Xem TOP 5 Superstar Singer in future - Got Talent Worldwide

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TOP 5 Superstar Singer in future - Got Talent Worldwide
TOP 5 Superstar Singer in future - Got Talent Worldwide thumb TOP 5 Superstar Singer in future - Got Talent Worldwide thumb TOP 5 Superstar Singer in future - Got Talent Worldwide thumb


  • What's your name my name is Angelica Hale and where you're from I'm from Atlanta, Georgia
  • How old are you I'm nine years old, and I just found out that I'm gonna be a big sister who?
  • Do you want to be like I wanna be the next Whitney Houston
  • I'm so happy to be here because like I've been watching your show on YouTube and
  • Now I feel like like I'm in it and I'm like
  • And not only are you in it you're in it to win it yeah?
  • Go ahead Angelica win it for yourself. Thank you. You're welcome
  • You're broken down and
  • You can't find the so we gonna walk it out
  • Yeah
  • Welcome Prince Khalid it's a pleasure to be here. That's very nice of you to say
  • I'm so what are your names boys my name is Charlie. My name is Andre. I'm dad together
  • We're bars and melody gum what's the dream with you two guys? I just wanna
  • Deliver it to you people. I just want to give an awesome performance I get you
  • What is your mom and dad do for it for job normal day yeah personal trainer and my father's a stonemason
  • stonemason
  • And you my mum's are cooking a school lady
  • My setup Oh same company he's a businessman yeah
  • Can I just say one thing Alicia I love you so much, you're my inspiration
  • he friends the Alicia he don't like Amanda a
  • Mother you're beautiful as well. He is lying
  • Boys can I just ask you what are you singing well?
  • It's a hope I'd twist and faith everyone's but it's a bit of a twist in the rap because I wrote it myself
  • What's the song about?
  • It's about anti-bullying
  • angles earlier yes this something that I feel deeply upset I
  • Started rapping because I went through a very hard time in primary school. I was getting bullied
  • As a parent is one of the hardest things to see the child attacks and going through emotional turmoil. It is hard very hard
  • When I used to be like down in the dumps I write down my rock I could express myself through what I was writing down
  • I was very happy with the way they Andre dealt with if they actually stood up to the bully
  • the situation
  • I'm in school and much better environment. I love I really do love is amazing
  • I'm very proud to them very proud
  • The first time we met we really clicked it was just an automatic connection that I don't think it'd be like that we're brothers
  • Musics made him a lot stronger if it wasn't for his music. He wouldn't be as confident from this cheeky
  • You know it just helps him a lot
  • We really want people to listen and hear our lyrics that are in a song
  • Okay good luck. Thank you
  • Check it out oh no here we go
  • Please help me guide. I feel so alone. I'm just a kid how can I take it? I'm
  • Right in this song tryna feeling my do I belong I wake up every day
  • Don't wanna leave a home with me while I'm always alone. Just get the same just get the heart
  • I walk into school swear am I back I'm just looking at someone looks rested one of the bed
  • I like some mess the need you call me, baby, but real bad
  • I wanna tell my mom and she having trouble with my dad. I feel so trapped is over the time
  • You wanna fight? I wanna learn so Cletus tepui time. What a dummy. You know I have no dad. I'm
  • Yes, I am hopeful for today take his music
  • And he'll make
  • But that's okay
  • I think
  • But never have to pay I ain't got no money you take all our head when they give you to you at Central my bags
  • I feel so skip me and you shout me down you pick me punch me throw me to the ground
  • When I ask you yo whatever turn you hit me again. I make fun of oh
  • yes, I
  • Or today take this new
  • Let it take you
  • And
  • I know it ain't easy, but that's okay. Just be cool always Oh
  • You'll miss a bully help me, please don't question what exactly?
  • Oh
  • Yes I for two days
  • You see let it take you away every
  • Hogyoku and they'll make away, I know I'm Dane easy that's okay just people
  • Seems like we hardly need to
  • Critique you answer well, but let's have some comments Amanda
  • I'm just so happy for you your voice is
