Xem Doppelganger Daddy [CMM STORY]

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Doppelganger Daddy [CMM STORY]
Doppelganger Daddy [CMM STORY] thumb Doppelganger Daddy [CMM STORY] thumb Doppelganger Daddy [CMM STORY] thumb


  • Ah, I'm so relieved that the midterm is over.
  • Huh? Hey Jinsoo. What's up?
  • I thought you were traveling.
  • Hey Morrie. Didn't you say that your dad is abroad right now?
  • Yeah. He's on a business trip in America.
  • I'm in Ulsan right now, and I think I saw your dad here.
  • What are you talking about? Must be a similar looking person.
  • No, I know your dad from back in middle school. I'll send you a picture of him.
  • What, you even took a picture?
  • Alright~ Ok~
  • Let me see.
  • Huh? What? This really is my dad.
  • Hey what is it? What made you so shocked?
  • Oh my goodness, unbelievable!
  • Looks really the same right?
  • When I saw this for the first time, I thought they were twins or something.
  • With all due respect, they must be doppelgangers.
  • Doppelgangers? No way that's just a myth right?
  • NO! According to the NCJ research institute, doppelgangers are real.
  • The problem is, when you meet your doppelganger, you die.
  • - Death? - YES!
  • But don't worry, there is one and only way to get rid of the doppelganger.
  • -What...what is it? -It's family.
  • Unlike the person who has a doppelganger, when a family member of that person meets the doppelganger, it vanishes like a smoke.
  • Huh? I'm sorry but that sounds like a movie, I don't buy it.
  • I know that it's hard for you to trust me.
  • But I also almost lost my mother because of a doppelganger.
  • Your mother? That's ridiculous.
  • The only clue I have is this picture.
  • That's ok. Usually the doppelgangers reside within their activity range of 3 km.
  • -Ah~ That's a relief? -But you need to hurry up!
  • They change their locations at least once a week!
  • Morrie, are you gonna keep saying stupid things?
  • Your dad said he's going to be back next week, you're jinxing it.
  • So we need to find it and get rid of it before dad comes back.
  • Hey Morrie just stop it!
  • You're believing in doppelgangers in the 21st century~?
  • And talking about doppelganger makes me think of yang-gang!
  • Phew, driving me crazy, I should eat one.
  • The lady next door said it has been proven through research.
  • Really Morrie! You don't even know that research has any evidence, what's making you trust the lady's words 100%?
  • Really driving me crazy~ Is he just naive or stupid, he's already 20!
  • -What?! Do you wanna die? -Hey Min Deullae!
  • Even if you're mad, how can you say stupid to your brother! Apologize right now!
  • Ah thinking of apology makes me think of apples. I should get an apple.
  • But you need to hurry up! They change their locations at least once a week.
  • I need to get rid of it before it comes close to our home.
  • If not, my dad will be in danger.
  • Luckily, tomorrow is Saturday, so I should go look for it myself.
  • Hey Jinsoo! Can you tell me the exact location where you took the picture?
  • Ah~ this is my first time coming to Ulsan.
  • -Yeah -What! What are you doing here?
  • Mom said to go after you so I came here too~
  • So you came all the way to Ulsan?
  • -I was doubtful! -Ah you didn't need to come!
  • -What do you mean I didn't need to come~ Yesterday, you were begging us to believe you. -Ok ok~! Follow me then!
  • Taxi~!
  • So you're saying that within 3 km of this point there must be that doppelganger?
  • Yeah. So Deullae you're in charge of the left 1.5 km.
  • I'll be in charge of the right side.
  • -What if it's not here? -If the next door lady is correct, that's not possible!
  • It takes at least a week for it to change locations.
  • Isn't the picture from yesterday? Yesterday might have been the last day of the week and it might have moved.
  • Hey! Why are you so pessimistic? Just look for it!
  • I'm not pessimistic, I'm just trying to think of different possibilities!
  • You're usually so empty headed but gets so full of thoughts at times like this.
