Xem Kem hàu sống |Exotic dish “OYSTER ICE CREAM” in "oyster town"

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Kem hàu sống |Exotic dish “OYSTER ICE CREAM” in "oyster town"
Kem hàu sống |Exotic dish “OYSTER ICE CREAM” in "oyster town" thumb Kem hàu sống |Exotic dish “OYSTER ICE CREAM” in "oyster town" thumb Kem hàu sống |Exotic dish “OYSTER ICE CREAM” in "oyster town" thumb


  • Hi, good morning everybody. I'm Khoai.
  • Welcome to Khoai Lang Thang channel
  • I'm at a small town far from the center of Taichung about 30-40km
  • and it's near the sea
  • The specialty of this place is oyster and there are a lot of oyster-related dishes
  • and next I'll show you the scenes people sell oysters
  • I'm riding a bicycle
  • Today, I didn't wear shorts like I used to in Thailand
  • And I rent this bicycle for free
  • the host of the hotel near here, she said that...
  • Feel free to use, I only have to give her the deposit...
  • ...and when I come back to give the bicycle, she'll repay
  • She's so kind
  • I even don't rent the room there
  • Now, I'm going straight
  • and looking for some foods here to eat
  • After that, I will go around for sightseeing
  • Hold on, I'll be back right now
  • The specialty food here is oyster fried with eggs and batter
  • You can see this women is splitting the oysters from their shells
  • All the road is fulfilled with the smell of seafood
  • The smell of sea salt is rushing the nose because it's so close to the sea
  • There is a huge hill of oysters
  • This women is opening the oysters too
  • I'm going along this side
  • oh, there is a farm vehicle
  • It's so loud
  • Here is a car selling asparagus
  • The local people here grow a lot of asparagus
  • I'm going to a restaurant that sell fried oysters
  • fried oysters are so famous here
  • It's about 200m more, it's close alr
  • My bicycle
  • It's cool, right?
  • That restaurant is in here
  • I've just parked in this corner
  • And now I'll get inside and order foods
  • There have been many customers here
  • Wow~
  • There are 3 kinds of cake here
  • One is filled with pork
  • another one is filled with cuttle
  • And the last one is oyster cake
  • I order the oyster one
  • Because it is the most famous here
  • and the pork or the cuttle are quite normal
  • They'll cover a layer of batter below
  • next is the scallion
  • and the filling is put at center
  • then the scallion, finally is another batter layer
  • After that, they will be deep fried
  • You guys can see it's similar with what kind of cake?
  • It's like...
  • ..."bánh vá" (bánh giá) in Vietnam
  • At first the spoon is kept deep into the oil for a moment to form the cake
  • Then when the batter is harder, she'll take the spoon out
  • and start frying
  • The heat is so hot
  • and deep fry like that
  • It will be less oily than frying with little oil
  • There are so many oysters inside
  • I've just ordered a tray of seafood here
  • You can see on the table
  • a couple of oyster cakes
  • inside is the oysters with so much scallion
  • covered with the batter
  • The way of frying here is like what the south-west Vietnam people do...
  • ..."bánh vá", do you know "bánh vá Gò Công"?
  • It's nearly like this
  • and inside is...
  • the oysters
  • oyster, pork or cuttle
  • But I see that the pork and the cuttle ones are so normal.
  • The oyster is the most famous, so I ordered it
  • and this is...
  • clam stir-fried with basil
  • and this is oyster soup
  • cooked with ginger and basil
  • to cleanse taste after eating these oily cakes
  • In Vietnam, with the crunchy cakes like this, they'll roll it with vegetables
  • but in here, they eat less vegetables
  • Because of the high price and their habit
  • So they just eat with a little sauce
  • Here we have "black" and "red" sauce
  • and I will pour Hoisin and chilli sauce into this dish
  • To dip the food in
  • They have cut it in half for us to eat easier
  • In general, I will do like this
  • For everybody can see it more clearly
  • Dip it into the sauce
  • here are the oysters
  • The outer batter is quite soft and spongy
  • it has the flavor of the scallion
  • and the oysters are so rich
  • the oysters here are kinda fresh
  • So when we eat...
  • they're not stinky at all and still so rich
  • and they have the flavor of oysters
  • The oysters are so rich and aromatic
  • and they've already marinated with lots of scallion at first
  • and then they put more scallion inside,
  • so when we eat, the flavor of the scallion is so specific
  • The batter outside is kinda spongy and crunchy
  • However, the inside is still chewy and soft
  • This dish...
  • ...if we wrap it with some vegetables and coriander
  • It would be more tasty, anyways it's so fine when eat like this
  • The second dish I will try here is...
  • Clam stir-fried with ginger and basil
  • the clam here is so special, you can see...
  • ...it has the yellow color, a distinct yellow
  • It looks so fat
  • Clams have their natural salty taste
  • they stir-fried them with ginger
  • The ginger smell is so strong
  • and the smell of basil is lighter
  • I'll eat it with the soup
  • put in a little bit ginger
  • and a basil leaf
