Xem VÂN SƠN vào bếp làm TÔM HÙM CANADA khiến danh hài Lê Huỳnh phải trố mắt vì quá ngon

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VÂN SƠN vào bếp làm TÔM HÙM CANADA khiến danh hài Lê Huỳnh phải trố mắt vì quá ngon
VÂN SƠN vào bếp làm TÔM HÙM CANADA khiến danh hài Lê Huỳnh phải trố mắt vì quá ngon thumb VÂN SƠN vào bếp làm TÔM HÙM CANADA khiến danh hài Lê Huỳnh phải trố mắt vì quá ngon thumb VÂN SƠN vào bếp làm TÔM HÙM CANADA khiến danh hài Lê Huỳnh phải trố mắt vì quá ngon thumb


  • Greetings to all of my audiences
  • Ever since the video that I've made about rib eye steak
  • It was well received from all of you guys
  • We've reached 3 - 4 thousand views in just a few days
  • and there's a lot of comments and opinions about the steak that I've made
  • Today, I'll follow a request from you guys
  • which is to make a Pop Louge's lobster dish
  • I'm currently at Pop Lounge restaurant and standing in front of the lobster tank
  • May I talk about the lobster for a bit
  • Us Vietnamese usually call this Canadian/American lobster or great claws lobster
  • because it has big claws
  • This lobster can be found in some countries that have cold sea
  • They can only live in cold sea such as Europe
  • as well as the US and Canada
  • But the US and Canada are the most famous
  • Currently, Canada held 60% of all of the lobster export markets and the US is 40%
  • These lobster are exported every year by the US and brought back 3-4 billion USD
  • We can see the value and the popularity of these lobster
  • Therefore, lobsters from different countries have their own speciality
  • For example, the ones from Europe might be smaller
  • and the ones from the US are considered to be the largest
  • Because there are ones weigh 9 - 10 kilos that have been caught
  • Lobsters from Canada live in a much deeper and colder ocean
  • they are considered to be one of the tastiest lobsters in the world
  • thanks to their living environment
  • Currently at Pop Lounge, we have some lobsters from Canada
  • specifically from Nova Croatia
  • whose speciallity is lobster export
  • For a lobster to reach the weight of 450g or around half a kilo
  • it needs 10 years, living and eating small creature under the ocean
  • After 10 years, it became fully grown and reach the weight of 450g
  • so when we eat a 4 - 5 kilos lobster, that means it has lived for 30 - 40 years
  • If you guys want to eat 4 - 5 kilos lobster, please call us in advance
  • we'll order and cook them for you
  • If not, we still have some 1,5 - 3 kilos that are frequently available
  • Today I'll make some dishes out of this lobster
  • following you guys requests
  • Pop Lounge's lobster can be made into 4 - 5 dishes
  • Such as lobster with butter garlic sauce or stir fry lobster with noodles
  • steam lobster or deep fry lobster with salt and garlic
  • or fried lobster with tamarind
  • I'll divide one lobster into two dishes
  • which can be made easily by using available ingredients
  • if we did the lobster with butter garlic sauce, it would be kinda difficult
  • plus there are some ingredients I bought in the US which is not available in Vietnam
  • If you want to try lobster with butter garlic sauce, come to Pop Lounge!
  • Let me catch the lobster, I think this would weigh around 2 kilos
  • There are two types of lobster in here, male and female
  • The meat of the male is firmer and the claws are bigger
  • the female has eggs and delicious brick
  • If you want to eat eggs and brick, then choose the female
  • if you want to eat a lot of firm meat, then choose the male
  • To distinguish the male and the female, we look at their claws
  • If it's small, it's a female. If it's big, it's a male
  • Or we can turn them upside down and look at their tummy
  • If it has fur on the tummy, then it's a female
  • That fur is for laying eggs and protecting the eggs
  • So, here's a female, this is a female as well. There's only one male
  • Let's catch the male
  • This is a male lobster, as you can see its claws are huge
  • and there's no fur on the tummy
  • look at how strong it is!
  • Ok, let's make some dishes out of this lobster
  • One half is for steaming with butter as dipping sauce
  • The other half is for deep frying with salt and garlic
  • These two dishes are very simple to make at home
  • follow me
  • This is the lobster, how can we break it open?
  • There are some people want to eat the blood, then poke a hole in the middle of the tummy
  • the blood will come out
  • if not, to make it easier, there's a spot on its head
  • Ok, it's gone
  • The blood is oozing out, if you want to eat it then keep it
  • This is the brick, and this is the meat
  • it's so silky, beautiful
  • This half is for steaming, and this half is for deep frying
  • For deep frying, we need to break it down a bit more
  • This is how to break this claw
  • Hold it like this, and split this part in half
  • This is for deep frying
  • For the legs, we can just cut it
  • please don't waste this
  • when we done deep frying it, it would be super tasty
  • For steaming, just leave it as it is
  • and for the claws, we should break it down to make eating easier
  • Looking good
  • Sprinkle some salt
  • Don't put too much salt because the meat is salty enough
  • The same with flour, sprinkle on the meat, not the shells
  • This helps retaining its sweetness and all of the great flavour came with the garlic when deep frying
  • If you put flour all over the shells, it will burn when it hits the hot pan
  • so just put it on the meat part, ok?
  • We're going to steam this half
  • for steaming, we don't really need much ingredients
  • some slices of ginger
  • lots of scallion
  • and some black pepper
  • Alright, now we steam it
  • We don't have to wait long, 8 minutes is enough
  • After 8 minutes, we will have a tasty dish of steam lobster
  • While waiting for this to steam, lets make deep fry lobster
  • I have here some garlic
  • around 100g of minced garlic
  • I'll put it to this hot pan
  • just like this
  • Wait for it to became golden brown which is really quick
  • just put it in for 15 second and immediately take it out, or else it will burn
  • Save it for the final step
  • I have coated this with flour already
