
  • At the bottom is noodles, noodles will be a little big
  • Noodle bowl is very hot
  • And when eating,
  • they will always serve with a...
  • This sauce is like a fermented and spicy bean sauce
  • But I will try noodle first before add the sauce
  • The soup will be fairly salty
  • There isn’t dark smell of beef, just slight smell of beef
  • There is a little scent of star anise in this
  • The soup was seem to they didn't put too much fat or chili in it
  • I used to eat another beef noodle soup in Taipei
  • they give up a lot of oil and chili
  • The taste of oil and chili make your taste buds numb
  • And this soup is light and very frugal
  • But the only thing is they add very little sugar
  • They just season taste salty in here
  • Now I will add this special bean sauce
  • This sauce will be a little thick
  • I will add it in
  • This sauce is very spicy so I just add suitable quantity
  • Add into and stir it
  • Here, you can see
  • When I add this into, it will start to have fat oil on the surface
  • Like a kind of puree satay sauce
  • and extremely spicy
  • It will appear the floating fat and chilli on the surface
  • I will mix it
  • And the first piece I eat...
  • ...will be the thick muscle meat
  • You can see that the tendon part mix the meat are very attractive
  • and very thick
  • It's about 1cm thickness
  • Muscle meat is quite soft
  • The middle tendon is slightly sticky and soft
  • The meat is also quite salty
  • The smell of beef is seem to they made treatment so much
  • The smell of beef only remains faintly
  • Don’t has a strong smell of beef
  • I like to eat a stronger beef smell than this
  • Because this beef is quite soft
  • so they cut very thick
  • In my mouth it still has whole texture in it
  • but if they slice thin, it would be broken
  • Normally, when I come here, I will order beef muscle and tendons mixed together like this
  • Eating will be better
  • Because the beef tendon here is also very delicious
  • In general, I like both tendons and muscle
  • When I eat “Pho” or any food has beef muscle and tendon, I always order both
  • I will try noodle
  • The noodles are not too soft, still hardness at the center core
  • and because the noodles are so big
  • so it will not absorb the soup
  • So when I eat, I will usually drink soup together
  • or put all noodle and soup into spoon
  • It will be better
  • Too spicy
  • This part is very spicy
  • It smells of Chinese medicinal herbs in this
  • So if you can't eat spicy food
  • It is better to add little, or don’t add
  • I just add a little but the taste of soup change completely
  • It smell more of Chinese medicinal herb and more spicy
  • as well as making more fatty on the surface
  • This is the tendon
  • One of the best parts that I eat Pho or eat beef noodles
  • it's so slippery, it drops
  • The tendon pieces here are cut smaller
  • Other noodle shops they don’t cut tendon
  • and the tendon piece isn’t transparent, not like other places I often eat
  • The tendon here is crunchy
  • they haven't cooked it for softening, it's crunchy
  • and hard
  • Crunchy
  • It is not as sticky as other beef noodle shops
  • I like to eat the tendon that is slightly sticky, soft than this
  • Normally
  • You will eat with these pickled thing like that
  • because this noodle will be slightly dull
  • There are no vegetables in here, only some green onions on the surface
  • so we will order additional pickled vegetable, cucumber
  • or other pickled dishes
  • They put in the refrigerator over there
  • A dish like this is about 30-40 TWD (~1 - 1.4 USD)
  • Just a small dish like that
  • The vegetables here are quite expensive
  • This is cucumber
  • They marinated with garlic and chili
  • Very crunchy
  • Crunchy, cool
  • slightly sour and sweet
  • Thanks to this, I eat noodles without being dull
  • Now I will focus on eating my noodles here
  • After that, I will visit Taipei
  • Today I intend to go long to Tamsui area
  • Along the way there will be lots of food
  • Full eat and drink
  • Now I will go straight to Tamsui
  • I intend to eat another food but...
  • I will go right now
  • Because it took a while to line up to eat beef noodles
  • Come there I will find other things to eat
  • and at tonight I will go back to Shilin night market
  • Wait a minute
  • I will go on the train of red line and go to the final station to Tamsui
  • My place will be Tamsui Station, which is the last station of the red line
  • is 50 TWD (~ 1.6 USD)
  • I will choose a one-way ticket, select 50
  • and put money in here
  • Scan tickets here
  • and keep the ticket
  • There will always be a supporting desk here
  • If you don’t put enough money
  • The card I just put 50 TWD into
  • is this card worth 50 right
  • But if you do not add enough money and you cannot enter that entrance,
  • you can go to this supporting desk
  • ask the staff to add money for us
  • I arrived at the last station of the red train line, Tamsui station
  • And now I will go into the center of this small city
  • to visit and find something to eat and drink
  • Here they designed the train station to look good
  • Looks like the old classical architecture of train stations
  • Right to arrive to the station, I immediately ordered a cup of lemon oolong tea to drink
  • Brand of 50 Lan which you can see anywhere in Taipei
  • So many shops
  • about 1.1 - 1.3 USD / cup of tea big size like this
  • Milk tea also
  • The milk tea here is famous for the aroma of gentle tea smell and taste of non-fat milk
  • not too fat
  • If you like milk tea, you can try it here
  • I often drink here because it's cheap and quick
  • and you can find anywhere, at train stations or crowded places
  • But in Taiwan there are many more delicious milk tea brands