  • Beautiful we all would
  • The minute you started that first they actually brought into my aisle it was
  • We share it with you, I won't be rapping so yeah like who's gonna work
  • Two young kids like yourself to come out
  • And I'm singing about something that really affects you do it in a style that's completely yours is a really rare thing
  • That's why you got that golden buzzer stay
  • Well you know what I've heard the sir monstrous songs today, and I just was literally
  • Losing the will to live you know what I?
  • Listen to every word
  • A third of your life, I got bullied when I was young but not anymore. Yes, no. It's all gone. Oh, yeah
  • I take that Brad Cooper beer here. I really do I
  • really really
  • Yes
  • How are you doing today?
  • I'm doing good. What's your name, and how old are you my name is Celine, and I'm 9 years old?
  • This is my dream being in America's Got Talent
  • So what are you gonna be doing for us today? I'm gonna be singing. Oh wow
  • Have you got any brothers, or sisters? I got a little sister and what's her name her name is beyond howleen and beyond oh
  • Really so I'm guessing your parents love Celine deals, right
  • So when did you?
  • Realize that you had a great singing voice when I was in the car my dad's driving and then suddenly
  • I just sang my heart will go on and then he was like wow I've been deal song
  • Yeah, we got that. We've worked that out Mel. There's the Celine Dion
  • So what what kind of music do you like to listen to I like?
  • Celine Dion, yeah
  • and
  • And what is your big dream to be the next to be Indian. She's got it
  • This is your dream Celine can answer your question what artists are you going to be singing?
  • Well Selene good luck. Thank you
  • See see
  • See
  • Young lady, what is your name grace grace? You're a beautiful young lady. You know that thank you
  • How old are you twelve are you excited to be here? It's crazy?
  • What are you gonna sing I'm singing an original really yes
  • What's it about it's about me and other people at school behind you supporting you most so my friends
  • Don't really know I sing so they don't know you're here. No you believe that you can win well
  • I mean miracles can happen so possibly
  • Stages yours
  • I don't play by those
  • And
  • Trying to give
  • I
  • Don't play by the rules of the game. Sorry say I'm die straight
  • To find my way
  • No
  • You know this is a show about surprises, and you'd use the word miracle, and I think you are a living beautiful walking
  • Your original the people not knowing your name is so right and so wrong because I think the world is gonna know
  • Your name I think
  • You know what I predict for you, I think you are the next Taylor Swift
  • Like this two-stage, I mean getting ready to make up because
  • Great personality
  • Yes, I'm a cow make a prediction that you're the next Taylor Swift
  • Can I get your autograph so you think you've got a star now 100 percent day. We got to stop wow?
  • This girl is special
  • I'm now annoyed. I didn't press the
  • We wish you the best of luck we can't wait to hear the song now, thank you good luck
  • I saw her from a distance
  • Out in the corner of my eye
  • Her hair is shiny and bright
  • She's the prettiest girl I've ever seen around
  • I saw her from a distance
  • She made me wanna smile
  • Her face is cute and it's beautiful
  • And she's the only girl that stands out in the crowd
  • I hope you'll notice me sometime
  • I hope you'll be with me, be mine
  • You're everything, you're my sunshine
  • Oh, oh, oh
  • 'Cause I've been struck by lightning, lightning
  • And it's frightening, frightening
  • I don't ever think I'll be the same again
  • You're my princess, my girl
  • You're my interest, my world
  • You mean everything
  • Everything to me
  • Ohh Ohhh Ohhh
  • You're so amazing
  • 'Cause I've been struck by lightning, lightning
  • And it's frightening, frightening
  • I don't ever think I'll be the same again
  • 'Cause I've been struck by lightning, lightning
  • And it's frightening, frightening
  • I don't ever think I'll be the same again
  • You're my princess, my girl
  • You're my interest, my world
  • You mean everything
  • Everything to me

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3. Celine Tam
4. Grace VanderWaal
5. Henry

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