Xem Taiwan #8: STREET FOOD IN TAMSUI BEACH CITY Part 2 |Taiwan travel guide

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Taiwan #8: STREET FOOD IN TAMSUI BEACH CITY Part 2 |Taiwan travel guide
Taiwan #8: STREET FOOD IN TAMSUI BEACH CITY Part 2 |Taiwan travel guide thumb Taiwan #8: STREET FOOD IN TAMSUI BEACH CITY Part 2 |Taiwan travel guide thumb Taiwan #8: STREET FOOD IN TAMSUI BEACH CITY Part 2 |Taiwan travel guide thumb


  • I have just visited a Japanese architecture house
  • in Tamsui
  • This is one of the houses with historical landmarks
  • One of the first places to be supplied with clean water and tap water in Taiwan
  • Built by a Japanese
  • and it is seem as a mark of Taiwan
  • In the past, Taiwan was occupied by Japan for 50 years
  • You can see the cuisine, culture and a lot of other things as architecture
  • were affected by Japan
  • 50 years
  • But Taiwanese people do not hate the Japanese people,
  • as the Korean people hate Japanese people
  • They are still crazy about Japanese food, Japanese architecture
  • and they used the Japanese culture to interfere and turn into their own Taiwanese culture
  • This house is also quite simple, nothing too special
  • Now I will go over there to eat a very famous food here
  • That is tofu stuffed with cellophane noodles
  • I hope that I will arrive before dark
  • This is the tofu stuffed with cellophane noodles shop that I said before
  • Pieces of tofu wrap cellophane noodles inside are steamed in the steamer so it is always hot like this
  • And pour a kind of sauce on top
  • then will add a type of ...
  • ...chili sauce
  • That's it
  • Thank you
  • I went to a very famous tofu stuffed with cellophane noodles shop in Tamsui
  • And I have ordered a dish here
  • 40 TWD (~1.3 USD) for this dish
  • and very fragrant chili sauce
  • I ordered this dish is spicy flavor
  • so they add a chili sauce on top
  • Can you see?
  • It is very fragrant chili
  • The smell seems to be quite spicy
  • This chili sauce is both spicy and sweet
  • Let me ...
  • ... turn for you see
  • There is a piece of tofu stuffed mixture paste inside
  • and in the middle of this tofu is cellophane noodles
  • This food is very famous in Tamsui
  • I will break it
  • Like in Vietnam, there are...
  • ... tofu with minced meat
  • But here, the tofu is stuffed with meat paste to cover the outside
  • in the middle will be cellophane noodles, a lot of cellophane noodles
  • When eating, we just break out
  • Do you see?
  • Cellophane noodles
  • Meat paste is outside
  • and tofu
  • We can take this cellophane noodles together with this sauce
  • I will try the cellophane noodles first
  • Because this tofu is always steamed hot so the cellophane noodles inside is also very hot
  • The cellophane noodles is full seasoned
  • It is absorb the taste of tofu and the taste of fish paste
  • The soup is fairly sweet
  • slightly spicy
  • I think the most special thing of this food is the way to do it
  • Put the cellophane noodles into tofu like this
  • When eating, we break out
  • Then take the cellophane noodles to eat like a normal noodles
  • Especially the fish paste they use to seal the tofu piece
  • I will try
  • The outside fish paste
  • It's like a crab paste
  • It has little powder
  • And maybe they added in here for a little egg and tofu
  • I will break this tofu out
  • The whole inside of this tofu is all cellophane noodles
  • Tofu is quite normal, like other tofu that we often eat
  • This food is interesting
  • If you exclude this meat paste, it's like a vegetarian food
  • I really like the smell of chili sauce here
  • Very strong smell
  • make me think of chili sauce which I eat Pho in Hanoi
  • but its taste is quite sweet
  • Hot
  • The soup is hot
  • The cellophane noodles is hot and absorb the taste of tofu
  • It doesn’t relate to the sea air over there
  • But it's also very interesting to try
  • I also ordered the second food here
  • This food is very special
  • That is fish paste wrap pork inside
  • You can see it
  • There are 3 fish paste balls, this dish is 30 TWD (~ 1 USD)
  • The balls here are also quite big
  • Big 3-4 times bigger than fish paste ball in Vietnam
  • And I will try this ball for you to see
  • The special thing is that inside the fish ball, there is a pork
  • The soup is quite opaque
