Xem FAPtv Cơm Nguội: Tập 207 - Tôi Chỉ Sống Một Lần

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FAPtv Cơm Nguội: Tập 207 - Tôi Chỉ Sống Một Lần
FAPtv Cơm Nguội: Tập 207 - Tôi Chỉ Sống Một Lần thumb FAPtv Cơm Nguội: Tập 207 - Tôi Chỉ Sống Một Lần thumb FAPtv Cơm Nguội: Tập 207 - Tôi Chỉ Sống Một Lần thumb


  • Let's go to eat
  • Hey. Go to eat
  • Ah right
  • You don't go?
  • Bring your lunch to canteen and drink some coffee with us
  • That's right
  • Here's my coffee
  • After lunch, remember to drink coffee, guys
  • He never agrees to go with us
  • Hey, Teo
  • What's wrong?
  • I was late this morning so the boss minus my salary
  • Your face is like you'll die tomorrow
  • What are you saying?
  • What?
  • Look at Thuy
  • You must be like her
  • Always smiling. Her face is like she'll win the lottery tomorrow
  • Remember to buy lottery tickets
  • Hey mom
  • Don't call me anymore. I'm very busy
  • I'll call you when I'm free
  • Did you receive the money I gave you?
  • Yes, I've already sent it
  • I'll call you later
  • Let's go
  • Hey Thai, on boss's birthday, we are planning to surprise him, so...
  • Let's do it
  • Attention everyone, remember the lyrics
  • Has someone blindfolded him?
  • Are you guys going to surprise me?
  • Happy birthday, sir
  • Thank you so much
  • Make a wish! Then blow out the candle
  • Sign for me, please
  • What's that?
  • Contract of the company organizing the event, birthday
  • Done
  • Back to work, everyone
  • Blow...
  • Do you want to blow anything else?
  • Stop
  • You guys dare to lie me to celebrate my birthday, right?
  • Everyone who celebrated my birthday
  • Your 1 hour salary is deducted
  • No sir
  • Did you join in, Thai?
  • Okay. Thai didn't
  • Done
  • Just 4:30 now
  • Too early
  • Sir
  • What are you looking at?
  • I'm looking at the clock
  • Why not focus on working instead of looking at the clock?
  • I'm done
  • If you're done, go home early. Like me, done then go home. No one will blame you anything
  • I have my own opinion
  • On time, come. On time, go
  • Neither early nor late
  • You can think that
  • Everyone is working
  • Suddenly I stand up
  • I make colour
  • Let everyone know I've finished my job
  • I prove what?
  • I prove what?
  • You should be like this
  • We must have a lifestyle and way of thinking to set an example for employees
  • It's 5:30 now
  • Not yet?
  • Okay, everyone. Let's go home
  • Goodbye, sir
  • Give me a bowl of Pho
  • Wait a minute. Guests are crowded. Please wait
  • How much?
  • 30,000
  • You haven't eaten yet but why you're paying?
  • Tomorrow, up to this point, you make it available for me
  • I'll come and eat later
  • Now
  • It's time for me to take a shower
  • Sir
  • Teo..
  • He took a few days off from work to return home to visit his family in Ca Mau
  • That's right
  • This morning
  • He had an accident and he's gone
  • Gone?
  • Just this morning
  • On behalf of the company, you come to Teo's hometown right now
  • Hey Linh
  • What?
  • Do you remember what you said yesterday?
  • Said what?
  • I was late this morning so the boss minus my salary
  • Your face is like you'll die tomorrow
  • It came true, Linh
  • What? You're crazy?
  • Just a coincidence
  • Or my mouth is unlucky
  • Whatever I said will be come true?
  • Here! I said Thuy would win the lottery. Have she won it?
  • Yes
  • I really won the lottery last night
  • First prize, 30 million
  • I was going to be silent because I'm afraid you guys will force me to buy something for you
  • But now..
  • It really came true, Linh
  • I'll offer you to eat later
  • Eat what?
  • Back to work, everyone
  • Let's work. Do your own work
  • I have to design this images
  • Hey Thai
  • What?
  • Do you concede what I said?
  • I do
  • Stop it
  • Only 2 coincidences
  • Okay, here
  • I just bought this pen
  • Now I say it's broken. Let's see it happens or not
  • See?
  • It's not broken
  • Back to work
  • Sorry, Linh
  • OMG. It came true. You don't believe me!
  • Back.. back to work
  • Cheer, everyone
  • Yeah
  • Cheer, sir
  • Cheer, sir
  • Thai
  • Why don't you change your cup color?
  • We go drinking
  • Sir
  • In the afternoon, you asked me to go to meetings for you
  • But when I've come here, I've known Thuy is having a party because she won the lottery