  • Actually, I'm basil-addicted
  • The clams are so sweet
  • and they also have the natural salty taste
  • The flavor of ginger and basil is so strong, because I ate them together
  • however...
  • ...it's unsatisfied that they put a little bit of soy sauce into seafood, I don't like that
  • But it's okay, the taste of the seafood is still very distinct
  • And...
  • ...the seafood is so fresh
  • Furthermore, the clam here is chewier than in Vietnam
  • It's chewier
  • and their color is more catchy, just like the clams in the middle of Vietnam
  • Hue, Binh Dinh, Quang Ngai, when we eat the clams, their meat is tenacious like this
  • This is the feature of the clam living in the place that has less alluvial
  • Like in the Southwest area, the clams are...
  • Because of the enriched alluvial, so the clams are more fat
  • and the clams in the middle of Vietnam or...
  • ...somewhere that there's not much alluvial
  • The clams are chewier and firmer
  • Now I'll turn to the 3rd dish
  • is...
  • ...oyster
  • They cooked with some ginger and basil again
  • and there're some pickled mustard greens, which is very special
  • They chopped it finely and put in here
  • I'll scoop some into my bowl
  • The baby oysters look so delicious
  • have some mustard greens and basil too
  • Thanks to the ginger
  • the flavor of ginger makes the clams' flavor more neutral
  • and the soup is very warm
  • They didn't add sugar here, just the natural saltiness of the oysters and seafood
  • and have some slightly sourness of the pickled mustard greens
  • I think it's very intelligent that they put it in, it's just like seafood sour soup
  • The slightly sourness of the pickled mustard greens makes me feel this soup is...
  • ...more frugal
  • The soup is slightly sourness
  • and the oysters are so rich
  • super rich~
  • Because these are baby oysters
  • so I can feel their flavor right on the tip of the tongue
  • Oyster is the speciality of this place
  • Oops...that's right!
  • Oyster is one of the famous specialities of this place
  • This is the must-try here
  • Later on, I'll try some more food about oyster
  • and I hope to see the fisherman who catch oysters
  • Okay? Wait for me a little bit!
  • After eating fried oysters
  • I'm heading to a place that sells a very special dessert
  • This dessert is also related to oyster, I don't know if you can guest what is it
  • It's...
  • ...oyster ice cream
  • Oyster ice cream?
  • This is one of the weirdest dishes
  • But I think...
  • ...this store has sold this for a very long time and so many people want to eat it
  • so maybe this ice cream is very special or very delicious
  • So I decided to try it
  • I just need to go straight forward and cross the bridge to get there
  • This town is kinda small, not too many people live here
  • Can you see there're a lot of councilmen's flags?
  • They're electing, so...
  • Oh there're also some women
  • Each people try their best...
  • ...to impress the local people
  • So people will vote for them
  • So many banners and slogans
  • everywhere
  • This is the oyster ice cream store
  • very famous here
  • Can you see in front of the store?
  • there're a lot of photos of oyster ice cream
  • I'm parking my bicycle in front of the store
  • and get inside
  • This place also has some kinds of normal bingsu
  • only about 75-85 twd
  • And the oyster ones are about 140-150 twd
  • I'll order 1 bowl of oyster ice cream
  • 140 twd
  • It looks so weird
  • This is my oyster ice cream, with some asparagus on top
  • She've just freshly made this
  • Let me...you guys can see closer about this bowl
  • There're about 10-20 oysters on this bowl
  • and the mango bingsu is at the bottom
  • she also added in some asparagus
  • So colorful
  • The yellow mango bingsu, green asparagus
  • and milky white oysters
  • There're also some colorful sprinkles on top
  • I was so curious about this dish
  • and I though I'd never eat this, but today I'll try it
  • Because this store is so famous and crowded
  • so I think there're something special here
  • Let's try it!
  • Hopefully I'll be okay
  • I'll eat both ice cream and oyster, we shouldn't eat only oyster
  • I'm still so nervous right now
  • To be honest
  • I think this is my most stupid decision in my entire life
  • Because...the seafood
  • Oysters are still very fresh and rich
  • But the oyster and mango bingsu, it's just so weird
  • I always think that seafood shouldn't be eaten with ice cream or desserts
  • but here, this is their dessert
  • I know oyster is one of the most famous specialties here
  • but I can't eat this
  • I'll try ice cream with asparagus
  • The asparagus is quite fresh and crunchy
  • they have been blanched with boiling water first
  • But this combination is also weird
  • I think I've known their trick
  • They're trying to mix some unrelated foods together to...
  • ...attract people's curious
  • Taiwan, with around 20 million people
  • Just need one person tried this once, the store would have had a high income
  • Usually, when we eat the seafood,
  • they add many kinds of hot spices like chilli, ginger, lemongrass or coriander
  • Because of the "cooling" feature of the seafood
