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Come with me to a swim meet
Come with me to a swim meet thumb Come with me to a swim meet thumb Come with me to a swim meet thumb


  • March 4th 2019, the day of the water
  • *yeets the door open with the force of the dark side*
  • I know im a nerd and proud but... I AM
  • Hello my creations of the universe that's not even solved yets. So, you probably already read the title.
  • You probably read the title, Joanna is doing something close to impossible. (I go drown)
  • I never really showed this part of my life on camera,
  • i want to film this part of my life flexing on non-swimmers...
  • what happens...
  • The swim meet starts tomorrow.
  • For all my swimmers out there, I'm swimming in the DEEP BOIS.
  • You know, I've already packed my bag, I'm ready for battle.
  • Im bored ill let you enjoy the vid in peace.
  • itz mah bday...… pls say happy bday.
  • I need to wax my legs because you actually go faster when you're an albino. (fun facts with john cena)
  • *sis, 𝓱𝓸𝓵 𝓾𝓹*
  • *coughs*
  • We have out wax strips. OH! Don't demonetize me!
  • These are cherry scented wax strips. I don't know if you can smell it through the camera.*MmM smell good*
  • I got it because the packaging was pink,
  • so they really sold me on that one. You know??
  • While I'm doing this, I think I need to give some more context to this vlog.
  • So, I've been swimming for EXACTLY a DECADE.
  • I've always kind of been iffy with competitions; they do stress me out a lot.
  • I did get a panic attack two days ago because of this meet, and i'm not saying that to be relatable and funny. (#relatable #quirky)
  • I was crying and wheezing and it wasn't fun.
  • So this swim meet, it's actually a school swim meet,
  • but the way it works in Ontario is every school district has their own, like, championship meet
  • and then if you swim a certain time, you get to go to provincials and that's the meet tomorrow.
  • Something else I should mention is this meet is two days long,
  • so it's probably going to be a THICC vlog.
  • Look at that. Mmmmm. Yummy. (slurpity slurp)
  • O.K. I'm so sorry that was absolutely nasty.
  • *rips* ow.
  • AGHH!
  • I'm going to wax my legs, and i'll see you guys later.
  • and with that being said, I waxed my legs unmercilessly. the results...
  • they showed. my legs were as hairless as the devil's bald head. At this point, my mom had already finished making dinner,
  • at this point, my mom had already finished making dinner,
  • so she summoned me from my den. on the menu: a delectable quinoa salad and some chicken boobs.
  • if there are any vegans watching,
  • i would implore that you put down your pitchforks because you're dealing with a hefty amount of firepower here, sister.
  • it was nearly 8pm when i went to take a shower and go to bed.
  • the last thing i remember from that day was watching violent fight scenes to get me in the mood for tomorrow's inevitable battle.
  • Tuesday began bright and early at 5:34 a.m. it was time to wake up and get ready for the day ahead.
  • Joana!
  • what outfit were you wearing?
  • oh, i thought you'd never ask!
  • first off, i had this white fleece that i commonly used for painting!
  • underneath it, i already had my swimsuit on. i mean, i didn't come to play.
  • for trousers, i wore these under armour joggers and finally the pièce de résistance, the magnum opus,
  • my CROCS. on this day, i decided to don my sister spicy brother beautiful pepper crocs. why? to intimidate the competition, of course!1!1!
  • it was then time for breakfast.
  • and yes, I'm still eating avocado tortillas.
  • what? they taste good and they're extremely practical.
  • i dare you to paypal me your anger.
  • good morning, dogs cats and aliens. we are on the drive to the pool and feeling pretty good.
  • i'm feeling really light because yesterday i did a lot of nervous eating,
  • so i just like ate a bunch.
  • but then, i also did a lot of nervous pooping if you know what i mean. everything just came out the back end.
  • so i lost like three pounds and i'm feeling really light. anyways, i'll see you guys at the pool.
