Xem FAPtv Cơm Nguội: Tập 205 - Hắc Bạch Công Tử

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FAPtv Cơm Nguội: Tập 205 - Hắc Bạch Công Tử
FAPtv Cơm Nguội: Tập 205 - Hắc Bạch Công Tử thumb FAPtv Cơm Nguội: Tập 205 - Hắc Bạch Công Tử thumb FAPtv Cơm Nguội: Tập 205 - Hắc Bạch Công Tử thumb


  • Please get off the car
  • What are you doing?
  • Do you know what car you're riding?
  • Get on again now
  • Open-top car has to get off like this
  • See?
  • Open-top car has to get off like this
  • So that's called swag
  • Got it?
  • Let two doors be soldered
  • It's so entangled
  • Get the car parked and then I call you later
  • Cu Den
  • You are so handsome lately
  • Long time no see everyone
  • Do you have a gift for me?
  • Of course you have. Here
  • Thank you
  • My bro, Co
  • You seem a little fat
  • Tuan
  • Ms. Bong. Omg my Bong
  • Cu Den
  • Cu Den (black)
  • Cu Trang (white)
  • Cu Den
  • Omg
  • Cu Den
  • Cu Trang
  • Hey Cu Trang
  • What's up, Cu Den?
  • Don't call me Cu Den
  • But you're Cu Den, what do I call?
  • I changed my name abroad
  • What's your name?
  • Vladimir Black Bi
  • So tired. It's hard to say. Call Cu Den for ease
  • It's up to you
  • I remember that you looked good back then but why you look so fallen and bored now?
  • I find I'm normal
  • How is your land and houses?
  • I sold it all
  • That's life
  • There must be people happy and people suffering. Right?
  • Yeah
  • But we still keep our brotherhood
  • You and I are still good brothers
  • Although I am rich, you are poor, deeply poor, tragically poor but we keep brotherhood is okay
  • Okay? Do not discriminate
  • Regardless of class
  • You do?
  • I'm not discriminating even though I'm rich, you're poor, very poor
  • Precious. Good brothers
  • We are close brothers
  • Remember that?
  • Let's go
  • The drinking bait is very cheap
  • Wait a second
  • Here. Martin sunflower seeds from Russia
  • It's very good. Try it
  • This one here sells a lot
  • This is a popular snack in Russia
  • It's not like Chinese products soaked in chemicals fill up the market. Try it
  • No. This Martin sunflower seeds from Russia
  • At supermarkets and grocery stores, sell them everywhere
  • Really?
  • Everywhere
  • But you give it to me so I take it
  • You're very nice. So me too
  • I also have a gift for you
  • Really?
  • Take this the coconut chamber
  • It's hard to find this in Russia. I know you are very craving
  • Well...
  • It's nothing
  • Have called brothers
  • These coconuts are nothing. Why are you so emotional?
  • Bullshit
  • Even in the countryside, you should wear decorum clothes, Cu Trang
  • Your clothes are patched up all, so nauseated
  • Okay fine
  • Here
  • These are expensive shirts. There's more
  • Is this perfume?
  • Yeah
  • What are you doing?
  • This's perfume
  • It's car perfume
  • Do you have a car?
  • Of course no, right?
  • So I give you so you can spray in your room
  • Do you have a private room?
  • No. I sleep in a plank
  • Use it for toilet
  • Thank you very much
  • It's smell good
  • When your family went to Russia to do business
  • I thought you gone there forever and forgot brothers
  • How can I?
  • My hometown is here
  • And the ancestor altar
  • My main purpose this time is Ut Trong
  • I think this is my best chance to..
  • Aske to marry her
  • You want to marry Ut Trong?
  • Yes. Why are you so surprised?
  • Well
  • Brong drink
  • Someday we go to the pub, I'll treat
  • Now I have to go home and burn incense, clean the house and unpack the luggage
  • Then come to Ut's house to discuss the wedding
  • Okay
  • Ut Trong
  • Ut Trong
  • Mr. Hai
  • Cu Den
  • I've just come back home
  • I heard you've come back. I'm going to visit you but suddenly you came over to find me. Oh not looking for me but finding Ut Trong?
  • If Ut Trong isn't here, I visit you it's fine
  • Mostly through home to visit your family
  • Go there to have a drink
  • Drink some water to..
  • It's very hot
  • Why are you wearing a jacket?
  • Omg
  • I'm a fashionista
  • I can stand the heat
  • As long as it looks nice
  • Nice what?
  • You think I don't know?
  • I also returned from Russia
  • These shirts from cold country
  • Vietnam is already a hot country. You should dress to suit the countryside
  • Wearing T-shirts, backpacks, shorts is fine
  • What are you namby-pamby for?
  • Ignore me
  • I feel beautiful is okay
  • That's called swag
  • Did you swear at me?
  • No. This is the swag sign
  • Ok swag
  • You scold me
  • I don't feel it swag
  • But I will tell you a story
  • When I first came back to Vietnam
  • I dressed like you now
  • A few days later I fell ill
  • I lost weight, thin, my body was writhing
  • I was scared so I went to the hospital. The doctor is very professional
  • The doctor only made one move, I was fine again
  • What's this?
  • Undressed me
  • That's because my body was dehydrated
  • In the jacket that held more water than me
  • Take off the coat is fine
  • Since then, I have learned a lesson
  • You said that, I got it
  • The lesson is not to wear cold clothes in hot countries, right?
  • No
  • The lesson is that the less you show, the longer you live
  • Because you don't die from heat but some people get itchy eyes and beat you to death
  • It's okay?
  • It feels good, very good. Like being revived
  • Mr. Hai
  • When will Ut Trong come home?
  • I think she will go quickly, just a while. Because Trang picked her up with his car
  • Omg. Why don't you say it soon? I'll take the car and take Ut Trong to visit the field
  • You're crazy
  • It's sunny like that but you drive her with the cabriolet, the sunlight shining on her head is no different from walking
  • Don't worry
  • My car has an umbrella
  • Open the hood. Use umbrella to cover
  • That's so swag
  • Remember what I said?
  • The less you show, the longer you live
  • Good
  • If so, I close the hood, open the air conditioner, very cool, it will be cold
  • What is the difference with Trang's car?
  • Your car has 4 wheels, his car is also 4 wheels
  • My car is different from the chariot
  • His car is not a carriage
  • His car is...
  • Rickshaw
  • No no, that car is very poor
  • This car is from Sa Dec
  • Which car is in Sa Dec?
  • Ah I remember
  • Mercedes
  • He's coming
  • Sit here
  • Hello dad
  • Hello Den
  • Hello Ut Trong
  • Stay here and talk to my dad. I have to go in
  • Hey Cu Trang

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