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TOP 5 BEST Magician Auditions On Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global
TOP 5 BEST Magician Auditions On Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global thumb TOP 5 BEST Magician Auditions On Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global thumb TOP 5 BEST Magician Auditions On Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global thumb


  • Howie yes, just take one of these cards show it to the camera in the camera. Yeah out of the car
  • Can you open the market? Yes write your name right over
  • Stand up
  • You can sit back then thank you that's their car
  • Take one of these cars
  • Out of the car, can you open up the market your name?
  • They're good show the camera
  • Even better
  • Where's the cart? Okay. Well a lot of people do ask that sorry how it can you try opening their cup just open it up?
  • Are you know
  • Your kite a look at the
  • Unreal
  • Pauline
  • Listen, we were there
  • What do you think of that? I had so much to say but now I realize I'm holding cards that were in your mouth
  • Why would you do that
  • Of course I was impressed I mean Shin you did it yet again, you know another jaw-dropping performance
  • Simon the great Schindler I
  • Don't think many people
  • having won the show
  • Would have had the guts to come back again this year and do what you've done and to that you have my utmost respect
  • Nagisa
  • It is the best of the best and still within that context you were amazing
  • literally amazing
  • I'm a machine
  • Tenly okay
  • Fuck how to open it up on oceanic chefs and German station active Anita Hill adductor to mean to the topic
  • Does dad I'm Konica needs to fill me
  • You see the fire
  • I
  • Am just going to let you get on with it. We like surprises. Good luck
  • Now we all think our dogs are magical but fin truly is and for more than one reason
  • David I'd like you to think of an object and write that word down
  • Don't show me
  • Have you done that hold out to your chest come and join us at the front of the stage
  • In a minute, I'm gonna close my eyes and when I do I want you to show Finn the word
  • Show him the word
  • But you please return to your seat
  • There David, there's no possible way I could know what word you've picked no thin. What was that word?
  • David the word is
  • Table holder apply to everyone can see
  • Yeah, everybody thinks so their dog is amazing the thing truly is
  • You
  • Just feel you
  • Simon can you come and join us on stage? Yes, the big round of applause please deciding
  • I want you to kneel down and face Finn
  • For the last two weeks
  • For the last two weeks we've been asking friends to think of a word that
  • Best describes thin we've got companion
  • brave
  • Amazing incredible
  • Fast Simon. Can you hold your left hand like that?
  • Now I want you to look into Finn's eyes
  • Keep looking into Finn's ice and with your right thumb. I want you to open a page
  • Have a peek at that word and remember it
  • Assignment for the first time could you tell us what that word was heroic?
  • Now there's no possible way. I could know what word you were going to pick no
  • But Finn eat
  • Because before we came here this evening
  • Finn had a word engraved on the tag on his collar
  • No Simon
  • Please have a look at the tag
  • Collar, I read out loud the word fair
  • Heroic heroic
  • My name is Eric Chen, I'm 26 years old and I'm a magician from Houston, Texas
  • Growing up. I liked watching magic shows on TV
  • It really did make me believe that there is magic out there in the world. I
  • Told everyone that I'm going to be a magician a lot of people doubted me, but that's all I wanted to do
  • So I just focus on my dream
  • Magic help me get through tough times
  • After college, I was called back to Taiwan from military service
  • and
  • My whole world is flipped upside down. I couldn't bring any personal stuff. No cards, no coins. Nothing
  • I couldn't no longer do magic and we couldn't do anything outside of military duties and it felt like I just lost my identity
  • So when I came back out
  • I didn't have my confidence and I kind of lost who I was and I tried to find myself again
  • So I've actually only started performing
  • Recently, and I'm still trying to learn how to deal with big audience
  • I know last year's winner of America's Got Talent is shim Lin and that really puts the pressure on me
  • I'm falling in the footsteps of one of the best met worlds and it's a whole another level of nervousness
  • I can't stop shaking my hands. This is the biggest performance of my life and I don't have one shot of doing this
  • So I'm just gonna give it my all and I really hope that they enjoy Mack tonight. There you go, brother. Hey make it happen
  • Take a deep breath take it all in and tell me your name. My name is Eric Chen
  • And what do you do? I am a magician
  • Okay, you do that for a living
  • I've only started performing for the past six months and
  • here on AGT magic is
  • King yes, I saw Simmons act. But I think we're two very different people and who's better?
  • Yeah, you know what good luck
  • Most magicians do that kind of suave kinda like that. I got you. You look more confused than any of us
  • You're looking like where to go. What is it? And I love that. Thank you so much
  • I think I'm just as baffled as the audience like how Eric
  • You are magic. It is your time to step up and claim your place
  • Amongst the best you are amazing
  • The fact is you don't have to compare yourself to anybody and I'm really glad that you showed up as you
  • Genuinely, I mean this was in a different level it was actually
  • Unbelievably good and what I really loved about you as well is that you're so humble. You don't even know how good you are
  • The future is in your hands in this moment on because I think you're one of the best we've ever had
  • I'm giving you your first guest Gabrielle - yes it thank you, Julian
  • Simon fits boy yeses
  • You

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