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Simon Cowell's FAVOURITE EVER UK Auditions! Got Talent and X Factor | Top Talent
Simon Cowell's FAVOURITE EVER UK Auditions! Got Talent and X Factor | Top Talent thumb Simon Cowell's FAVOURITE EVER UK Auditions! Got Talent and X Factor | Top Talent thumb Simon Cowell's FAVOURITE EVER UK Auditions! Got Talent and X Factor | Top Talent thumb


  • Hello, how are you? I'm fine Simon. Thank you. Nice to meet you. What's your name, please?
  • My name is father Ray Kelly and I'm 64 years of age and I'm a parish priest in Ireland
  • You ask your question you do exorcisms
  • Yeah, we can we can work and David whenever you want, yeah, do you want me to you want me to zap one hour later
  • I'm father Ray Kelly and of a parish priest and Oldcastle and come to me in Ireland
  • I was singing as a wedding four years ago at home in my parish and it went viral and in YouTube
  • It's no way the phone started ringing father ray
  • You're a thousand hits you're 2,000 hits and went on and on is my god. Where did that come from?
  • You know for a guy six years of age all of a sudden would be this happening here
  • It was just I was in it. I didn't know what was happening really enough
  • I watched Britain's Got Talent every year end of the show as the age and everything because it just offers you one opportunity
  • To sing in front of the royal family. So I'm hoping that I get the bgt audience on my side tonight
  • So why we decided to come on the show
  • Well, I thought maybe I'd be the first singing priest maybe to win Britain's Got Talent. I think you would be
  • Why you've chosen it and I'm going to sing the REM song everybody hurts beautiful and
  • It's a it's a song. That's kind of near and dear to my heart
  • I suppose being a priest you get in touch with a lot of pain a lot of joy and happiness as well
  • So I suppose it's a song that I feel I can hug. You can relate it. Yeah, great. It's a lovely song. Okay
  • Good luck. Thank you very much
  • You've had
  • In this lie the days and nights
  • Thank you so much David
  • Well, that was a beautiful performance it really was
  • I've never seen a priest stand at a microphone and sing like that. You did it with such soul and passion
  • It just was a really really brilliant performance
  • Lucia so
  • simply then Carmen
  • everybody was listening to every single word relating it to things that have gone on in their lives and
  • You just seem like the loveliest man. This is just a beautiful audition
  • It was everything it's just brilliant and honest and the whole congregation was behind you
  • Thank you
  • Father a I wasn't quite sure what to expect to be honest with you, but I want to tell you something
  • This is one of my favorite ever auditions
  • I think your voice is beautiful. I loved the version of the song. This was everything we've been waiting for genuinely
  • Thank you very much, Sally
  • Okay David, it's a yes for me David
  • While the Ray Kelly I am delighted telling you how huge
  • Would you please welcome mr. Stavros flatly
  • Can I say which is one of my favorite ever dance act
  • Here's yes or no, absolutely. Yes
  • You've got three yeses
  • That
  • a singer
  • You are the one to be right now it was an
  • incredible performance
  • Thank you, sir. I really really want to mentor
  • You may friend are a little super strong
  • That was absolutely stunning
  • Louisa was phenomenal. I'm gonna kick this off with your first. Yes. It's incredible that
  • Soul feels like it's been born before. Yes. Yes. Yeah
  • Yes, absolutely
  • It is a billion percent, yes
  • No, you definitely come I don't think he's mad so I have - that was incredible -
  • Today's been absolutely incredible. That was so exciting
  • We are headed in the right direction. We found so much talent today
  • that young
  • Seventeen-year-old girl, Louisa is amazing. I don't know there's something different in the air right now
  • I'm Daniel Johnson and 27 from reading and I'm teacher
  • I've been teaching for the past six years and
  • Really do enjoy but I for the students knowing that my passion is music
  • No me no it wasn't good waste of time
  • Salem oh if you want to sing a waste of time
  • Simon waste of time
  • This is the biggest performance of her life, I am so nervous to walk on that stage
  • This adjustment means so much to me
  • Any recruiter
  • You'll be amazing to go back to school and make everyone proud
  • What's your name? My name is Daniel Johnson guys, who are you today? My friends?
  • What do you do I'm a teacher, okay?
