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  • You guys must have known which one came first, right? The chicken or the egg? *cluck
  • Today I want to ask you a question not related to chicken
  • but related to fish! That is *cluck*... That is *cluck*... That is...
  • Aaaaaarrghhhhhh~~~~~!!!!!
  • Do fish lays eggs or give birth to its babies?
  • If you know, please comment below *cluck cluck*
  • And today I'll make a dish related to fish and chicken egg too
  • Tamaku... koku...gegan hen???????????? - No, TAMAGO KAKE GOHAN! Again!
  • Tamaku... kaku... - Nevermind!
  • In Vietnamese, it is "Rice mixed with raw egg" - Ohhhhhh!
  • However, today I'll use not only chicken eggs
  • but also salmon roe! Right here, salmon roe.
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  • Now, let's do it!
  • This one doesn't cluck! This one does!!
  • First, you need a bowl, then with a snap of your finger,.. *snap*
  • Rice will be here!
  • Amazing, isn't it? Rice is here!!!
  • Now, I will crack an egg on this plate of rice!
  • Now we have rice, we will smash a chicken and put it in!
  • - What the hell? - Done! Smash a chicken and put it in!
  • By "smash" I meant "crack an egg of a chicken"
  • Oh? So just tell it to lay an egg for us!
  • Lay an egg!!!!! - Ohhh!!! So cool!
  • Now, let's crack this egg into the bowl!
  • This is RAW EGG. - Wowwww~ Wait Banana!
  • - What? - Why raw egg but now cooked one?
  • Because Japanese people eat raw food which provides more nutrition.
  • In particular, Japanese people love raw food.
  • - Wowww~ - But we are Vietnamese. We need to fry it up.
  • - Yea, so we just fry it now? - Just kidding!
  • Next, we put the salmon roe in, as it is good for our health
  • It helps improve sight, reduce cholesterol as well as fat.
  • - I specially make this just for you Mazk. - Thank youuuuuuu!
  • - Let's put it in! - I heard that this salmon roe was taken...
  • - from the biggest salmons in Atlantic. Do you know where it is?
  • - Where? - Somewhere in Binh Duong, I heard.
  • - Aaa! Binh Duong is the place of Tho Nguyen, isn't it? Ta daaa
  • OK guys, so now we have finished the...
  • "Rice mixed with Raw Egg... and Salmon Roe"
  • Remember that these first brood eggs are
  • more nutritious, not sickly.
  • Now, let's mix them up and have a taste!
  • Banana, pick up my saliva.
  • How do you feel to taste the salmon roe only?
  • It is melting in my mouth.
  • I think we should taste it with some rice, it's going to be delicious.
  • There is rice underneath.
  • Take a piece of egg, break the yolk.
  • - How is it? Tell me. - Hmmm, very greasy. Try mixing it up and have a taste.
  • The salmon roe is already salty, so we don't need to add soy sauce.
  • Amazing taste. I've never tried anything this good.
  • I can't believe that this dish is delicious. The salmon roe and first-brood eggs are not smelly at all.
  • It doesn't feel gross in the mouth.
  • I guess this is not an option for someone who cannot eat raw food.
  • Hey, Banana! Let's try a "Raw-all" some time.
  • No need to cook the rice, we'll eat the raw rice too.
  • Raw rice? (uh hm?) I'm not a chicken!
  • I'm not a chicken guys. Only Mazk can eat raw rice! *cluck*
  • What now? Sick of it yet?
  • The more you eat, the more weight you lose. It's fat. I mean fish-oil. =))
  • - Is it good Mazk? - It is!
  • Then finish it all! I cannot handle this. Good luck Mazk!
  • It must be delicious, guys. Mazk just keeps eating. Watch him!
  • - Ooorrggh! - What's wrong? You said it was good. Why do you stop in the middle?
  • The salmon roe is good, but this is raw, I am not used to it.
  • The rice is getting cold as well.
  • Aaa, so the Japanese style does not suit you.
  • Yea I cannot eat like a Japanese.
  • I'm Vietnamese so let's try in the Vietnamese way.
  • What do you mean Vietnamese way? How do you want it?
  • Let's make an omelette
  • Alright, you want the Vietnamese style, I'll give it to you.
  • Let's fry the rice up!
  • OK, let's fry it up!
  • If it tastes good, I'll run a restaurant competing with Pew.
  • "Banana Fried Rice". Now let's keep frying.
  • - One more egg, Mazk! - Okayy!
  • Move away, move away!
  • Ooohhh! Looks nice!
  • It smells much better.
  • OMG, with some soy sauce, it will be super good. - Really?
  • OK, the rice is cooked now.
  • I'll put it on a plate to cool down and let Mazk taste it!
  • One more egg, guys. It will be even more tasty.
  • So I have turned "Rice with Raw Egg" to "Rice with Cooked Egg" with Vietnamese style.
  • Ohhhh the smell is just too good. It is true that cooked food is always better.
  • Now I and Mazk will try it out.
  • Let's add some chili sauce
  • - Make it look good! - A heart shape right here!
  • And a banana shape!
  • - What kind of heart is it? - Here it is!
  • This is number 9, not a banana!
  • It's a heart! Here! Look guys! A heart, isn' it?
  • And now, let's eat!
  • Aaahhh, guys, look at this.
  • - Aaahh, it smells so good. How is it? - I can eat it now!!!
  • - It tastes much better, doesn't it?
  • - Number 1 !!!
  • The taste of salmon roe is mixed perfectly with the rice
  • It sinks in the rice.
  • This is called "Japan culture blended with Vietnam"
  • People say that there's nothing called bad dish, just bad cook.
  • It is lucky that Banana can't cook at the beginning, now you can! So good!! Number 1! More sauce!
  • You eat like a horse! Oh Lord he ate up, guys.
  • Done!
  • - So what now? Do you like Japanese or Vietnamese food?
  • Vietnam is the champion!!
  • What about you guys? Do you prefer Japanese or Vietnames food?
  • Let me know with the comments below!
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