  • and there is a little celery above
  • Here is the fish ball, you can see
  • It is about twice, three times the size of fish paste ball in Vietnam
  • Oops, still hot
  • Fish ball is very crunchy
  • Outside it is fragrant fish ball but in the middle is fragrant and sweet taste of pork
  • You can see it
  • This is the pork in the middle
  • This food is strange
  • The soup is very light, hot, aroma of radish
  • This is also one of the foods chosen by many people in this restaurant
  • I will focus on eating my food now
  • Then go to the night market in Tamsui to find another food
  • Waits for me a bit
  • It's dark
  • In Tamsui area, there is a very lovely place with some murals
  • The pictures on the stairs
  • And there are many cats
  • Oh no, they ran away
  • Oh no. No one left
  • He even growl me
  • Here
  • If you go here in the daytime
  • you can see this road
  • Beautiful? It's like a stream
  • Let me go down, and turn back
  • Two cats are looking at me
  • What are you looking at?
  • They escaped
  • If you go in the daytime, it will be more beautiful
  • This is a panda
  • Giraffe
  • Standing here, it's a picture
  • It merged
  • Giraffe
  • Chimpanzee
  • Elephants, birds, other types ...
  • It's like a kind of 3D painting
  • You have to stand to match the steps together
  • then it will show a picture
  • If standing incorrect like this
  • it will be a mess
  • Playing this game is too tired
  • Now this is a way lead to that whirlpool
  • Whole wall on the other side is also paintings
  • Painting here has a special thing
  • Looking down is another picture
  • but looking up from below you will see another picture
  • Here
  • You can see it is like a house
  • This upper part will be brighter and easier to see
  • Two ... Three
  • You see?
  • It is the Red House
  • Daytime, go here in afternoon
  • Take photo is also very beautiful
  • but so pity it is dark now
  • I was busy in eating too much,
  • I could come here sooner
  • Now I will go to the night market over there
  • It is still very busy and a lot of people are there
  • It's fairly dark now, about 6-7 pm already
  • but people here are still very crowded, the later become the more crowded it gets
  • Furthermore, today is Saturday-weekend
  • So family, friends, people often go to the night market to eat and play
  • Now I will take a walk up there, there are some very popular traditional food shops in this area
  • The fish paste ball shop here is also crowded
  • In front of me is a counter selling iron eggs
  • Iron eggs are a traditional dish of Taiwanese people
  • And it is very famous in Tamsui
  • Regular iron eggs will be made from pigeon eggs, quail eggs or chicken eggs, duck eggs
  • Do you see that it has a distinctive black color that people are hanging on the counter?
  • I will buy 1 bag of iron eggs and eat
  • This shop is fairly famous in the past
  • but now it is also being criticized by people because of the not good service if crowded
  • I will buy the box outside
  • Next to the iron egg shop
  • is a bakery that sells chest cakes
  • Confused
  • The lady make me surprised
  • Next to the iron egg shop is a Taiwanese cheese cake shop that is also super not good service
  • In here
  • They have been sold for dozens of years traditional
  • And now it is very crowded
  • You can see the long lining up people
  • and especially very arrogant
  • You will never see these staffs smile
  • But the custard cake here is praised very well
  • Cake will be baked continuously
  • It is very fragrant
  • Wow, so fragrant
  • You can see coming up smoke inside
  • I really want to share the fragrance now for everyone
  • but the youtube does not have the smell sharing function
  • It is very fragrant smell of egg
  • and smell of baked cake
  • In the center of the cake is the cheese
  • a half, there is a cheese kernel, a half is a normal kernel
  • I have just bought 6 iron chicken eggs in a very famous shop in this area
  • There are also iron pigeon eggs sold here,
  • iron quail eggs,
  • iron chicken eggs
  • Iron eggs (鐵蛋) is one of the very traditional dishes of Taiwanese people
  • and it originates from Tamsui area
  • The shop where I have just bought is a very famous shop here
  • In the past, people said it was so delicious
  • Now it is less than
  • But I see that everyone who come to Tamsui for travel also come here to eat