  • When add "hot" spices like that, it will be balanced, and we'll eat it without stomachache
  • Here, the oyster is already "cooling", however, they added the asparagus
  • Asparagus is also a kind of "cooling" food
  • moreover, eat with ice-cream
  • So this dish according to the Yin-Yang balanced law of our Eastern
  • It's imbalanced
  • It tends to be "cooler"
  • So if you have a poor digestive system, you'll easily...
  • have a stomachache
  • So to me, I think that the owner should add something like ginger...
  • which has "hot" feature in order to balance this dish
  • Now, it's the evening, cooler
  • Here there is an ice-cream store, it's crowded, I'll get in to eat
  • I've just ordered two kinds of ice-cream here
  • One is the ice-cream with...
  • pyramidal glutinous rice cake
  • He's pouring the sugar syrup onto the pyramidal glutinous rice cake
  • After that, he'll add the ice-cream
  • This is one of the most famous ice-cream store in this area
  • The ice-cream looks so clear
  • and lots of ice
  • They serve a bowl like this, it's so huge
  • The special point is that he will empty the center by push the red beans like this
  • and add and egg yolk in there
  • I'm in the ice-cream store, which is very famous in this area
  • And I ordered two big bowls of the ice-cream, very big
  • Is it so attracted?
  • This one on this side is eaten with pyramidal glutinous rice cake
  • and this one here is eaten with red beans and egg yolk
  • It's so special huh? eat with a raw yolk
  • Let take a closer look
  • On top, we can see the white ice-cream
  • This ice-cream has a lot of ice
  • I'll try it
  • uhm~
  • The smell of syrup
  • And it's slightly sweet
  • It's just like pure ice is shaved to be ice-cream
  • And eat it with the "Banh U" below
  • and a little bit of sugar syrup
  • Now, I'll take a little bit ice-cream
  • with a piece of pyramidal glutinous rice cake
  • This cake is really chewy
  • They wrapped it loosely with bamboo leaves, isn't as tightly as like in Vietnam
  • eat with some ice cream here
  • And I'll try
  • This pyramidal glutinous rice cake has been soaked with ash water
  • So the limber level and the smell are similar with "Banh U nuoc tro" of Vietnam
  • It has the fragrance of bamboo leaves
  • However, when they make it, they tie it not so tightly
  • So it's softer and chewier
  • There is the sugar syrup, so sweet
  • added with the cool and the fragrant ice-cream
  • This ice-cream is so "icy"
  • It's just like shaved ice added some syrup
  • One side is cool and ... fluffy
  • One side is limber and soft
  • This is so strange huh? Eating pyramidal glutinous rice cake with ice-cream
  • Uhm~ But thanks to this...
  • Eating even two big pyramidal glutinous rice cakes doesn't make me feel bored,
  • because of the 'cold' ice-cream
  • I saw not only children but also many adults eating this dish
  • And this is the second one I have ordered
  • This is the ice-cream with red beans and a yolk on top
  • You can see below that it's also that ice-cream
  • White ice-cream...
  • is quite "icy" and syrup
  • and some cooked red beans and lima beans
  • And on top, is an egg yolk
  • When we eat, we just need to beat the yolk and mix them together
  • Or if you don't like, you could only beat the yolk and...
  • ...we eat the red beans and ice-cream separately
  • Let me beat the yolk
  • It'll begin to run out
  • And when I eat, I'll take a little bit yolk
  • with a few beans and a piece of ice-cream
  • Here
  • one layer of ice-cream, one layer of beans and the sticky yolk
  • It's so cold~
  • The beans have a very buttery taste
  • and soft
  • the beans are still formed and stable, not friable
  • and the yolk is not stinky at all
  • It's so fragrant and buttery with some condensed milk poured onto it
  • This restaurant has a quite limited seat place
  • So it's just 2-3 tables inside, majority of people take away then go for a walk along this street
  • This street, in the evening, sells a lot of kind of the seafood,...
  • asparagus, and the oysters
  • So when you come here, you can rent a bicycle or just walk
  • In the evening, you can go around and there are many things to buy, they're quite cheap
  • This ice-cream I bought it for 40 twd for one bowl like this
  • It's around 30.000 vnd for one bowl
  • Actually, 2 people eat one bowl, it's reasonable and fine
  • The bowl is quite big
  • When it's mixed up, it's like a sweet gruel with ice
  • After mixing them up together
  • the ice-cream now is really like the shaved ice
  • the usual ice that we put into a sweet gruel
  • the beans are buttery
  • and the smell of the egg yolk is reduced so much
  • It's blended into the beans
  • Now, I'll focus on eating my two own bowls, or it will melt down
  • and then I'll go for a walk around here
  • and find something to buy as well as go to the beach, alright!
  • Here, people usually buy the Popsicle...
  • to hold to eat when they're going
  • And the freezer of this restaurant has a lot of kinds of popsicle with different flavours
  • Goodbye everyone, I'm Khoai
  • Don't forget to subscribe to my channel to watch more videos about travel and eating every week

