Xem "Cuz I Got Mined" PVZ Song | AfroMan Parody | FREE DOWNLOAD!

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  • yo I gotta level with you guys anything
  • else having this problem I walk onto Lux
  • before I got mom used to run straight in
  • the battle now I won't even fight
  • watching the sunset no I won't go
  • outside yeah why because we got magic
  • because we got mine because we got my I
  • thought it was a plum potato because it
  • looked too ripe yes that was quite
  • studio me really only our go to the
  • gourd my big appetizers just starving I
  • was so freaking hungry then I took a
  • bite and then we got mine and then we
  • got mine
  • and then we got my
  • I was gonna check up a slow before I got
  • my toes press big batch of homemade
  • chips or maybe some fries that would
  • have been the explosion me away now look
  • at me fly potato mine a potato mine a
  • potato mom take it away Pat fan I was
  • gonna capture their garden until I got
  • mine is coming in a balloon treehouse
  • then I got mine first garden and I don't
  • know why yeah yeah cuz I got mind cuz I
  • got mind cuz I got mine BAM you'll be so
  • hard on yourself it was low that way
  • yeah well okay very good to Bella
  • sorry about this no hard feelings but I
  • remember being zombies and all round
  • have to eat you now so goodbye
  • you

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This parody idea came from the brilliant patfan8326. Hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording it LOLRZ!!!!!

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