Xem Here's How Gosu Got Deleted In 0.0001s ... | Funny LoL Series #285

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  • [Music]
  • I don't know what I expected Anke one
  • album frontline that might mean egos
  • full tank Galia but Lyra now is right
  • behind him so things to be threatened of
  • and gents I'm gonna sidestep the stun
  • but they're gonna get this damage anyway
  • liras got a flash out but one more hit
  • will kill no it blows are you kidding
  • the blood goes to Jetson are you kidding
  • and the second kill comes through that
  • is a heart stopper for lunch
  • got him he pokes by the way like like in
  • case they were like hmm automatically
  • winning every trade is too good
  • endless retardation check it out right
  • here
  • that's one Chelsea
  • booming I'm taking everything don't hurt
  • my friends I'll take the cue you're
  • fuckin let me die fuckin song about
  • fucking save me fuck what the fuck is
  • wrong with you just let me die like
  • Oh God
  • woo seems big very fast bearing take
  • here with the rise and then they also
  • throw down the Cody son crit at about
  • the same time that they throw down the
  • Sunday Nam and that is huge that it hits
  • the Brom and it doesn't hit the rise
  • with effect they have a chance with the
  • by maybe even grabbing it here I mean
  • remember the start of the split where
  • they started three and one in the first
  • two weeks and there was talk of them
  • being in that top of the bucket go go go
  • get Oh
  • all the midair dog let's go my god
  • my name is Mike young but it's actually
  • Michael it's really Michael Young
  • everyone's been saying my name wrong
  • it's alright oh wait
  • it's like
  • that's worth putting the hit towards the
  • mid-to getting a bit load not waste time
  • the shop comes down and Dirksen is dead
  • with Flash still on bitch a fencing TL
  • must get something rise gonna bring them
  • with an oopsie of a realm war oh oh you
  • hate to see that freak again just push
  • this shit down yeah you please so bad oh
  • wow that's a good bloodsucker right
  • there that is an excellent bliss okay
  • round number three is Sven reach to the
  • back blankets and damage Mahakala pulls
  • in fort here this could be massive
  • they found Corki they found a second we
  • want to fight from cloud nine three
  • crashes down and so the last one allies
  • cloudy night at the end of the beer
  • oh why did you even try that you read
  • such long life the obvious solution when
  • they go back into imported Elaine what
  • did you ever lose anything is better
  • than dying that's just a foolish
  • strategy boy that escalated quickly
  • dad I should have died and just because
  • I died I'm fucked are the rest of the
  • game unless like something happens on my
  • team suddenly just kills them all
  • fucking kill them please I'm here I'm on
  • my way
  • no fuck no you do not get to what what
  • this game is bullshit fuck man what is
  • this shit
  • [Music]
  • got flash
  • [Music]
  • yeah it would be a really hard force
  • they have a lot of minions here aphromoo
  • did move up though to ward and skarner's
  • here to be do kind of sniffing this one
  • out and I'm Papa John's is kind of cool
  • in the months that he is sick he'll burn
  • the old you the TPS are coming in pick
  • and fuck a route on the Sun River
  • they're gonna chase it down Papa Joe
  • left out to dry and did someone someday
  • that picks up the kill ah fucking rectum
  • I fuckin shit on him do you saw that
  • queue are you high
  • oh wow holy shit Majan living wow what
  • the fuck
  • serious
  • [Music]
  • okay
  • did I just that's right I'm gonna flash
  • for some reason I thought I could flash
  • over the rocks like that dead oh wow
  • you like that yeah that's good ass fuck
  • definitely working is intended by the
  • way definitely working as intended Oh is
  • there any more gold what are your 42
  • goal to start already
  • Margalo hundred gold is tableau sweet ah
  • right you love me don't you
  • this is why I'm the best carry top laner
  • Oh Maury gold 100 more gold this is
  • beautiful
  • Thank You riot thank you really yeah
  • yeah you do say it again
  • he still got his old CI so I'm gonna
  • walk at him can they find stun he jumps
  • right back to the team speed flashes
  • then can he find that only gets a little
  • bit he kills himself for it well well
  • looks foreign a woman breathing
  • interested in me
  • breathing
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]

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