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Exotic dish in “OYSTER ICE CREAM” in “oyster town”. Travel Taiwan, Taiwan travel guide | Taiwan eating # 14
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After finishing 15 episodes of Taiwan then Khoai will post more videos about Vietnam and Chiang Mai. Thank you, everyone, for your patience.
Today Khoai ride a bicycle around oyster town Phuong Uyen 芳苑 鄉. I borrowed the bicycle from a person I’ve just known, she didn’t take my money, such a perfect start before eating that oyster ice cream.
芳苑 鄉 is located more than 50km south of Taichung, Taiwan. Khoai called this place is “Oyster town” because this is the place in Taiwan that has the most delicious and affordable oysters. Apart from oysters, other kinds of seafood such as clams, sea fish and asparagus are also very popular.
Start with the oyster cake in an old shop. This is a cake with a similar method with “banh va” of Go Cong in Vietnam. The crust of the rice flour batter is crunchy, inside is fresh baby oysters with lots of chives and scallions, which is regrettable that in Taiwan people do not eat many vegetables, but in the West is to bring this bread to eat raw vegetables Head lice.
Restaurant address:
528, Taiwan, Changhua County, Fangyuan Township, 仁愛 巷 3 號

The next dish that Khoai wants to share with everyone is an oyster ice cream... the name is really odd, but the truth it’s really weird. The mango ice cream Bingsu, they put raw oysters and asparagus on top, sprinkle with some sprinkles to add color. Simple as that, it’s a little bit strange to eat because the nature of asparagus, oyster, and ice cream are weldable but there is no warming factor to balance it. It would be better for the shopkeeper to add some ginger syrup to eat with it. This dish, which is easy to chill, but should not be tried, otherwise, Mr. Tao’ll come to visit me immediately.

The shop address for you to try (I am not responsible for your stomachache)
No. 633, Wanggong Section, Fanghan Rd, Fangyuan Township, Changhua County, Taiwan 528

And the end of today's video is another cold dish, because of the oyster ice cream earlier, so Khoai wants to eat another ice cream for relief. Grated ice cream with “ash water pyramidal glutinous rice cake” is quite delicious and strange, the rice cake is wrapped loosely, so it is flexible and soft, and it is served with very cold ice cream.

Restaurant address:
No. 420 號, Wanggong Section, Fanghan Rd, Fangyuan Township, Changhua County, Taiwan 528
I am Khoai. Love traveling and eating.
This is my youtube channel, going to new lands, experiencing culture, cuisine and sharing experiences with everyone.
Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to see more vlogs about travel and food every week.
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