  • Anyway, despite of bad complaint but people still come here to buy iron eggs
  • The ordinary iron egg look outside exactly like a chocolate ball
  • Totally black and dark brown
  • I said "totally back" but also said "dark brown" anymore
  • Somewhat contradictory
  • But its color is dark brown like chocolate
  • And it smells of soy sauce
  • The way to make this iron egg is also very special
  • They will cook in soy sauce with some other esoteric ingredients
  • Cook in soy sauce for about 5-7 days
  • Let this egg turn to dark brown like this
  • And the person believes that the darker brown the egg is, the more delicious it is
  • The white part turns dark brown and is quite tough
  • Tough like we cook the meat stew with eggs and we warm up 4-5 times
  • Because we cook for a long time
  • So the white part shrinks
  • It is tougher
  • and the yolk part
  • It takes up most of the eggs
  • Very powdery sweet
  • The whole egg still smell of soy sauce
  • Eating this food, I remember the ...
  • ... stew eggs in the supermarket
  • People sell the canned eggs in supermarkets in Vietnam
  • The taste is almost like this
  • If you come to Tamsui
  • You can visit here
  • Buy 1 box of iron eggs like this
  • 100 TWD/box like this, quite expensive
  • ~ 76,000 VND (~ 3.3 USD)
  • Just try it
  • And we can buy as a gift, is one of Taiwan's specialties
  • Now then...
  • I also have one more thing to show
  • I put this side
  • Next to the iron egg shop
  • is a famous Taiwanese custard cake shop
  • People line up for a long time
  • And this shop is like to iron egg shop
  • In the past, it was very delicious and very famous
  • but after that, there were many customers, the shop became more and more arrogant
  • and people say that the quality is somewhat reduced
  • People say like that
  • but they still queue up to buy
  • Here I buy 1 Taiwanese custard cake with cheese
  • Only 100 TWD (~ 3.3 USD) / unit
  • Much cheaper in Vietnam
  • I bought it to bring to the hotel to eat,
  • Because I can't eat all at once times
  • Now I am going eat a small piece in while it is still hot to check how it is
  • The outside skin will be slightly harder than inside is fairly soft
  • I will break a piece
  • This is ... soft
  • The outside it will be slightly porous
  • When eating, it will melt immediately in my mouth
  • The smell of eggs is very fragrant and there is no odor of chicken eggs
  • I will try a piece with the cheese
  • Salty cheese
  • quite fat
  • The cake will be slightly sweet, the cheese is salty
  • eating together will be much less boring
  • I really like the crust here
  • The crust is always a little hard, very porous and very melted
  • Eating it will melt immediately in your mouth
  • This cake here is much better than the cake in Vietnam
  • In Vietnam, this brand still has the franchise
  • I already tried it, but not as good
  • I do not know why, probably because imported materials do not guarantee 100% deliciousness
  • or because of processing, or something
  • But when I ate in Vietnam I don’t feel like this
  • If you go to Taiwan, don’t forget to try Taiwanese cheese cake
  • one of the special food which is very popular on here
  • Now I will keep this to bring back to the hotel
  • At night I just eat and watched TV
  • Oh, but the hotel’s television can't be used
  • I will it, just take phone to watch youtube
  • Milk tea
  • Here I see sweet strawberry, sugar-coated haws stick,
  • sweet apple
  • Black sesame candy
  • In Vietnam, I often call it “Theo Leo, Cut Chuot”
  • a very familiar food on Tet holiday
  • [The following images may be sensitive. People consider before watching next]
  • There is a display area of mutated animals
  • So many people come here to see very crowded
  • And in front, they display ...
  • ... a very special turtle
  • The shell is very strange to the normal turtle
  • Inside they are displaying a fetus of animal
  • The shell is very strange to the normal turtle
  • Animals that are over huge,
  • or has two heads
  • Or it is weird
  • they will be displayed in this
  • I will buy ticket to go inside to see
  • In front, they hung up what is look so terrible
  • That must be a giant sausage
  • Tickets are 89 TWD / person
  • Now is promotion time so 150 TWD becomes 89 TWD (~ 3.8 USD)
  • This is the "XX" part of the whale
