Xem [ Pen turning ] Making Fountainpen / Silver,Gold,Wood

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[ Pen turning ] Making Fountainpen / Silver,Gold,Wood
[ Pen turning ] Making Fountainpen / Silver,Gold,Wood thumb [ Pen turning ] Making Fountainpen / Silver,Gold,Wood thumb [ Pen turning ] Making Fountainpen / Silver,Gold,Wood thumb


  • Pure Silver 95% + Copper 5% Rate Make accurate measurements
  • Heat it with oxygen + LPG gas torch Alloy (dissolve)
  • After applying heat, Be sure to do acid washing
  • Dilute at a rate of 90% water + 10% sulfuric acid solution, Warm it up and use it
  • In the silver bullion state which melted silver, Basic forging must be done
  • To make the silver tissue fine To prevent it from splitting
  • Heat the hardened silver material after processing Make it soft
  • This operation is called "Annealing"
  • Annealing of "non-ferrous metals" means that Unlike "Quenching" or "Tempering",
  • Cools regardless of temperature or speed
  • Roll pressing the silver plate on the electric roller
  • When using an electric roller, Never wear gloves. It's dangerous
  • Until you get the right size and thickness, I roll repeatedly
  • The hammerhead's texture is made from corrosion.
  • Hit freely, Create your own unique texture
  • I wear so nice clothes I think you're dazzling. Ha Ha Ha ...
  • When sawing We recommend keeping it vertical
  • Collect silver powder Can be melted back and utilized as silver
  • So that the texture of the surface Utilizes wood hammers, plastic hammers, urethane hammers, etc.
  • What I apply when soldering is borax(Flux)
  • While cleaning the parts to be soldered, It makes the flow of solder easier.
  • Flexible shaft (hand piece) Power tool used for trimming or polishing
  • You can use various tools of constant thickness,
  • It is convenient because it is easy to insert and remove
  • Sculpt freely on top of the texture
  • Made of pure gold with paper thickness In Korea, it's called "kumboo--gold foil."
  • Kumboo is made by attaching a thermal fusion method on silver, It is a Korean traditional craft technique that has been handed down for a long time.
  • It's similar to the traditional overlay, Heated without media such as solder,
  • Korea's unique way of working
  • Dissolve in boiled water and dye (color)
  • Pure gold is not dyed It penetrates a little to the surface of silver and becomes black dyeing (coloring)
  • Properly surface treated with 3M scrubber
  • Is to determine the finish just by the sense of the hand. Work carefully and meticulously
  • According to the hand sense of the worker Quality is an important task
  • Red wood Amboyna burl cutting
  • Black wood Mpingo Cutting
  • My little studio !! Hmmm...
  • 1st process
  • RPM is maintained at 2500 ~ 3000
  • Without attaching accessories to the brass tube The primary reason for doing this first is,
  • In the tree state of the rectangle Because it's hard to see the final pattern,
  • Later, silver ornaments and wood patterns To combine them in the best direction.
  • Glue using a viscous instant adhesive
  • The glue I used "AXIA 268"
  • Because this adhesive takes a long time to harden, I like it because I have time to work
  • And it is very strong
  • Be careful not to apply too much, It is also important to apply the right amount
  • Trimming is a must
  • Brass tube inserted inside Drill only until it's shiny
  • Carefully shave little by little
  • Rough sanding process is omitted
  • Sanding in zigzag order
  • # 800 ~ # 1200 sanding also omitted
  • We utilized vegetable oil (camellia oil)
  • With coatings and finishes
  • Without excessive force, Finish with very light touch
  • The nip of the fountain pen is not plated Gold nib made of 75% pure gold (18k)
  • Thank you for watching!

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[ Pen turning ] Making Fountainpen / Silver,Gold,Wood
This is a video of making a handmade silver fountain pen.
I melted the silver and decorated it with pure gold,
I made a fountain pen using the rare special wood.
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