Xem This Fish was Massive!!

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  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • the water over there but see right over
  • there see him you see the disturbance in
  • water it might not be a Bonita dude sure
  • feels like a charge difficut Ark come on
  • come on right there come on you almost
  • almost got it come on pull up pull up
  • pull up pull up another bean to another
  • meeting with another video wisdom yes
  • that's a big Bonita here we go nice
  • Bonita dude how do you fight the king
  • we got a king fish on to Dylan just
  • caught his first ever kingfish Congrats
  • buddy
  • nice fish we got him in the Sharks a
  • real bad today they've been eating all
  • our fish we got actually just got a
  • Bonita and this we had a doubleheader on
  • so pretty exciting when I get this fish
  • on ice and keep fishing you ready yep
  • let's go bro
  • [Applause]
  • I saw the teeth on that yeah no they're
  • speedos and vanitas there's a way more I
  • was not paying attention there protect
  • that's why you cannot leave your hand on
  • the boat that's pretty cool right hey
  • watch out guys are getting really
  • aggressive now right they might
  • okay so - okay game on baby me versus
  • you Oh
  • oh yeah you want it there you go now
  • you're gonna eat it this time you better
  • eat it I still see that baby you better
  • eat it all right
  • Tracy's hooked up man big silky shark
  • you might go ten rounds he's got to come
  • to the boat and then gets mad he takes
  • off again nice right now there you go
  • that's brown - now back in the drag down
  • back to the drag down round three and
  • you just took 200 yards of line he got
  • real angry okay oh he picked you off
  • he picked you up yes it was but we're
  • gonna catch another one man he just bit
  • us off guys he totally got us there so
  • what happened there guys we had this
  • number this is number 19 was pretty
  • serious stuff
  • that shark was doing the twist and the
  • way you break this wire is you know you
  • can if you twist it it will actually
  • kink and I think that's what happened
  • here you got kinked and I'm fortunate
  • broke but the good news is there's more
  • sharks are you ready bro you have to get
  • a bigger one this time yeah let's do it
  • Oh cargill own a car got blown up on
  • [Applause]
  • watch this violent watches
  • yeah
  • [Applause]
  • oh he's gonna die that's what we want we
  • want him oh my gosh
  • he's trying to myeloma let him pipe it
  • look I'm tearing up alright it's not a
  • job it's not that he's pulling me it's
  • just that he's just sitting there he's a
  • lot of weight daddy
  • right there that's what it's all about
  • there's lines pulling are the real yep
  • he's over 300 pounds dude I'll show
  • watch out let's go
  • please bill and giant shark buddy says
  • that the biggest rug you ever climb your
  • life hold you 12 years old he's got a
  • 300 pound dr. shark over eight feet long
  • that's a monster fish bro Congrats
  • all right ready he's in your hands there
  • he goes Wow
  • sailing buddy what a fish man Congrats
  • bro biggest fish your life yeah dude you
  • gotta get a pound for that crushed it
  • big fish love it it's storm right now
  • guys so we're gonna head back
  • there's some big jacks set or we're
  • waiting for at the docks I ring give
  • them a try and we'll see you soon
  • [Music]
  • who's going first first yeah guys look
  • at this happy face I don't know if gonna
  • stay that way the whole fight but we'll
  • see risk much real
  • real not going in
  • look news coffee please
  • tres buddy you just got your first ever
  • Goliath Grouper I was the fight it was
  • hard was it a little scary oh the big
  • fish man particles 300 pounds how much
  • you weigh I weigh a ton
  • so you use more drag than you weigh in
  • this fish weighs more than three times
  • you isn't insane yeah whoo first Goliath
  • dealing you're up buddy you ready Dylan
  • yep nervous I'm getting a little more
  • nervous just feeling how hey we're going
  • let's get it get it get it get it get it
  • ready so oh man don't hold your breath
  • baby I'm not worrying you back you're
  • back you're back you're back you're back
  • that's Gary yes the big Goliath Grouper
  • buddy you got yank forward so harder
  • than the fight your heart from he's
  • saying what that happened right the big
  • 50 this seems way being insane kill him
  • buddy
  • that was I did you an amazing job bro
  • that was a big fish man I know second
  • baseman what's your first biggest we're
  • breaking TVs all day and biggest grouper
  • biggest shark Hayes is officially the
  • youngest anger I've ever had to try to
  • catch a Goliath Grouper on Roderick he's
  • 7 years old and he's about to feel that
  • tug of his life right now yeah
  • ego please get hot one guys and you're
  • whooping them now fighting real hard
  • come on neighs you got this that rod
  • bending is adrenaline is pumping right
  • now oh no he's got one we're running
  • them here he goes what oh you got a
  • really gotta get in first make it fun by
  • far yeah nothing is that then what for
  • hey hey Jeff come over here yeah look at
  • heishi Scott no no
  • there he goes seven years old he's got
  • the biggest fish of the day bro how was
  • that pretty crazy right guys seven years
  • old just caught a 400-pound Goliath
  • Grouper broke a record for me black you
  • bitch record certified who's next dude
  • who catches the next fish
  • tell me Jason all right days and you
  • ready buddy yeah you wanna catch one
  • yeah all right let's do it
  • oh gosh that's what you call a John or
  • no real you got a real turn the handle
  • yeah just run out of here no that's in
  • he's back in
  • fuck you go the line trace just
  • questioned everything I know in my life
  • I got my lunch bowl right here I forgot
  • all about it
  • thank you for the back pillow for me
  • dude no don't eat my gosh oh my god it's
  • the biggest one ever dude he's gonna
  • pick us off dude he's over five dude
  • dude don't move right
  • do you want a big fish buddy you got it
  • that's a big fish right there that's a
  • big ol fish
  • what an incredible fish guys I was in
  • the water that thing that thing was
  • dinosaur legit that thing was like 600
  • pounds you guys all caught giant
  • groupers today yes should we cut we saw
  • huge charge or playing with sharks I
  • mean just awesome two days hope you guys
  • had a great time we did thank you guys
  • let's all group pound here awesome
  • wish you guys so much I got our black to
  • beige house we're all wearing them I
  • think okay I guess I'm gonna blackmail
  • Shaq with a fish shop calm or click the
  • link in description and also if you guys
  • need some cool fishing gear go to the
  • fishing shop comm links all since we got
  • all of the stuff you need to break day
  • in the water hope you guys doing this
  • video make sure to call it or some slop
  • sake charters it's back there somewhere
  • and we'll see you next time
  • black tip H fishing is brought to you by
  • Rob togs designed for you created for
  • the outdoors and sudoc or nutrition
  • [Music]
  • [Music]

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On the first day of our fishing adventure, our goal was to catch some massive sharks and bonito. The sharks and bonito did not disappoint, they were everywhere (the sharks were literary lunging out of the water trying to eat our bonito). On the second day of our fishing adventure, we went fishing for giant goliath groupers on a wreck. It didn't take long for Trace to get the first bite. The grouper fought extremely hard, literary making Trace go airborne on the rod and reel. Dylan caught the second goliath grouper and it was a monster! Both Haze and Dayson are the youngest anglers that I've ever seen battle a goliath grouper on rod and reel. I was very impressed by how they both handled these massive fish. Towards the end of the day, Trace hooked the absolute giant massive grouper! This fish fought extremely hard and pulling three men off their feet. After an intense fight, we landed the massive fish (estimated over 600lbs). This was one of the largest goliath groupers I've ever seen caught. Our fishing adventure was complete.

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