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How to Crash a Wedding
How to Crash a Wedding thumb How to Crash a Wedding thumb How to Crash a Wedding thumb


  • -Playing wedding music with kazoo-
  • Hello my dudes, bridezilla here.
  • First of all, let's talk about the elephant in the room.
  • -Over-enthusiastic zoom in cuz why not -
  • My fan mail wall, isn't it beautiful? Okay, let's keep talking.
  • -Painting falls off the wall- oops i slipped
  • Oh no!
  • So as you can probably tell, I have a wedding to go to today, it's one of my dad's students weddings one of his
  • Ph.D. students are tying the knot and we were gracefully invited. It's a traditional Indian wedding. I've never gone to one so, I'm excited!
  • It's gonna be a new experience. Now obviously I would wear this dress,
  • but there's a little bit of a rule when you go to weddings
  • You're not allowed to wear white because you're not supposed to look better than the bride and that's kind of an issue for me because
  • I look better than everyone. -Gags- So instead I opted for this little pink satin number from Aritzia.
  • I mean, Aritzia coming in and hot for the millionth time here and then on my feet I am donning my sparkly prom shoes! :D
  • I want to wear these again. I don't care if it matches,
  • So shut up.
  • The wedding starts at 4 p.m
  • It's just past 11 right now, and we have a lot of things to do.
  • Not really, but I know procrastination will set in at one point. So we just better get a head start right now
  • Hello my dudes.
  • So usually I don't do anything in the way of skin care when I'm getting ready to go somewhere,
  • But here's a thing, somebody sent to my PO box this avocado face mask.
  • There is no question that I have to do this. It would be offensive not to. I've never done a face mask if my face
  • explodes no video ever so..
  • Have fun with that.
  • Oh my god it's in my mouth.. My eczema is definitely gonna throw a temper tantrum in like 20 minutes.
  • I feel like I look ridiculous (you look great btw)
  • I can't really see myself right now because I'm not wearing my glasses
  • So I'm gonna take a bit of a break let this dry
  • Let my skin
  • Absorb all the avocado
  • Magic and then I'll see you guys in a bit. The skin of a mule, the fur of a sheep, the scent of a skunk
  • "What do these things have in common?" you may be wondering. Nothing. I just wanted to sound cool
  • So I was just waiting for the face mask to work
  • It's magic and burn my skin off when I realized how r a v e n o u s I was so I decided to make what I like to call,
  • 'Bootleg mac and cheese' because I'm pretty sure that if Gordon Ramsay saw what the heck I was making he would have a full-fledged heart attack
  • To start, you fill a pot with water and boil it. Then we get to the noodles
  • I like to use mong noodles, which are pretty much normal noodles without the carbs and tons of protein
  • be careful with this stuff though because it's a fat mess to handle. The noodles are as fragile as China and they break if you
  • Fart in their direction. Usually 50 grams of this stuff is more than enough for one person
  • So take that and put it into the pot. Do I wait for the water to boil? Obviously not,
  • who did you think I was? Now things are about to get really intense. Take one singular ovary,
  • I mean egg, and shredded cheese of your choice
  • You're gonna need about 25 grams of this. Be careful because it's very tempting to eat it.
  • Cheese truly is a godsend if you-
  • This happens every time Joana!
  • When your noodles look like little green worms
  • It's time to strain it and then back onto the stove it goes. We're gonna have to work fast here
  • so pay attention dudes. Crack that egg into your noodles,
  • I'm sorry for the disgusting visuals,
  • and stir it quickly or else the egg will get stuck to the bottom. Then slap on that cheese and keep mixing it
  • Until it melts. When the bottom of the pot is mostly clean, your abomination is ready.
  • You can add some salt if you want transfer it to a bowl, and it's ready to devour
  • I have to admit it looks like a mess but this is the best mess you will ever eat
  • It's scrumptious and tastes like regular pasta
  • I mean every time I eat this I scrape the bowl so clean I barely have to wash it afterwards.
