Xem Here’s Why I Want to Buy This Lexus

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Here’s Why I Want to Buy This Lexus
Here’s Why I Want to Buy This Lexus thumb Here’s Why I Want to Buy This Lexus thumb Here’s Why I Want to Buy This Lexus thumb


  • rev up your engines, today I'm gonna tell you why the gs350 are really good cars
  • though most people say these are very good-looking cars with an exception here
  • great candy apple red but they painted the aluminum car here and it's coming
  • off on head side and on that side I mean that's kind of crazy he's my wife's
  • Lexus that's eight years older and the rubber molding is still in pretty good
  • shape and looks fine they shouldn't have done that really curse has the chrome
  • plated sure it's plastic but it's chrome-plated plastic handles it still
  • look good where this has the painted hand also as you can see they're ready
  • getting a little bit chipped here hey I like the chrome ones myself now as you
  • can see as we go over to the car there's the rear differential
  • this baby is rear wheel drive a classic car as you can see inside the front
  • wheel there's no dry shaft here this isn't front-wheel drive this is
  • rear-wheel drive only it has a legendary Toyota v6 engines that are known for
  • lasting forever but at the same time it puts out 305 horsepower really reliable
  • horsepower it's a quick fun car to drive around in an ad respect for my many
  • years experience of working on cars with these you're better with the v6 305 a
  • lot of horsepower you buy a Lexus with the v8 engine they cost more to fix
  • they're harder to work on especially if they're all-wheel drive versions as an
  • example I could change the starter and this thing out in about 45 minutes if it
  • had been a v8 Toyota Lexus engine I would have to pull the intake manifold
  • off it would have taken me hours and hours and cost the customer a small
  • fortune because of the design the engine not my little cramped in here
  • buy really that's just a bunch of plastic beauty covers bunch of nonsense as far
  • as I'm concerned you can see nobody ever even put this on tight the clips are all
  • gone it's just sitting there, we'll even take this stupid beauty cover off now
  • that that stuff is taken off you can see it's relatively easy to work on too, not that
  • they need work very often there's 3 spark plugs are just on the top very
  • easy to get to on the other side they're in the same position all you got to do
  • is take off the rubber intake duct that's all then you can get to all those
  • three spark plugs it's a real easy engine to work on putting in here like I
  • worn on the back they painted it and the paint came off why didn't they
  • just leave it nice and silver I think it looked better with the silver against
  • the red then all red and then the pink comes off she just loved it silver it
  • looks perfectly fine silver you're really you kind of wonder if you look at
  • the door it's got the chrome going around it they
  • should've just after the chrome up here instead of painting that stupid piece, now
  • this baby's got 139,000 miles on it it still runs like a top
  • she's got all the bells and whistles that modern luxury cars have really
  • comfortable seats lots of room in the back the obligatory sunroof of course
  • they're totally useless here in Houston because it's so hot you never want to
  • open the things now I do have to say it as the usual Lexus faded plastic
  • headlamps they do tend to make them too cheap but you can get aftermarket ones
  • but the overall look and power and a ride and a four-door sedan you really
  • can't beat it at the price that these things go for especially use not some
  • guys like the Acura is better some guys like the infinitis better but not a
  • little hold up like these Lexus is doing the infinities their money pits when
  • they get to be 10 years old 11 years old over a hundred thousand miles the acuras
  • are somewhat better but they still won't hold up as long and break down as little
  • as one of these Lexus's with a v6 engine one and of course it's got a decent
  • sized trunk that goes in deep too, these things were well thought out of course
  • the lexuses they're known for quality this thing has the six-speed Automatic transmission
  • one of the best they ever made and it's v6 engine same thing they can just run
  • I've seen these things with four hundred thousand miles on a the original engine
  • original transjmission still drove and shifted like a dream
  • they're not like anything of those crazy German luxury cars here's the air filter
  • one two three four, that' how easy you can change it the battery is even easy to get to
  • it's right there you know does it take half the car on like some another
  • Porsche SUV you got to take the driver's seat out to change the battery this
  • thing whoop in and out it goes easy to change and me I love the old
  • style grills I can't stand those new why wide-open scowling mouth ones I think
  • they're ridiculous but everybody's use them I would rather have this car than a
  • brand new one to tell you the truth for how it looks now these cars do have one
  • big problem is if you buy a new they're really expensive and good use one still
  • go for quite a bit of money you can save quite a bit buying them use but you're
  • still gonna pay quite a bit because they're popular they're rear-wheel drive
  • and they're Lexus's that can run forever really the truth of the matter with its
  • being rear-wheel drive v6 customer wants to sell this car Scotty's gonna buy it
  • because I miss driving a rear-wheel drive car I like my wife's Lexus it's an
  • ES 300 but it's front-wheel drive it does tend to oversteer sure it rides
  • great but this thing is a lot more fun to drive yes just as dependable as a
  • rolled one is you can't go wrong with one of these GS 350, so if you never want
  • to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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