Xem Detective Pikachu the Musical (Live Action Parody)

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  • Yeah? PHONE: Someone's been killed!
  • What?!
  • A murder! PHONE: I-It's a Clefairy I think!
  • Don't worry! Detective Pikachu is on the case.
  • Ah
  • Poor hombre, you didn't die well...
  • Somebody didn't like the last song you were singin'!
  • Huh? What are you?
  • What the...?
  • You weren't alone were ya pal?
  • POLICE RADIO: [in the distance] Calling all units, we have eyes on the suspect.
  • I gotta go!
  • We better not meet again, or you'll have a worse Pikachu to deal with!
  • I need new pants!
  • And make them double.
  • OAK: There's only one suspect I could think of who could make this.
  • PIKACHU: Yeah, and I'm about to crash his costume party.
  • I don't get it.
  • [sigh]
  • Holy moltres!
  • He's been under my nose the whole time!
  • I gotta go!
  • Amateurs.
  • [♪]
  • ♪ Miiiiiimiiiikyu! ♪
  • ♪ Mimikyu! ♪
  • ♪ Mimikyutkyutkyu ♪
  • PIKACHU: Hold it right there you song stealing rat!
  • Kyu?
  • PIKACHU: Yeah that's right! The jig is up and i'm bringing you in on counts of murder, copyright infringement and impersonating a great detective!
  • Kyu!!
  • Hey! Watch your language you punk!
  • That's it! You're under arrest!
  • Nyah! Where are your hands at?
  • Ha, I bet they're under here!
  • [scream of terror]
  • Now that I brought a dangerous criminal to justice,
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Detective Pikachu has a killer case on his hands in this murder-musical!
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I found the local lowlifes
laying low inside their lair...
"You crooks were at the crime scene,
and you left behind your hair!"

"We tried to catch a Pikachu-"
"-until it went berzerk!"
"That alibi's not flying, pal.
"Your story doesn't work!"

"I combed the place, believe me!
Not a Pika print in sight!"
"Perhaps he wore some Pikashoes
to hide them?" "That's not right!"

"I need you to do better..."
"It was sallow-skinned and scary!"
"Then draw me what you saw,
because I think it killed Clefairy!"

"Eyes so cold and dead... and a tail that was crooked and jaggy...
Cheeks were smeared and red... Its physique was impressively saggy..."

In a rut! Don't know what to do!
Call Detective Pikachu!
He'll uncover any clue
to solve all your cases!

He can sniff out a lie like that
In his cute super-sleuthing hat!
He's a tough little gumshoe rat
who holds all the aces!

I paid a little visit
to my friend at Poké U.
If a culprit was on campus,
he would know exactly who.

"I've got a couple questions
'bout a sinister transgressor."
"Are they a boy or girl?"
asked the Pokemon Professor.

"It's possible they're neither,
based on eye-witness description.
This drawing's all we've got
to get our criminal conviction."

I asked him to examine it,
and tell me all he could.
"This picture," said Professor Oak,
"...is not very good."

"Could this change your mind?" "Yes, this image has gotten much finer!
This was well-designed by a Pokemon costume designer!"

In a rut! Don't know what to do!
Call Detective Pikachu!
He'll uncover any clue
to solve all your cases!

He can sniff out a lie like that
In his cute super-sleuthing hat!
He's a tough little gumshoe rat
who holds all the aces!

"Your twisted game is over, pal.
I'm giving you one chance
to take that stupid mask off,
or else you and I will dance!"

Zubatman sulked a moment
like his feelings had been hurt.
"Well, since I'm feeling generous,
I guess I'll spill the dirt.

I solved this case already,
so here's your final clue:
the killer's costume
was to MIMIC YOU!

At the scene, did you check the ground?
Not a Pikachu print was found.
Something else left its prints around,
betraying its gimmick!

Rocket's sketch seemed a bit obtuse,
but it served to help me deduce
that the Pokemon on the loose
was simply a Mimikyu!


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