  • Hello there.
  • Now we're gonna do the nails now here's the thing, okay? A couple days ago,
  • I fell down a bit of a rabbit hole on YouTube and I found
  • this trend where people would like rub these powders
  • On their nail and it would just be a metallic like a mirror. To me it seemed
  • unnecessary, extremely extra, and exactly what I need to do. I bought the whole getup. The powder like this stuff is expensive
  • It's like five dollars for this little thing who- who's
  • scamming you people?? I've set up another camera here, there are my beautiful digits. I'm sorry if my fingers make you uncomfortable
  • They make me uncomfortable so...join the party.
  • So I'm gonna start with this gel- AH. You see, I'm a professional on this channel
  • I use two camera angles were reaching new levels of sophistication here.
  • Okay know I need to shine this light on it and I'm kind of terrified that I'm gonna get skin cancer.
  • Okay. -Turns on contraption-
  • Wow!
  • My fingers are burning. Now we're gonna go in with this white gel polish. Looks like this, smells..
  • *i n h a l e s*
  • Bad. :P
  • So here's a thing, do I need a second coat? Definitely, but I don't have the patience for that,
  • we're just gonna go with the top coat.
  • All of the nail people are shook,
  • all of the makeup people, they're also shook.
  • I'm a boobie guru now so fight me. It's time to get messy. Let me zoom you guys in for the mess
  • that is about to ensue.
  • That didn't work.
  • What?
  • Why isn't this working?
  • So let me explain what just happened,
  • as you can see, I got it to work
  • I was using this little silicon tool cuz I wanted to be all professional. It didn't work.
  • So then I started using my finger and I got this beautiful result. Hi. Hey there.
  • Anyways, I'm gonna do the other hand now and then I'll see you guys when I'm getting my hair done.
  • (With blow dryer in the backround) Hello my dudes!
  • So I have a couple updates to give you,
  • I did my other hand and I kind of messed up a bit because there are some bald spots.
  • AHhhH!
  • But it's looking pretty good overall. My mom is now doing my hair. After this,
  • I'm just gonna put my dress on, I'm gonna strut my stuff
  • out to the car and we're gonna drive all the way to that darn wedding. Tonight it's gonna be fun,
  • I'm gonna eat a lot of food. I was ready, as ready as I'll ever be, but not gonna lie,
  • the dress was kind of tough to manage.
  • I kept on flashing everyone and their third cousin so caution would definitely have to be taken that night.
  • My movements would have to be extremely
  • calculated. Give me a second, I have to do some trigonometry. Either way
  • I was looking like a pink satin cupcake with sparkly shoes to match
  • of course. My mother, her adorable navy blue number, was exquisite.
  • She spent days sewing that thing so that it fit her body perfectly and my dad
  • he looked like a businessman. Did my mom point out that his suit was too big for him?
  • Yes, but it's part of the look. Right dad?
  • And then I blacked out and suddenly we were in the car, speeding off to the venue. Things were whizzing and happening all around me.
  • But I only realized two things. One,
  • my dress was way too small for my massive guns. They are being strangled, they were screaming for air!
  • The other thing was that this dress was extremely low-cut. The risk of my
  • non-existent boobies popping out was immense so a miniscule safety pin held it together, but don't tell anyone. Before we knew it though,
  • we had arrived and we, we were more than excited.
  • Joana's father: Hello, Ladies and gentlemen. We are ready for an Indian wedding.
  • -Joana laughs-
  • Joana: Do you have anything to say?
  • Joana's mom: No, I don't have anything to say.
  • Anyways, we waltzed into the venue and I immediately went to the washroom because I desperately had to pee. The waterfall was struggling to be
  • contained, if you know what I mean.
  • But with that out of the way, my parents and I loitered in the lobby as we waited for the ceremony to begin. We took in
  • our surroundings, there was a lot going on, but in the best way possible. The waterfall was lovely the cherry blossom tree was breathtaking.