  • this is to seal in all of its naturally sweetness
  • and also to keep all of the flavour from the garlic and salt
  • Lets put this in here
  • This only need around 1 and a half minutes to be done
  • if you put longer than that, the lobster will become dry and hard to eat
  • remember that we can eat this raw so don't be afraid if it's fully cooked or not
  • Looking good, can I have a bowl for mixing please
  • Look at this! It looks so tasty
  • drain the oil well
  • After draining the oil, put it in a mixing bowl and sprinkle in some salt
  • a little bit of salt and a little bit of sugar
  • and also put in the garlic from earlier
  • Toss it to mix
  • The oil that we use to fry the garlic from earlier has now sucked into the lobster
  • plus the golden garlic, this is enough
  • Lets plate it up
  • Put the garlic here
  • After 8 minutes, it's done steaming
  • This broth is super good, lets drizzle some on the lobster
  • This is deep fry lobster with salt and garlic
  • the crew is drooling, ah it smells so good
  • For this dish, we only need some salt and pepper, squeeze in a piece of lime, and it's perfect
  • And this
  • This is steamed lobster with scallion and ginger
  • this must come with this sauce
  • This is butter
  • either salted or unsalted it's fine
  • put it in the microwave to melt
  • For salted butter, put in less salt. For unsalted butter, put in more salt
  • then whisk it up and sprinkle in some pepper with some lime wedges next to it
  • we squeeze in the lime and use it as dipping sauce
  • Today, I have a friend came over to enjoy these dishes
  • I'll introduce them to you guys
  • And now, this lobster was made into 2 dishes
  • the first is deep fry lobster and the second is steam lobster
  • Today, I invited a friend of mine to come and enjoy these dishes
  • ladies and gentlemans, may I introduce you to Le Huynh
  • together with his wife
  • - What is it? - Swallowing my saliva
  • He made two of my favorite dishes
  • sitting out here smelling all of the wonderful smell, I can't stop drooling
  • Now it's already infront of me, I have to eat it
  • At Pop Lounge, the steak is incredible, and now the lobster
  • if you can smell the smell right now, you hardly can resist
  • What more do we have today, stir fry lobster?
  • Technically, I was going to invite you to eat some steak because steak is nutritious
  • Nutritions for people with age
  • but you, despite being quite old, you have a young wife
  • Having a young wife that's mean you have to have lobster
  • This lobster is far more tastier than steak
  • Let's dig in
  • Firstly, we have to try the deep fry lobster first
  • Let me tell you this, after having this wonderful meal, I want to have some fun tonight
  • Let's try it, I can't stop drooling
  • Use the fork and pierce it through the meat
  • It's all meat! what do we dip it with?
  • This deep fry lobster is flavourful on its own so we don't really need to dip here
  • It's super tasty!
  • Let me tell you this, ouside that glass, people are watching is enjoying this
  • Some people are asleep, after watching this, their stomach won't allow them to sleep
  • Usually, when it's bedtime and you're watching this show, you won't be able to sleep
  • you'll have to make instant ramen
  • I'm like that all the time
  • I'll eat this right now, remember the garlic oil that we use for deep frying our lobster?
  • it had fully infuse into the lobster
  • I cannot be said into words
  • I'm drooling again, let's have another bite
  • I'll eat more, sorry to anyone that couldn't sleep because of this
  • You'll have a stomachache if you it continuously like that, have some whine
  • Have some white whine
  • White whine is for seafood and red whine is for steak
  • The lobster meat is so sweat, chewy and firm
  • because it's wild caught
  • it's impossible to breed it
  • Other shrimp can be captive bred, but not this one
  • You guys are cursing us
  • Let's try the other one
  • May I hold this with my hands
  • This is the claw, it's almost a kilo
  • I've pre-open the shells before
  • Look at this meat, it's from a male lobster
  • That's why the claws are so big
  • Appearently, it did weigh lifting, look at that muscle!
  • This lobster had gone out and fight everyday, that's why the claws are so big
  • it was fighting with another male to have a female
  • that's why the claws need to be big, for fighting
  • The claws of the female are much smaller but it's tastier
  • because it has brick and eggs
  • We can eat both male and female of this lobster, unlike crab that we only eat the male
  • Ok, let's try this next
  • Ladies first
  • Let me tell you this, use this as the dipping sauce
  • This sauce is butter that have been melted in the microwave and seasoned with salt and pepper
  • and specially, squeeze in some lime
  • Try it
  • That's how you do it
  • The meat smells amazing!
  • I'll eat the claw next
  • Unbelievably good!
  • Dip in the butter
  • can you see how the butter is embracing the lobster?
  • When you eat it, you have to smell it first
  • After that, we eat
  • Van Son taught you how to cook this before right?
  • now Le Huynh will show you how to eat, so that when people look at us, they will crave
  • First dip into the butter, sqirl it around, then look into the meat
  • and we start put it in our mouth
  • the butter smell fuse into the meat together with all the spices
  • OH MY GOD!!
  • You'll get beat up after this video
  • This is its legs
  • I've cut a line before cooking so you can easily pop the meat out
  • there are many people who discard this so we have to think ahead when preparing it
  • There's a lot of meat in here!
  • look at this! it's almost a kilo
  • Dip into the butter
  • When you crave for lobster, come to Pop Lounge!
  • There are 4 - 5 dishes, only 2 today though
  • Today we made deep fry lobster and steam lobster
  • Thank you for watching today's episode
  • I'll try to make videos every week and introduce Pop Lounge's meal every week
  • If you like my contents, please hit subscribe
  • See you all, thank you Le Huynh
  • Come to Pop Lounge to have a phenomenon lobster and steak

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