  • -What did you say? -No, no! Let's start looking for it~
  • Hey Morrie, it's not here. We've been searching for it for four hours. My legs hurt and I'm so hungry!
  • Let's just look for it a bit more~! Bit more!
  • Look for it again? It's not here if we've searched this much~! Please that's enough~!
  • Deullae...! Look at the driver's seat in that car!
  • That.... That is! Isn't that the doppelganger?!
  • Isn't it just a similar looking person?! How would a doppelganger drive... huh? The half-moon mole on his ears is exactly the same as dad.
  • Hey! It's going! Hey! Catch him!
  • Ha! That's strange?! It surely went into this alley.
  • -How many times I have to tell you I gave it to you when we headed off -Huh?!
  • -Do you know who I am?! -Sir, I think you're drunk and getting confused but you really didn't give it to me!
  • Ah~ This bald man keeps irritating me...
  • Hey, this is Bonjin Industry president, why is the customer service of your chauffeur service so messed up?!
  • Please sir, calm down...
  • Min Doongsan?! The driver's name is Min Doongsan?!
  • -Dad?! -I'm so sorry, sir.
  • -I'll just not take the chauffeur fee. -Hey, get out of my way...
  • You guys fire this bald driver right away.
  • If not, I'm going to use all the institutions I know to make you guys go out of business! Ok?!
  • Hey mister, did you just say you're the president of Bonjin Industry?
  • Who are these kiddos?
  • -Hey kids, how did you...! -I just recorded you being so bossy.
  • I also called the police right now, so we can check the recording device inside the car and if we don't see you giving the driver his chauffeur fee,
  • I'm going to put the recording on the internet, ok?
  • What?! Who are you?!
  • I'm this driver's daughter.
  • Hey sir, I'm so sorry, but can you please delete the recording?
  • -The thing is, I can't persuade my daughter. -Dad, let's go.
  • Hey kid! Can you please not put the recording on the internet?
  • -Have you reflected on your wrong doings? -Of course, I did.
  • How much?
  • Oh! To the moon and back.
  • Ah! You didn't reflect to the whole universe so I'll just put it on the internet!
  • Ahhhhhh! I did! I did!
  • Then apologize to my dad politely.
  • I'm so sorry, sir. I'm so sorry.
  • Ok. Please don't do that again.
  • -Let's go dad. -So, you're gonna de...delete it?!
  • Ah, I don't need to delete it. I was lying about the recording!
  • What...what?!
  • I can't believe it! It wasn't a doppelganger, it was real dad!
  • Dad! What happened? I thought you were in America.
  • -Oh so what happened is... -You resigned under instruction?
  • I was going to tell you all about it next week.
  • I have nothing to say as the head of the household.
  • What do you mean you have nothing to say? What's wrong with getting fired and what's wrong with not earning a lot of money!
  • I can pay for the college tuition doing part-time jobs!
  • Or I could also just take a gap year.
  • He's right. Is money important?! People are what's important!! I don't need allowances so let's just pack up and go home.
  • We're home.
  • Why are you guys so late? What!! Who is that person?!
  • The doppelganger was real?
  • -Honey... -Oh my goodness, even the voice sounds the same?! Why did you bring such thing!
  • Mom! He's not a doppelganger, he's dad.
  • Oh that's what happened. You must have had a hard time.
  • -I'm so sorry. -Why are you sorry!
  • You can always find another job.
  • Mom! Dad came back home, shouldn't we give him a welcome home party?
  • Yeah! We should order food!
  • Should we? Honey, do you have anything you want to get?
  • I have a lot, so if you don't tell me quickly!
  • Oh my god kimchi! It was not a doppelganger but your real dad? Ah Morrie! Morrie?
  • This bastard! He hung up before I finished my sentence!
  • Come to think about it, I didn't tell him that the doppelganger has red eyes.
  • Ah... that was really unfortunate, that kid really made a fool of me...
  • What that driver is on work again?
  • Phew, he really has great mental faculty!

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