Xem Papers Please: The Musical

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Papers Please: The Musical
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  • (Peter) Welcome to our most glorious nation.
  • Papers, please and we'll get you on your way.
  • Please provide some identification.
  • Tell me now, how long do you plan to stay?
  • (AJ) Please sir, let me through!
  • My family has the flu!
  • They're dying in Arstotzka while I'm stuck in here with you!
  • (Peter) Sir, your state ID
  • is out of date, I see.
  • But since you've implored it, I simply ignore it!
  • The rest seems good to me.
  • Welcome to greatest country, Arstotzka.
  • Papers, please or you will not be allowed.
  • Just a few simple questions to ask ya-
  • I will stamp your passport once these things you have avowed.
  • Is this here your name?
  • Your visa's not the same.
  • (Miss Bird) I changed it only Sunday-
  • (Peter) Where's the proof to back your claim?
  • (Miss Bird) Please, I have not lied!
  • I am a brand new bride.
  • My husband's awaiting consumating!
  • (Peter) Your entry is DENIED.
  • (Miss Bird) Hmph!
  • (Arstotzkan Leaders) We, the leaders of Arstotzka
  • hereby raise security.
  • Every permit must be signed upside-down or you'll be fined.
  • Glory to
  • Arstotzka!
  • You will tear up every visa
  • from a person with a beard.
  • Every woman, child and man
  • from Antegria is banned.
  • Glory to-
  • Glory to
  • Arstotzka!
  • (Peter) Welcome into our beautiful country.
  • Papers, please or I'll have you thrown in jail.
  • Please forgive, I must put this quite bluntly-
  • On this card, it says that you are a male.
  • ("Woman") Oh, I got that changed!
  • I've since been 'rearranged'.
  • (Peter) If you're no man, this body scan
  • sure looks a little strange...
  • ("Woman") Surely this could make
  • it all a small mistake?
  • (Peter) A false alarm, ma'am.
  • Do no harm!
  • ("Woman") I've got some LIVES to take!
  • (Arstotzkan Leaders) In the interest of Arstotzka
  • we impose new protocols. (Explosion and car alarms in the background)
  • Every migrant overweight
  • you must now interrogate
  • Glory to-
  • Glory to
  • Arstotzka!
  • (Rebel) Hey! Yes, you!
  • Do you back the rebellion?
  • 'Gainst the state
  • and its grip upon the land?
  • Vile, corrupt!
  • Truly Machiavellian!
  • Join the revolution!
  • Now's the time to take a stand!
  • (Peter) Listen, sir, you seem
  • suspicious and extreme.
  • (Rebel) It's true, my covert goal's-
  • To overthrow the whole regime!
  • (Peter) Which side should I choose?
  • When either way I lose?
  • My occupation, or my kids and wife?
  • My aspirations, or my worthless life?
  • (Peter) Cause no trouble.
  • (Rebel) I'm a hooded figure, it's what I do!
  • (Peter) Next!
  • Papers, please.
  • (Beard) Oogh!
  • (Peter) Nope!
  • I quit.

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Welcome to Arstotzka! I hope you remembered your papers!
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