  • And service is also better
  • Woa, I can hear the sea air
  • There are many families here, on the weekends, they will take their children here for a walk ...
  • ... along the coast, along the river, riding bicycle
  • so crowded
  • There is a big golden uncle to wear a black glasses
  • like a fake statue
  • so that people can take pictures and give tip money in the jar in front of him
  • I will continue to go outside the Tamsui river
  • Below is like a night market, there are lots of food
  • and if coming to here on the weekends, we will never be afraid of missing food
  • Today is Saturday
  • Saturday afternoon
  • Yesterday, it is heavy rain, but today it is cool and sunny
  • Suitable for walking
  • I will go along Tamsui about 3-4 hours, then I will go back to Shilin night market
  • Oh, this lady is carrying a baby in the back
  • and singing
  • Do you see my hair fluttering?
  • The atmosphere is very good
  • I can hear the smell of the sea
  • and the wind is cool, the light sunny
  • There is also a cup of lemon tea on my hand
  • And now just lack of food
  • Buying food is all right
  • The birds are singing
  • This uncle is fishing
  • Uncle, take a fish up
  • There are no fish caught
  • Oh, he caught a small fish
  • He gives it back the sea
  • Here they also sell sugarcane juice
  • but the sugarcane juice here is green
  • Isn’t yellow like sugarcane juice in Vietnam
  • Very pity because I just finished a lemon tea
  • now my stomach is quite full of liquid, I don't drink sugarcane juice anymore
  • But finding food is better
  • There is a fried food counter here
  • Here is very interesting
  • If near Sai Gon also have place which we can go for walk at weekend, it will be so great
  • There are a lot of games for kids to play
  • Because often, families will takes their children to here
  • go on a walk and let children play this games for the weekend
  • Here they also sell anchovies and squid
  • They boiled and put the side
  • and people can buy to eat instantly
  • This is the boiling squid pot
  • Here they sell steamed squid like this a lot
  • So many dozens of stalls selling steamed squid like this
  • On the other side is also a steamed squid stall
  • We can try it here
  • The soy sauce on the other side with ginger and mustard
  • The squid is very fresh and sweet
  • A kg is 320 TWD (~ 11 USD)
  • on the other side is 280 TWD /kg (~ 9.3 USD)
  • I will buy some of this big squid to try
  • Then she will cut it
  • They will sprinkle the soy sauce with mustard on top
  • 100 TWD (~ 3.3 USD) for this box
  • about…
  • ... 3 fresh squids
  • and be sprinkled soy sauce with mustard and ginger on
  • Very fragrant
  • This squid is egg squid, there are eggs in the inside
  • Very simple
  • and I will try a piece
  • Do you see inside is eggs
  • Very crunchy
  • quite fresh
  • and very delicious
  • The soy- mustard sauce is put on top
  • The pungent smell of mustard
  • make me think about eating squid sashimi in a Japanese restaurants
  • There are only about 3.3 USD/ box like this, about 3 fresh squid
  • and they boil under our seeing
  • Fairy delicious and interesting
  • I will focus on eating
  • Then I will take a walk along the road, there are many other foods
  • Wait for me 1 bit
  • I will buy such a roll to try
  • 25 TWD/ roll (~ 0.9 USD)
  • Add a little sauce on
  • There is garlic sauce and chili sauce
  • I will use chili sauce
  • and a little garlic sauce on this side
  • There are also pepper
  • If you like pepper, you can sprinkle it
  • This is like a wonton powder and they put one kind of marinated shrimp paste
  • Fairy hard
  • Crispy but still a bit hard
  • with a slightly salty, spicy, fragrance of sauce
  • This dish is just like snack food, not too special
  • Ice cream is not too special but the way to sell is very cute
  • I stand among of these kids who is waiting for the ice cream to feel a little strange
  • mouth is covered up
  • On this my side here is a ...
  • ... port to stand here to see the estuary
  • and the sea on the other side
  • So beautiful
  • Unexpectedly, today we can see the sunset
  • These days it is raining
  • Today there is a little sun coming out
  • People are still walk very crowded
  • She will put a little anchovies on
  • at the bottom is quail eggs
  • and anchovies is put on the surface
  • Here is near the estuary, near the sea
  • So the food will also have a lot of sea flavor
  • Mostly shrimp, squid,
  • anchovies, seafood, ...
  • The way to cook is like Japanese Takoyaki
  • He will face up and it will become a round
  • then she will skew into a skewer
  • The price of this cake is only 20 TWD (~ 0.7 USD)
  • Seafood is also sold here
  • Shells, clam, snails, mussels, oysters, squid
  • Shells, clam, snails, mussels, oysters, squid
  • They also cook inside
  • They also sell Bird's Nest Fern, 200 TWD (~ 7 USD)
  • This vegetable in Vietnam is mostly grown as ornamental plants only
  • but here they eat the bud of this vegetable
  • Fairy delicious
  • and its taste is almost the same as the taste of the Polypody Plant in Vietnam
  • They usually stir fry
  • Or used to eat hot pot, many ways to eat
  • There is a very long ice cream
  • Too long to eat
  • too long
  • On this side is the number 3 ship
  • If you want to go to Love Bridge, you can take this ship
  • But I will go to eat, I will not go there
  • She is raising her hand
  • Go to Love Bridge
  • We will buy a ticket here
  • the ship will take us go a round to the sea to sightseeing
  • Over there are 2 very dreadful dinosaurs
  • Hope that they don’t see me
  • Next episode
  • Good bye everyone. I'm Khoai
  • Be sure to subcribe the channel to see more my clips about travels and cuisine every week

