Xem NBA Fans Making Half Court Shots For Money/Cars Compilation

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NBA Fans Making Half Court Shots For Money/Cars Compilation
NBA Fans Making Half Court Shots For Money/Cars Compilation thumb NBA Fans Making Half Court Shots For Money/Cars Compilation thumb NBA Fans Making Half Court Shots For Money/Cars Compilation thumb


  • This is $20,000 on the line right here man. Can he do it I?
  • Think he can do it. I need that robo drum roll
  • All right, Tony whenever you ready
  • but
  • oh
  • and
  • the crowd going crazy
  • as
  • We have a winner in the Midfirst bank half-court shot contest
  • The tenth in thunder history, just fell out crowd is on its feet roaring its approval
  • Three to be sued for $1,000 how you feel about it good think you're Gonna make it oh
  • He's got a jock ladies and gentlemen give it up for Kevin to
  • $4,000 oh
  • oh
  • Oh, I hope
  • I
  • Gotta check with the judges to see if I spare, but ladies and gentlemen give it up for Kevin one job
  • Ryan Can't read back to you
  • And they were tonight's
  • Contestant Gerald now once we give you the ball you can shoot it any way you want to keep those feet behind the line when
  • You let go come on man left your girls on to
  • $95,000
  • Here we go five g's make boom knowing we want you to with it Patrick
  • Yes, yes
  • ladies and gentlemen yes
  • Cara PSW luxury, let's hear it come on protected
  • here is
  • One shot
  • Brand-new
  • What?
  • The rocks out of the hat was coming from Sean Kelly the tent down and the Garden goes gravy
  • How about this he missed the layup for ten buck?
  • Airborne a free throw 400
  • Air balls of three for a thousand and then hit that
  • That is the shape and a zero contest at halftime and that is your garage shot of that
  • Back down to you say French alright, john no space upstairs it all comes down to this take that shot when you're ready
  • Here we go fans. Give it up for them
  • beautiful a brand new car for both labor believe me honey feel
  • Heat ass tonight in the yellow sweater
  • What'd he do to get a hook like a from abroad joseph over to go?
  • He just won
  • $75,000 without good running his shine. Oh my he probably enjoyed the hug bye Lebron boy did the money?
  • Skyhook in American Airlines Arena history, and maybe the greatest hug down oh man
  • carne
  • Here she goes go for a girl
  • Pam well, I didn't touch the rim heart from half-court. It was a heck of a shot celebrating with dirt JJ. Wesley Matthew
  • Some fun stuff right there. I tell you what she's got to be feeling good I
  • Think by the hole-in-one. I have a job for spinkle ago. She said got it. She's played some basketball at her tail
  • Look at that. Oh
  • Good shot. Oh
  • Yeah
  • Wow
  • $3,000 back down
  • Barb oh
  • You're going to choose the free-throw for 500 3.4. Thousand or half-court for 5000 wait City 2%
  • Therefore you don't have court make some noise for going for the big money. Let's go
  • Let's go
  • Nice, man. What do you say? He's a confident young man?
  • He fix it and win this one for
  • Seventy seven thousand seven hundred seventy seven dollars a little luck a little love for gorilla all right Jim
  • When you're ready buddy, let's do this thing
  • oh
  • rubbers
  • One shot from half-court for a brand New Toyota let's make some noise for Daniel
  • Yes, sir
  • Daniel yay
  • Daniel just won himself a brand new
  • City baby
  • Jeep renegade, how are you feeling and who are you gonna get shout out super this little nervous
  • I'm going to shout out to my fiance Lonnie. We just got engaged weekend
  • Congratulations. Well this is for lonnie. Here is your mark right here. There's your net you got 19,000 fans get a drumroll for you now
  • Come on guys let him hear you
  • You want to treat for a car from half-Court? You don't have to be vince carter Matt Barnes or zach randolph whoo whoo?
  • Get that man a car
  • For when he wants to shoot at half-court. He's going for the full meal deal
  • Right here for two round-trip tickets anywhere Southwest Airlines flies, here's todd from camby oh
  • my goodness gracious
  • right under bag
  • Unbelievable, that's awesome. All right. God all right get it down to the line
  • All right
  • Alan Alan from Madras tough Act to follow where do you want to go? He wants half-court again? He saw Todd do it
  • He's going to do it too. Here's alan from Madras. Oh
  • My goodness gracious are you kidding me two for two?
  • unbelievable
  • Wow, all right?

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