Xem AFS vs KT Highlights Game 4 LCK Spring 2018 Playoffs Afreeca Freecs vs KT Rolster by Onivia



  • Olivia League of Legends highlights
  • powered by arcane bet calm bit live on
  • eSports for the fiora they'll rein it in
  • a little bit they would seem to be happy
  • with the orange or inversus Shantanu
  • tank matchup when Oren will have the
  • pushing power before Titanic Hydra is
  • complete than Olaf they stopped this one
  • off let's see how much we see is instant
  • engage Farah looking to get on top of
  • Mowgli dead ends away so much use to try
  • to get that kill and now Katie they're
  • all alone in the pit here no way to get
  • on in they're not gonna dive in to see
  • it is Grove keeping his calm so many
  • knockouts but no feel just yet mana
  • finally does go down nice auto there
  • from Kramer to take them down the smite
  • fight gonna come in is gonna go over to
  • score here but so many low members of
  • double kill up to lemon now you've got
  • those down vacant for Ace comes down
  • against Katie and curl gets two kills on
  • the Yasuo
  • insta sweep and a frequent had the help
  • of his friends in the river but now
  • speaking of friends medicine have very
  • many they're gonna save their stun and
  • it's time for a rocks Tigers battle Kuro
  • versus Matt I think who's gonna win well
  • he's got enough friends here it's not
  • necessarily fair speaking of friends
  • there's another one coming up as too
  • soon was making his way didn't need it
  • just gonna give 1/4 kill to the mid
  • laner we don't even talk about that it's
  • disgusting it's not rated for this
  • particular stream and top lane oh no he
  • got caught on my trap is it gonna matter
  • in the end it doesn't look like the TP
  • comes in maybe also Oh still coming
  • death gonna be stunned up once again
  • getting incredibly low here comes Mowgli
  • from the backside the ultimate it's
  • gonna miss but trying to come in and
  • finally they do get him here's Kuro and
  • I don't know what to say Katie and
  • that's Hana trouble here trying to go
  • for the desperate play but now you're
  • gonna get knocked up there's another
  • kill a double for this Goro on to Yasuo
  • great to add insult to injury was the
  • second one for afreeca Goro doesn't seem
  • to care at this point time does have the
  • red buff he's going in is gonna miss
  • his turn to fall flat on his face says
  • perhaps getting a little bit kind of
  • Perot and Mowgli that the midlane there
  • in Jungle they're gonna fly I was gonna
  • praise Chuck anyway he's Yasuo yeah it's
  • kind of unfortunate for him trying to
  • turn it around but with the shed coming
  • in as well no way to get on there and it
  • looks like Kati this is actually gonna
  • work out for them it's now boogly with
  • nowhere to go so that's just blocking
  • the Arctic assault and it's gonna be two
  • kills to the side of Katie like the
  • sidelines side lane again doesn't have
  • so much coverage in oh boy
  • see you later yeah so somebody report
  • this guy will see a Kirk and get out of
  • it though trying to go one before can't
  • quite do it and another fantastic set up
  • out of Katie they're trying to Kia being
  • a real swell image okay there you go
  • should be going down mata is gonna be
  • the only once again close but they're
  • just gonna give it away
  • Katie decides to take it slow but here's
  • Ord that org pic is gonna be okay
  • everybody does a good job of it now that
  • the Baron buff is down but here's the
  • arnold's Ben are you gonna stand up to
  • it finally the feather storm comes in
  • dad immediate engaged the Shen shield is
  • gonna come in and save his life but
  • everything to zone everybody away but
  • there's the engaged of my shield is on
  • point and Kramer Snipes him in the face
  • there's way too much room for him to do
  • the damage but now the front line depth
  • finally able to trade back a little bit
  • as smugly does go too deep but in the
  • end of it all a kill for a kill and the
  • inhibitor going down Henderson the best
  • support next to Mata this season a frico
  • keep leveling up and now people are
  • gonna have to really remember them Bona
  • coming from behind he wants to be the
  • hero don't lock seal this time and they
  • just turn it around there's Kuro gonna
  • be able to do the damage Kramer totally
  • safe in the backline doing that Grogan
  • and lo but he's got ta keep going a
  • little bit deep here's alone on the left
  • side depth is still alive and he's got
  • some room will the urn go down he
  • finally goes down and get on to Kramer
  • he's loving it yeah the super minions
  • are dead there's the ace of Rica are
  • gonna be your winners they're going to
  • the finals after the Quadra kill that
  • Kramer picks up they take it in the 3-1
  • victory congratulations to afreeca they
  • bring out the Yasuo and the teamplay
  • it makes it work there you go gamers Oh
  • they're going to the final and what
  • better way for our macro gods to win
  • than the win Ian's decide the game after
  • they've won the teamfight Kuro embraces
  • his team not even spirit their tears in
  • the eyes of their coaching staff afreeca
  • freaks the deserving winner over kt
  • rolster their first ever bested five
  • their first victory their first final as
  • an organization and the best team no
  • one's talking about it's time to start
  • shouting Valdez cuz they're in the grand
  • final you got to start talking about
  • this team for sure the one team it looks
  • like that actually has a chance up
  • against King soon
  • [Music]

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AFS vs KT Highlights Game 4 LCK Spring 2018 Playoffs Afreeca Freecs vs KT Rolster by Onivia
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