  • The apetizers had already been laid out
  • But you weren't allowed to touch them or else the Dementors were gonna suck your soul straight out of your bellybutton.
  • Everything was fit for a wedding, and a lovely one at that- oh, hey, look, it's the groom.
  • Everything stopped. The stars, the planets, the cars, my breathing.
  • Wait..
  • We were all congregated around as they carried out their rituals. Then we all paraded into the main room.
  • The ceremony was under way! First, food. Let me tell you, they really did the most here.
  • There was a large variety of dishes
  • it was honestly mesmerizing. There were spring rolls, vegetarian cutlets, vegetarian samosas, and whatever the heck this is.
  • Obviously, I took multiple of each. I was here to try everything that complicated thing I can't pronounce turns out
  • It was deep-fried cottage cheese. I mean hello, I will take 10, please! You can't go wrong with that
  • So obviously it tasted heavenly. The vegetable cutlet at first they were flavorful, but then flavorful turned into burning levels of spicy.
  • I drowned my pharynx in water, but still kept eating because it was just too good to pass up. Next, the samosa.
  • It was good. Again, deep fried anything is harder to get wrong than it is to get right.
  • My dad even went back for seconds. I'm not want to talk though because I ate more than my fair share,
  • that's for sure. Suddenly the lights dimmed something was happening...we observed as the groom sat on the stage. Everyone was silent
  • Something was brewing, the doors closed. We were locked in, there was no going back now. The minister
  • was chanting something. Knots were being tied, the doors, they opened and it was just my dad coming back for thirds.
  • Good job rolando, thanks for being a real party pooper!
  • I guess those veggie cutlets were really screaming his name all the way from the lobby weren't they?
  • Anyways
  • Once all this gymnastics is over and done with the bride finally walked in. She was dripping in gold and she looked amazing!
  • Her and her Posse slowly made their way to where the groom was seated. Am I being overly descriptive here?
  • I think I'm getting a headache from my own verbose rhetoric. I need an aspirin.
  • It's at this point that I would like to direct your attention to the ceiling nipple lights.
  • They really were eye catchy. They sparkled and glittered like the night sky. Really lighting up- Oh my god
  • there's a fire on the stage! Someone called the fire department! Actually, that was a false alarm
  • They didn't set the whole building on fire, so I think we're good.
  • And with that, the wedding ceremony was over. Upbeat Bollywood music started playing and immediately
  • sweeping everyone into a happier mood. People were dancing and singing, we were having a blast. My dad
  • especially. he was really getting into the groove of things. I mean, I have to get my graceful dancing from someone, right?
  • Oh, what's that? It's the sound of dinner being served of course. Again,
  • They really knocked it out of the park with a variety here. There are foods of every color smell shape dimension
  • You name it, they had it. Again, I took a little bit of everything
  • I was ready to eat myself silly and let me tell you the food was amazing.
  • It was great and so much more flavorful than the acorn squash I usually eat and I was forcing it down
  • AND
  • *s i g h*
  • This was when things fell completely apart.
  • *b o o m*
  • (did you see the bird tho?)
  • I had an allergic reaction.
  • Ok so listen here my dudes... this was entirely my fault.
  • I got tough and thought I didn't need to ask the waitresses which foods had nuts Indian food is known to have peanuts
  • So I was the one looking like a fool with my lips puffed up and my eyes swelled shut now was it worth it though?
  • H o n e s t l y ,
  • Y E S.
  • the food was that good. The stomachache? not so much, but the flavor a 1!
  • Obviously I was no condition to stay at the venue. So we quickly said goodbye to the newlyweds and home
  • We went where I basked in my pseudo lip injections. And that was it my dudes. That was a whole thing
  • I hope you enjoyed today's video and I hope it tickled your pickle. Ewww... Stay funky
  • Stay spunky and stay spicy and I'll see you in the next one, toodles!

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