  • Do they know you're here if you know? Oh, yeah. Yeah, okay, okay
  • What would you do with us man true
  • What you sound up and walk out of me
  • Here I'll try not to sing out me
  • Do I tune my legs go somewhere
  • I need someone
  • Perfect audition it is so exciting to be sitting here on this panel. So I mean so much going
  • I thank God that you came in today. The kids are going to be very proud
  • And I would take you make how to go right now
  • Okay, Donald I've been doing this for how many years eight nine years
  • okay, Donald that was
  • single-handedly the
  • First audition I have ever heard
  • There's a few people that actually want to go back to school now because of you yes
  • Percent yes
  • Yes, okay Ola London here. It's an almighty year
  • We'll return to your brother's name
  • Incredible silence
  • So I'm in stood up gets you're gonna free you answer okay also if you stay so just let them as one happy
  • You want to do it? Yeah, let's get you home and go make them laugh it's all yours. Good luck. Have fun
  • Hello I
  • Know Sinead got this Candice. Where you from Latvia? Okay, if you've Latvia, why did you why did you come here?
  • I came came here to live
  • My name is goddess Candice and I'm originally from Latvia
  • But now I live in West End and near Sainsbury's and I'm gonna be doing stand-up comedy
  • the gigs I've been doing people usually laugh, but then sometimes I get high cold and it's painful and
  • Sometimes they're just quiet, which is also painful. Well, I'm asking for reducing Simon
  • then I found out with Carmen Electra's gonna be there very
  • excited to see her and
  • The answer to judges
  • Oh
  • David Walliams is obviously he's a comedian. All right. Okay, I
  • Didn't know that David's gonna be dead. Okay. Do you know who he is?
  • Okay, good luck
  • Okay
  • Okay, hello, are there any guys with big muscles in the audience
  • No good, then I'll talk about them
  • You know, you know those big muscles make those guys so heavy that they cannot ride a pony
  • However
  • They can break a fragile toilet seat. I mean, I mean do they work out to attract the ladies?
  • Well, actually the ladies are attracted to what's inside of a man
  • Back me up ladies if you agree. Say yeah
  • Rapidly moving on public toilets can't live without them can't live in them either
  • Because there is no fridge and microwave there
  • Often when I use the male toilets some guys they're part very loud, and I don't like that
  • So when possible I sneak into the ladies toilets instead because they're much more discreet about it
  • Well, at least when they know that I am there
  • a
  • Seeing is believing and weighing is relieving
  • Funny is caught we've had now is good
  • More
  • Very well now you never well you you're a person
  • What's going on here
  • You are the funniest
  • Unfunniest comedian I have ever heard in my life. I mean
  • absolute rubbish, but it
  • Actually, really really made me laugh now that that was my aim to make you laugh what you've certainly did that catches it was
  • So bad that it was actually brilliant
  • You mustn't change you seriously must not change. Even the jumper keep the job
  • While this one isn't done is nothing wrong with it. It's hilarious
  • I'm gonna kick this off because you did actually make me laugh and that's what comedians are supposed to do. So I'm gonna say yes
  • Let's say yes
  • It's a note from me today
  • So it rests with me
  • The way you must judge comedies did it make you laugh
  • It made me laugh I'm gonna say yeah
  • How's that
  • Very good Paulista code one of the funniest committees and believe it three yeses
  • Then they're not sure why they found you funny, but they found you funny
  • Yes
  • Name is Holly MERS
  • I'm 25 by leaving with some in Essex and
  • I work in an office and basically give people advice on how to save money on their energy bills
  • Go now having a good time. I mean the I suppose I'm just the number of purple
  • Oh, yeah, probably a I'm just a normal guy something
  • About HP Kane socialize my mates play football sing a lot
  • You know like you just sing in front of the mirror for you life that family pies and everyone
  • Yeah You don't necessarily as far as it goes
  • And always hoping today will be as big chance to take the boy out of Essex and become a global superstar. I
  • Want to be a music, you know
  • You don't want to be sitting there picking up a phone you'd rather be sitting there with one of their mics on sitting there
  • I'm in a scene, you know or being on stage I'll get for you today
  • It kind of turned off out some people never done it before
  • Hello, sir, hello, what's your name? My name is ollie. What is your big dream?
  • To be a pop star and be famous and sell records and been international superstar. Got it. Got it. Okay. Well, this is your chance
  • This
  • That you don't
  • Bust the charlie
  • Home
  • This journey
  • You got some sewing at my 70
  • Love the moves. I looked everything about it. I think they're natural-born entertainer
  • You have the whole package
  • I've got a Tralee. I really really like you
  • And you know what? You're very very very cool
  • Thank you
  • Solitarily Holly this is the easiest. Yes I've ever given
  • Cheryl yeah without question. Yes
  • Hey everyone in the room. Mm. Yeah
  • I
  • Can't believe that we actually honest they are I'm just so understood are I really really like that guys

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