  • Then they ...
  • ... they made it and hung up here
  • Terrible
  • Unbelievable
  • Here is a giant earwig
  • What are they feeding him?
  • Looks like a slice of apple or a slice of fruit
  • and some dog food
  • This is the first...
  • Hey, there's a green frog here
  • So fat and round
  • Come in here and see ...
  • The girl is wearing a ...
  • A giant squid
  • This is its specimen
  • This is the real squid, soaked in preserved liquid
  • The hat with shape of the “XX”
  • Turtle
  • Coconut fruit?
  • Oh, the coconut fruit is very ugly shape
  • This is a very special kind of coconut which is writing here
  • there's a picture of this kid holding coconut fruit
  • What such an ugly coconut fruit is!!
  • And this is a turtle
  • 2-headed turtle
  • 2 heads and up to 6 legs
  • It is dead and soaked in preservatives
  • In the past when it was alive. They put it’s picture below
  • Here is a white snake
  • a white snake
  • Its eyes are pink
  • - Hello, snake
  • - I know you can never bite you
  • So I'm not afraid of you
  • People also give coins and request for sortilege, request for for things here
  • That's really superstition
  • Here...
  • I would like to introduce to you
  • This is virginal pants
  • Some men want husband, I mistake
  • Some men want his wife not to have an adultery
  • or don't have extra-marital relation with anyone, let buy this for his wife
  • And this is a board for these kids to impersonate prisoners...
  • ... take pictures before entering the prison
  • This must be a statue
  • I don’t now if they cheat us
  • There are many strange animal outside
  • Inside, these are normal animal
  • nothing special
  • This is 2 ivories
  • What is this?
  • I don't know if it is real or not
  • In general, I feel here like a crazy place
  • There are some nonsense here
  • You can sit here to take photo
  • And this is...
  • You can go in here and give your head to outside at this urinal
  • What a degenerate
  • This is a degenerate museum
  • I see them display so rushed thing
  • A giant shrimp
  • They put a picture here
  • Before I saw a woman's virginal pant and this is a man’s virginal pant
  • This is for women who want to give to their husbands or to their lovers
  • You can buy this for gift
  • Quite unique and different
  • But it is also quite huge
  • There is a “Tieu Cuong”
  • a beautiful cockroach
  • 3 cockroachs
  • - Please move body to let everyone know that you are alive. let move your body
  • See, her beard is moving
  • So fat
  • Here they also display an object that was used to torture ...
  • ... the woman in the past
  • The women who got ...
  • ... crimes
  • which related to virginity
  • They would be put up on the horse with this belt attached
  • to sit on it and the horse moving until they died
  • In ancient movies, I saw this many times
  • This is the first time I saw this in real
  • So terrible
  • Just image but being scared
  • Here they display a robot
  • And these are the things in the 52 shades of Grey movie
  • This is a burned in fire of coal device and used to touch to body for pain
  • And this is a back scratch (just joke)
  • This is Mrs. Mona Lisa
  • Two ... Three ...
  • Turn out the ghost
  • Oh, it was unexpected
  • This is "Moza Lina"
  • and this is the ghost
  • Below of Ms. Mo ... Mrs. ghost will have a stamp
  • If you go to Taiwan, as I told before
  • At some famous places, there will be stamp to stamp for saving memories
  • There is also such a stamp like that
  • It's like going to collect stamp
  • Goodbye sister. Don't look at me anymore. So scared
  • He is biting the walnuts to eat
  • Oh no. Fall
  • So fool
  • There is also a 100 billion dollar bill of the Zimbabwe country
  • I already told you
  • This is a degenerate museum
  • All the miscellaneous things, they also bring in here to display all
  • Unbelievable
  • This is a mix of turtle and crocodile animal
  • Look at its back
  • it's so big
  • This sister is change the water
  • It's quite late now
  • I will go back to the train and return to Taipei
  • If I have time, I can drop to Shilin night market to continue
  • See you again at next episode
  • The people around me are looking at me so much
  • Good bye everyone. I'm Khoai
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Taiwan #7: STREET FOOD IN TAMSUI BEACH CITY |Taiwan travel guide