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Taiwan #7: STREET FOOD IN TAMSUI BEACH CITY |Taiwan travel guide

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First of all, happy new year to all dears. Wishing you a lot of health and luck in life for New Year. For Lunar New Year, I will give you more wonderful wish.

Today Khoai will lead you go to 淡水 區 / Tamsui. A small city located downstream of Tamsui River, this place is not so famous to tourists, there are also not many beautiful places to take photo, but for the Taipei people this is the ideal place to go for a walk with the family. Nearby to Taipei, fresh sea air with many traditional restaurants, fresh squid and seafood, all that is enough to attract me.

That morning, Khoai have breakfasted at a famous beef noodle shop (beef noodles again), but don’t worry, this beef noodle shop had a different flavor from the previous noodle shop. This shop is a little cheaper, the soup is also lighter than, but with condition that don’t add the spicy bean sauce (I don’t know what is it exactly name, had fragrance of fermented bean, hot-spicy and fatty taste of beef fat). Another point to note is that the shop is very crowded at rush hour, queuing takes long time so you should consider before come.

Finished breakfast, Khoai go on a train to the end of the red line of Tamsui station (Remember that the train at Beitou R22 station!). Come here, do not forget to try the egg squid, fresh squid boiled on the spot, dip in soy sauce with ginger and mustard, I like this food so much, because the price is cheap, squid is fresh and hot, it also suits my taste.
Along the river mouth is a walking street with countless street food shops, people just take leisurely walking, see the sunset, or simply sitting and drink tea at a coffee shop and watching the sea and sky. This episode is quite long, so Khoai separate into 2 so that you are not boring to see it. Next episode, Khoai promise to have more specialties of this place, please wait, I will post soon.

I'm Khoai. I like traveling and enjoying cuisine.
This is my YouTube channel, go to new places, experience culture, cuisine and share my experiences to everyone.
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