Xem Comforting A Dying Rabbit - A Documentary

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Comforting A Dying Rabbit - A Documentary
Comforting A Dying Rabbit - A Documentary thumb Comforting A Dying Rabbit - A Documentary thumb Comforting A Dying Rabbit - A Documentary thumb


  • What's wrong there little Buddy?
  • Hey little guy
  • You Okay?
  • Not going to hurt you
  • Want some water or something?
  • Heeey...
  • Just a little guy
  • You sick or you just scared?
  • Huh?
  • Little baby Appalachian Cottontail
  • Your not the one-eyed guy
  • You OK little Buddy?
  • You got those little black-tipped ears
  • Hey little fella
  • You don't have those big floppy ears like other rabbits
  • man sits down beside rabbit
  • Just a little fella...
  • I'm not going to hurt you....relax
  • There you go...
  • Nobody going to hurt you little buddy
  • Your pretty young for this late in October you know
  • Huh?
  • You poor little guy - your not the....
  • Nothing wrong with you other eye there - no...
  • Is that a little wound on your head?
  • No you look OK
  • Not feeling good are you?
  • What you doing out here in the open?
  • You been eating the bird seed eh
  • Is your Mom back in there somewhere?
  • There you go...
  • Nobody going to hurt you
  • Huh
  • You must be like the 2nd or 3rd litter
  • Cute little ears....
  • eh maybe your not sick maybe your mom just told you to....
  • to hang out here huh?
  • I know dogs always like to have their ears scratched
  • there you go...
  • That feel good?
  • yeah
  • Your a fragile little thing
  • just a little ole bunny....
  • ehhhh let's see...where sitting here on the grass.....
  • I know you live up under these arborvitae trees
  • Your mom around somewhere?
  • huh?
  • There you go...
  • you going to be alright there little guy?
  • Just so people can get an idea of how big you are - that's my hand
  • right there so you're like - you know....
  • Your just a little guy....
  • Just a little Appalachian rabbit
  • Your pretty solid in the back!
  • You feel a lot better if you'd get up and move around
  • you know
  • there you go
  • You thinking about moving?
  • Yeah a little guy....
  • People can see how....
  • hard to tell how small you are - but there's my hand
  • You could fit in my hand!
  • you are soft!
  • yeah....
  • Nothing like petting a baby rabbit.....
  • If I were you I'd go up under the tree there and hangout - it would be safer - there you go - come on - there you go!
  • That's better
  • That's better
  • Nobody going to bother you up there....your little tail
  • {man chuckles]
  • yeaah......
  • there you go....
  • Go up there and hide....
  • Nobody will bother you
  • I checked back on the rabbit after awhile and it was pretty clear that the rabbit was not well - and...
  • likely going to pass away...
  • I picked up the young rabbit and put it on some old towels underneath the arborvitae tree to make it comfortable
  • And when I turned it over on its right side that's when I noticed eh some kind of unusual
  • wound or sore on its belly
  • I don't know if that was eh
  • the direct cause of death or not but it probably was eh had something to do with it. I'm not an expert on...
  • rabbit diseases, but it really didn't look diseased or infected it looked more like a bite right through into the ah....
  • right through the layer of the skin - pretty deep but not really actively bleeding or infected
  • In any case, at this point I just wanted to make the little guy comfortable
  • This section of the video is sped up five times normal time
  • The rabbit didn't experience any convulsions or unusual motion like rabbits often do when they are sick
  • He just seemed to get continually weaker and gradually slip away
  • The little rabbit's short life had ended
  • I closed its eyes and buried it out back under a big stone so other animals wouldn't dig it up.....
  • Upbeat country guitar instrumental tune

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A young wild Cottontail Rabbit died in the Backyard and I was privileged to share its final hours. When one spends a lot of time with wild animals it is hard not to find inspiration in the dignity and stoicism they display in the face of severe injury or death. This rabbit had a one-eyed sibling that is was very close to - they and their family are shown in happier times toward the end of this video. The events shown in this video happened over approximately two hours. These rabbits are relatively rare Appalachian Cottontails and live at near 4000 feet elevation in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.
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