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Continuing the tour of Tamsui beach, I visited the house of Mr. Tada Eikichi. The house was built as Japanese architecture in 1937. Mr. Tada Eikichi, the owner of the house at that time was the first resident to have tap water in Taiwan. This place also had a pretty nice view, if you want to learn more about Japanese architecture, you can visit here.

Next to this house, there are famous stuffed Tofu with Cellophane noodles shops in Tamsui, to tell the truth that Tamsui has nothing but traditional dishes, such a tiny coastal town, but there is too much traditional shops for decades and this stuffed Tofu with Cellophane noodles is no exception. Tofu stuff cellophane noodle inside, use crab paste to seal outside it, then steaming, and serve with the baked pork bone and radish soup ... A quite simple food, but with the cold sea air, if you drink a spoonful of cold soup and eat a piece of hot tofu, it is the best.

Next to this house, there are famous stuffed Tofu with Cellophane noodles shops in Tamsui, to tell the truth that Tamsui has nothing but traditional dishes, such a tiny coastal town, but there is too much traditional shops for decades and this stuffed Tofu with Cellophane noodles is no exception. Tofu stuff cellophane noodle inside, use crab paste to seal outside it, then steaming, and serve with the baked pork bone and radish soup ... A quite simple food, but with the cold sea air, if you drink a spoonful of cold soup and eat a piece of hot tofu, it is the best.

After eating, it was dark and Khoai walked around the mural alley to go back to the night market. Who wants to cross this alley, you can find this name on google map 5CCQ + 6W Taipei, Taiwan.

The next food Khoai wants to share with everyone is the iron egg, the eggs are cooked with soy sauce and herbs for 7 days (or maybe more), after cooking, the eggs absorb the taste of soy sauce, the white part is shrink, the yolk is fatty and fleshy, honestly I don’t like this food so much, but you can buy this food as a gift is quite reasonable, because it is not only unique, but also easy to preserve. Next to the iron egg shop is the fragrant Taiwanese cheese cake shop, and the line of waiting people is also as long as the fragrance spreading. The cake is baked continuously every 15p, only 100 TWD ~ 76,000 VND per cake, equal to half of the price of cakes in Vietnam. In Vietnam, there is also this brand, but I feel it not as delicious as cake here, in some next day, I will try it again.
Address: No. 135, Zhongzheng Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 251

By the way, I think that you would wonder why the title is 16+, because in this clip I went to visit a strange museum, there was everything in the world, and warn that there are some thing not suitable for children under 16, so everyone consider to see it!

I'm Khoai. I like traveling and enjoying cuisine.
This is my YouTube channel, go to new places, experience culture, cuisine and share my experiences to everyone.
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