Xem Decorating a broken wall with a 3D Pen

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Decorating a broken wall with a 3D Pen
Decorating a broken wall with a 3D Pen thumb Decorating a broken wall with a 3D Pen thumb Decorating a broken wall with a 3D Pen thumb


  • A tall breath-taking cliff as just looking at
  • ...It's... actually... a wall of an apartment.
  • A broken one.
  • I came up with an idea at first glance
  • so I brought my suitcase without exception.
  • (sexy butt)
  • Nowadays, when I see a broken wall
  • I feel like I'm ready to make
  • ...I mean, awesome structures
  • Before we start,
  • let's Chika Chika (sound of brushing teeth & it's a word for kids in Korean)
  • I recommend you to take good care of your teeth
  • ...unless you want a 3D pen implant.
  • Today, I'm gonna make a miniature bungee stand.
  • Insert a metal ruler on the wall to support
  • Then fasten it with filament.
  • and cover the ruler with filament.
  • It's hard to see from the side
  • but I'm making a flat surface.
  • fill them again, but horizontally this time
  • The surface was a bit taller than my height
  • so I decided to move up.
  • ...without realizing, I was on the top.
  • I felt like
  • a gargoiyle guarding the entrance of a dungeon
  • and I'm protecting the entrance of a apartment...
  • You shouldn't.
  • I have to hurry since this is very dangerous.
  • To make it stick to the wall,
  • I made a cradle on top.
  • Draw a line to the end of the stand
  • like a falling bitcoin graph headlong
  • until it reaches the bottom.
  • I repeated it two to three more times to make it harder.
  • Make pillars vertically.
  • I've never tried a bungee jump.
  • What about you?
  • In fact, I'm not interested.
  • ...I just asked cause I had nothing to say.
  • If the structure is quite done,
  • Pull out the ruler.
  • And make another cradle on the bottom too.
  • Finish it by adding a roof at the end.
  • In fact, I already made a bungee jumping guy yesterday.
  • Add details with a tiny brush.
  • Make him a scaring Adidas fanboy.
  • Now it's time to attach them.
  • Make bungee rope with filament
  • and attach the bungee jumping guy.
  • Bungee jumping Adidas fanboy on red bungee stand,
  • It's finished.
  • "If anyone needs my help.."
  • "Don't worry, just count on me."
  • "Adida-di-do-dis." (It's a kind of Korean joke. The sound of 'Adidas' is similar with Adios. So that means Adios. hahah)
  • For those of you who want to see my artwork,
  • You can visit Seodaejeon station
  • Jupp, it´s gone.
  • It disappeared on the next day.
  • Thank you.
  • I've been Sanago.
  • 자막 제작: Delphox 반복적 표현 사용을 피하기 위한 의역이 일부 존재합니다.

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Decorating a broken wall with a 3D Pen

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