  • But for a meeting, I can't drink beer
  • I drink water
  • I have written the content of the meeting
  • Sir, you drank 1 glass at 6 hours 0 minutes 30 seconds
  • You laughed 2 times, took the phone 3 times
  • You haven't eaten anything
  • You told everyone to try to help the company grow
  • Anything else, sir?
  • You're crazy!
  • You just drink it. What do you abstain for? The next month you'll also die
  • Hey Linh
  • You said the unlucky thing again
  • I...
  • See, everyone?
  • I didn't mean to say it
  • But it's like someone made me do it
  • Drink
  • Cheer, everyone
  • Yeah, that's right. Maybe thanks to that, you can escape death
  • It's okay. Not whatever he said will be come true
  • Maybe his words are no longer right.
  • That's right
  • Hey you! Now let say something
  • Let's see it will be come true or not
  • Say what?
  • I didn't mean to before but now you force me to do..
  • Hello, honey
  • I go out drinking with employees in the company
  • Have you just finished giving our baby milk?
  • If you're sleepy, go to sleep. Don't wait for me
  • Okay
  • Kiss you 1000 times
  • Let say something now
  • Say what? I've already told you..
  • I don't know what to say
  • Okay I'll say. The boss's wife cheated on him
  • OMG
  • We asked you to say good things...
  • You see? Someone made me say it again
  • It's fine
  • Everyone also knows that my wife just gave birth to a baby
  • So she has to stay at home and take care of the children. How can she have an affair?
  • I put my baby in the cot very firmly
  • It's very modern now
  • There are automatic bottles milk
  • I plugged into my baby's mouth
  • I live very responsibly
  • You know why?
  • Because she is your child or his, I don't really know
  • Earlier he said that he would be home late, right?
  • So now you drive me home
  • Then go inside and look at the baby's face, Let see she looks like you or him
  • We will meet again another day
  • Honey
  • Honey
  • Sir
  • Honey
  • Whose child is it?
  • It really came true
  • What are you doing?
  • Let me take a picture as a souvenir
  • I'm afraid after this there is no chance
  • Are you crazy?
  • We have 1 month left to take pictures
  • That's right
  • But.. don't say bad things
  • That day hasn't happened yet, we can't be sure
  • Damn it, everyone
  • He already took my wife to the hotel, didn't come home to see my baby anymore
  • Thai
  • We've had the results of the general test
  • Am I okay, doctor?
  • You're okay
  • I see your health normal
  • I don't understand why you are always pessimistic and afraid of death
  • I'm sorry for saying this
  • With your health you cannot die by getting sick
  • It is only possible that you are in an accident
  • That's right
  • You can go home
  • Eat whatever you want. You should take advantage of time
  • What, doctor?
  • I mean, your health is very good
  • What you like, you can eat that
  • You scared me
  • Hey. If you have an accident later
  • Just find me
  • I also work in the orthopedic department
  • My name is Duyen
  • Yeah, Mr. Duyen..
  • It's the first time I've seen you quit work
  • Even the doctor said I would die from an accident
  • How can I set my mind on work?
  • That's just a word
  • When my sacred mouth says that.. on the 20th of next month, you will die
  • You've set the date, really?
  • One more month, I will die?
  • Hey, calm down
  • That day hasn't come yet. We cannot know
  • The last days of your life
  • Do whatever you want
  • Okay. What I have not done, I will definitely do it
  • I'll find the girl I like
  • For what?
  • To rape her
  • You're crazy
  • Rape her
  • You're crazy? Forget this idea. You want to die in jail?
  • If so, I'll rob the bank and send the money to my parents
  • Your parents will be in prison with you
  • Why don't you think that you send your parents all the money and go home to be filial to them later?
  • The important is that they want to see your face
  • They don't need that money
  • You should play healthily
  • Why are you going to rape?
  • You're right
  • I have to go home
  • We will support you
  • I'll pay this
  • Can you give me a few more days, Linh?

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FAPtv Cơm Nguội: Tập 207 - Tôi chỉ sống một lần
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