  • it was around 7 am when I came knocking at the door of the pool.
  • at this point, it was time for warm-ups.
  • now, this this is definitely the most painful part of swimming.
  • in case you haven't noticed already, i hate the cold and jumping into a freezing cold pool is no easy task for me.
  • so here's footage of me procrastinating and struggling to get into the water.
  • if you're wondering i go through this same process every single time i go for a swim.
  • someone please make insulated swimsuits, i would buy 30 in each colour.
  • aside from those struggles, however, warm up was good.
  • i mean, it's pretty much equivalent to the hunger games since there are approximately 72 million people in the pool at once trying to swim.
  • but if you go in with fire in your eyes people generally don't mess with you.
  • hey guys, guess what? i'm naked. completely butt naked.
  • but anyways, now is the second worst part of the swim meet.
  • it's when i actually have to put on my race suit because it's like three sizes too small,
  • and it feels like you're compressing yourself into a singularity. it's not fun.
  • so yeah, i'm gonna put on my race suit and then i'll you guys behind the blocks in the water when we're swimming past
  • what? okay, i'll see you guys in a bit.
  • and after twenty minutes of slow work, i finally managed to get my suit half on.
  • i was planning on putting the straps on closer to the race since i didn't want my shoulders to be destroyed, but it was still tight.
  • VERY tight.
  • anyways, it was time for my first race on the schedule the two hundred free: eight lengths of a twenty-five meter pool
  • i have to admit. i look ridiculous before my races and jumping and dancing, it's just ludicrous
  • at precisely 9.33 am that morning, i was behind blocks, ready to dive in.
  • at this point, i would like to quickly rant about the two hundred freestyle.
  • what an odd distance. it's too long to sprint but too short to pace yourself and regardless of how you approach it,
  • you always end with your limbs on fire, so that's fun.
  • but other than that, i have to admit. this race was pretty good.
  • flash forwarding about 1.5 hours, it was time for my next event.
  • this time, it was the medley relay.
  • i started with 50 meters of backstroke, aka nasal destruction.
  • the amount of water you get up your noses is unholy and don't tell me that i should use a nose clip because I've
  • tried that and i feel, look and sound like squidward and voldemort's lovechild
  • next up, breast stroke. this is Therese and her breast stroke is perfect for my standards at least.
  • breast stroke looks like a frog. it's really not fun.
  • then, Jennifer dives into the pool doing butterfly.
  • she has an obsession with saying 'hi sisters' at very impromptu times.
  • she's also a solid 7 feet tall.
  • why she hasn't donated some of her height to me yet, we'll never know.
  • and finally, this is Erin.
  • erin texted me two days before the meet that she had a 117 degree fahrenheit fever.
  • that's 47.2 degrees celcius.
  • how are you not dead yet?!
  • anyways, obviously i was heavily concerned at this point but lo and behold, erin texted me one day later that her body temperature had gone down to 86 degrees fahrenheit
  • for context, normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees fahrenheit
  • WHAT? you mean to tell me that you are 12 degrees colder than normal, how are you not dead yet?
  • anyways, I'm glad Erin managed her extreme fluctuating body temperature because you wouldn't have been able to swim without her.
  • overall, the relay was a success. we won our heat, things were going well.
  • *sighs*
  • it was time to do that all over again. you heard me right dudes, this meet has prelims AND finals
  • so if you're in the top 16 swimmers after your morning race, you get to do it again.
  • ladies and gentlemen, finals is upon us. i'm nervous, but you know what, whatever happens happens. i'm not gonna stress about it.
  • i think it's worth noting that my spicy crocs have been receiving a lot of stares from people.
  • i don't know what that's about because to be honest. they're pretty normal-looking, who doesn't own these crocs?
  • everyone does! anyways wish me luck and I'll see you guys after my races.
  • so with that being said I took a caffeine pill to get
  • freakin hyped and munched on a slice of bread because i was starting to feel hungry and off to the races i went.
