Xem Overwatch: Rage Reviews

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Overwatch: Rage Reviews
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  • *Widowmaker proceeds to shoot a person in the balls*
  • There.
  • I just shot off your penis.
  • Don't worry.
  • I used the extra-small bullet.
  • *Hater says that Heavy is more fun than Bastion because of the turret mode*
  • Through Zenyatta's guidance,
  • Inner peace, much like the ballerina
  • The quiet patience
  • control
  • And most importantly...
  • balance.
  • AGHH!
  • Help!
  • *rip doggo*
  • I just deleted your dog.
  • Woof woof...
  • Heh...
  • If I wanted you dead...
  • I only need to right click my fingers.
  • *snap*
  • Guagh!
  • MERCY!
  • Show me why I tied this!
  • (for me, females are more attractive than men. but then again, that depends on what your sexuality is. if you are homo, then you like genji's ass. if you're straight, you would like widowmaker's or tracer's too.)
  • Firstly...
  • I do not care for such (pervase?) polities.
  • Secondly..
  • (man shot in background)
  • Not anymore, he does.
  • *Bastion is activating smacktalk.exe*
  • [Bastion gets Play of The Game for roasting the hater]
  • I've truly never felt this scared in my entire life. It has given me social anxiety, a scar in my mental and physical health, and I would never want to hear horror stories ever again. :(
  • Here is my horror story in 5 words.
  • *pew pew pew pew pew*
  • The end.
  • some people can be annoying like that, but atleast be kind and help them and don't be like "lol u fell of the edge u noob"
  • Hmph!
  • Sometimes my balance is off...
  • because I am half-robot, you-
  • *Genji gets shot in the leg*
  • *it's true if you actually get him distracted and then blow that mofo. sorry bastion :(*
  • *Bastion is having an error*
  • *Bastion shuts down because of the question*
  • Gyagh!
  • Ugh..
  • Hello?
  • Mercy?
  • Yes...
  • ...it's happened again.
  • Yes.
  • Not like this time.
  • English subtitles by Hylje Mestari.
  • Thank you for watching!

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The internet is both a wonderful and terrible place. Mostly terrible though. So we’ve dragged out some of the Overwatch characters you love to hate on, and made them read your most salty & rage filled comments. Who gets roasted the mostest?

Animated By Laura Rankin
Produced by Tom Jenkins
Artwork/Assets by Toonocracy
Written By Eddie Bowley
Voice of Genji by Dan Gavin
Voice of Widowmaker by Eileen “EileMonty” Montgomery
Voice of Bastion by Bastion

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