  • first up, the two hundred free. i was ready for battle. funnily enough, i was listening to Gloria Gaynor's 'I Will Survive'
  • peace was never an option.
  • i have to admit, it was at this moment that all the physical activity really hit me
  • i was trashed. my muscles were being held together by flex tape, but you know what?
  • that's the purpose of the caffeine pill. am i right or am i right?
  • my goal was to stay with the girl to my left for the longest time possible.
  • she was faster than me, and for the most part it worked!
  • i ended up coming in second and shaving two fat seconds off my time.
  • i have to admit though, going into the final lap, i was just one ball of lactic acid, but it was worth it.
  • about 45 minutes later, it was time for the relay. i struggled with my suit to put the straps back on and got ready to jump into the freezing cold pool.
  • our goal in this race was to medal, but we weren't too sure about how that would pan out.
  • let me just say that this was probably the biggest shock of probably the entire swim meet.
  • my posse and I were nervous but we attacked the pool with the fervour of 1000 rhinos
  • not only did we end up winning the heat but we also took off four whole seconds from our morning swim!!!!
  • naturally, we were ecstatic! we were exuberant. regardless, this marks the end of day one and let me tell you: i was decomposing.
  • for one, i was starving so ate a whole baguette, like just the bread, and drove home barely being able to keep my eyes open
  • once we got home, i put my stuff down, took a quick shower and went to bed and that was it.
  • *spits out mic*
  • good morning, everyone. welcome back to aquatic hell day two.
  • today, i only have one event, the hundred freestyle. not gonna lie, i'm up against some stiff competition
  • yesterday after the meet, i was absolutely trashed, like I forgot how hard this was.
  • warm up is later today, it starts at 8:00 instead of 6:45.
  • anyways, i'm gonna finish my breakfast and I'll see you guys at the pool, bon apetit.
  • it was 7:30 when we left home. traffic had already decided to throw a temper tantrum so it took longer than expected to get to the pool.
  • i only had one race that day, the hundred meter freestyle.
  • it was a mad dash, four lengths of the pool at sonic speed.
  • now, i'm gonna limit my rambling on this day because I don't want to bore you.
  • at 8 am, i was in the water for a warm up and i was swimming up a hurricane, a tsunami if you will.
  • at 9am, it was time for me to take my caffeine pill.
  • fun fact about these pills, they actually taste awful.
  • they taste like ear wax. don't ask me why i know what that tastes like.
  • back to the story. i was getting pumped for my second last race.
  • no joke, i was listening to the soundtrack from the walking dead. some very good and intense bops on there my dudes.
  • anyways, the thing about the hundred free is that it's a sprint event. and what does that mean?
  • it means that you should be at least 8 feet tall.
  • so technically, i shouldn't even be here. little 5 foot four and
  • 3/8's me should just get up and leave. but regardless, i swam like a shark was chasing me and i won my heat and got into the finals safely.
  • by this point, it was already time for lunch.
  • so i ate a nasty banana, some stinky smelly eggs and a whole block of cheese
  • i must admit, it was a lunch for champions. back to the program.
  • four hours later, it was time for my final race of the entire meet.
  • in terms of the race itself, however, i was actually pretty pleased with how it went.
  • i was quite behind after the first 50 meters,
  • but i almost caught up to a girl and first after the third length
  • it was pretty decent and i, again, finished in second.
  • after the meet, we drove home. as both me and my mom were ravenous, and decided to order an extra large extra cheesy and extra thick
  • celebratory pizza.
  • it was scrumptious and don't you dare attack me for eating it with a spork and foon.
  • and that was it! that was my entire swim meet experience.
  • i would like to thank my mum for chaperoning me everywhere, my ridiculously tiny racing suit, and of course my caffeine pills.
  • i hope you enjoyed this video because i sure as hell just got such bad anxiety from
  • rewatching all my races and i will see you in the next one :)

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